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So my resolution to post more on LJ is... not going well. If I only have like one thing to say I usually just post to Twitter (Credenza). Anyway, I have no excuse not to post this morning as Nat has just started two weeks of something called Dance Camp at a local dance studio, 9-12 every morning. At the end of each week they will supposedly do a little show for the parents, so that should be kind of hilarious.

I used this icon because I'm currently working on a test pattern pillow. Normally I don't do much crafting in the summer because I'd rather not spend the nice weather in the basement, and also because it's kind of icky down there. But last week we invested in a humidifier and it's suddenly much less musty and gross down there.

On Canada Day we decided to hit Black Creek Pioneer Village on the spur of the moment. I hadn't been since a class trip in grade 7, so... 27 years (sob... I'm old). Anyway it was really quite fun. And they had a weaving lady as well who gave me some tips on rug weaving. I have recently ordered some rug warp and a rag shuttle.

Final random item... the mail strike has been over for a week now and we still haven't received any significant quantity of mail. In fact for the first three days, we got a single letter each day, and 2/3 of them were not even for us. Something called the Canadian Friends of Cuban Jewry has decided that a guy called Moishe lives here, and it seems no amount of "return to sender"-ing will dissuade them of this notion. Anyway, I have two eBay purchases and a yarn shipment from Webs that are somewhere out there and I'm getting impatient.


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