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I took this pic through a screen, so it's not the greatest.



Jul. 10th, 2008 10:59 am
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I forgot to post yesterday about how it went wit the Beth Orton show on Tuesday. Well, I was thrilled to be going out by myself at night and bid husband and child a fond adieu. It started to drizzle a bit and I put up my umbrella and enjoyed the sounds and smells of the summer rain. By the time I got up to the Danforth, however, it had turned into a mother-effing downpour and I might as well not have had an umbrella at all. The rain was falling downwards, upwards and sideways. My pants could not have been wetter if I had put them on straight from the washer. The bottom half of my shirt was soaked and even my hair was wet. My shoes were filled with water and I had to actually take them off and pour them out before entering the theatre. Which was of course air-conditioned, making it a very cold and damp experience. Then the show was delayed by almost 45 minutes because there was water falling on the stage.

There was a blind man seated next to me who had very poor personal hygiene. He wore a ripped shirt, white shorts, or rather shorts that may have been white a long time ago, and had a large red sauce stain down his front. He had an unpleasant yet familiar aroma that I finally identified as essence of Chicken McNugget (thus solving the sauce mystery as well). I'm fairly well acquainted with members of the blind community, but never have I met one so smelly. He told the usher he wanted to go to the meet 'n greet with Beth afterwards, and the usher said he'd "take care" of him. Lucky her.

Anyway, despite all that I somehow managed to enjoy the show. A woman who lives two doors down turned out to be sitting directly behind me, also enjoying a solo night on the town because her husband was at the ballgame. We walked home together and it turns out she's a graphic designer too. It was so nice to get home and finally take off my sopping shoes and get into some nice dry jammies.

White Out

Jan. 27th, 2004 01:27 pm
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It's snowing like a mofo outside (uh... as opposed to inside?)

Everything is white as far as I can see... looking west I can just barely make out the shape of the flatiron building's copper peak, but nothing beyond. Snow seems to be blowing every which way, including up.

Marshall called a while ago to say his power went out at around 11, and according to the news it affects a good number of blocks in the downtown core. Even the phones don't work and he's thinking of coming home.

Things are quite cozy here. I'm working on a brochure with a mug of tea and a couple of sleeping cats. I peeked into the rats' cage, and there is nothing visible in the gloom of their little log cabin but six pink ears.


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