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This year Nat wants to be Zeke (as seen in icon)-- very do-able with clothing items she already owns, though I did buy her a pair of fuzzy black ears at our local costume-atorium. I sewed on a tail to the back of a black hoodie, and basted on a white felt bib to the front. This is my third hoodie conversion, and the first that I have made a conscious effort to make all embellishments completely reversible. No glue gun, only sewing that can be easily ripped out. Nat is so wired about Halloween, it's difficult to get her to talk about anything else. And when we got to school today, all the kids were screeching to each other that IT'S TOMORROW! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?? I don't recall getting this worked up about it when I was a kid, but I probably did. But it's SO MUCH WORK for adults I have really started to loathe it. Carving the stupid pumpkin, buying a bunch of candy, and enduring the doorbell ringing for hours. Life in the condo was so much simpler-- we ignored the very existence of Halloween for 10 years straight.

One thing that is making me happy is that it is squirrel time. After ignoring me all summer because of their busy rodent lives, the squirrels are my friends again. They are so fuzzy and round at this time of year I desperately want to pet them, especially the one we call Fat Gary (we call all grey squirrels Gary, and all black ones Bob. It makes things so much easier). He's pretty much a furry volleyball with legs and a tail. I also have a promising relationship with one we call Half Bob because he's kind of brown on the back end due to some kind of shedding pattern. Anyway, I just love squirrels and I can't help myself. Literally every jacket I own is stuffed with peanuts in case I meet one while I'm out walking.
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Update 1: Zeke seemed to be getting worse for a few days but then turned a corner a few days ago. I noticed he wasn't making as many trips downstairs. Yesterday he went into the litterbox (with my mother, Nat and I watching with great interest via LitterCam) and did a great big pee. I was so relieved (and I'm sure he was too). The diet and medications are clearly working. One thing I've noticed is that Kirby is jealous of all the attention Zeke has been getting, not to mention the special food he gets while locked in the upstairs bedroom and twice-daily doses of medication disguised as treats with the Pill Pockets. I've been trying to give him extra cuddles, and treats when Zeke gets his meds. Also using my Kirby icon instead of the Zeke icon might help.

Update 2: Weaving! I already love it and I haven't even technically started weaving yet-- I've spent the first three classes (nine hours) just putting on the warp. But I finished that up yestrday and the actual weaving should commence next Wednesday. I get so absorbed I lose all track of time. During the second class, I glanced up at the clock and did a double-take. I asked my instructor, "Is that clock right? Did an hour and a half just go by?" and she just smiled and said, "Welcome to weaving."
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So, Zeke is not dying, but he must be watched carefully. He does not have stones, but his bladder is full of crystals and "sediment" according to the x-ray and so stones were likely to start forming in the next little while. He is blocked, but not *entirely* blocked and even managed to pee on the exam table out of fright. He is on special food and some assorted pills to see if we can break up the debris, whatever it is, and get him peeing properly. I'm sure he would be mortified to know I am discussing his urinary health with everyone. Of course he now has to eat some kind of special food that costs a fortune.

I'm supposed to monitor his "output" carefully, because a complete blockage will result in death within a matter of hours. He hates to be watched, so I set up Nat's video monitor in the basement, resulting in LitterCam, surely one of the world's least interesting spy cameras.

Also, if I can slip in a brief product review, Pill Pockets rock. Most effective pill delivery method evarr.


Sep. 16th, 2007 10:50 am
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Recently, if we bent over to pick something up off the floor and also happened to be standing next to a piece of furniture Zeke was on, he would climb onto our backs. I decided to encourage him and turn it into a genuine Cat Trick. Soon he was jumping onto us straight from the floor. Very cute.

However, this morning Zeke decided to try to climb me while I was standing upright, and was probably very confused about why he received screaming instead of praise. So my training has backfired, and my back is covered with scratches and feels like it is on fire. See what I did there?


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