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At the June meeting, my weaving guild assigns a creative challenge to work on over the summer. In September, the projects are judged and a prize is usually given. This year spinners were paired up with weavers to create cloth together, and make something with it. My spinning partner and I have decided on one of these snap-closure change purses. She's given me the yarn, so it's all me now (except for the sewing part, which she thankfully said she could handle). As luck would have it, she already had a snap purse frame in her stash, plus plenty of scraps of silk and stuff to use for the lining.

I've decided on a plaited twill, which I've always wanted to do on a wrap, but the treadling is way too complicated for long stretches of cloth. A small piece of cloth like this should be no problem. The warp is shades of purple and pink, and I'm dyeing the weft right now in a smelly bucket full of semi-fermented walnut and butternut husks that Nat and I have been gathering over the past week or so around our neighbourhood. We have three walnut trees and one butternut tree on our route.

Nat is at a half-day soccer/tennis camp this week, so I'm hoping to make some real headway and get the loom empty again in time for the next wrap.
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As some may have already seen on Google+, on Sunday I picked up a spinning wheel I found on Craigslist. Since then I've been trying to figure it out, through trial, error and YouTube videos. I can now get it going and keep it going, and produce something that looks very much like yarn. I can't explain the soothing feeling that it gives me to stretch the fibres and watch them twist themselves onto the spindle, and the flow of it, creating order from disorder. I can think of at least two spinners on my friends list—hopefully you guys know what I mean.

I looked up at the sky today and saw cirrus clouds, and the first thing I thought of was fleece. So you know I'm seriously hooked.


Feb. 2nd, 2007 08:39 am
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I had to make a diagram of a spinning wheel for the CNIB yesterday. The blind proofreaders were a bit confused about what the string connecting the wheel and the spindle is for (and I will admit that until recently, I had no idea either) but when I explained to them that it's basically like the chain of a bicycle, they both ahhhed in recognition. Do they have bikes?

What else. Oh yes, the new Shins album that came unexpectedly in the mail last week (don't you just love pre-ordering something and then forgetting all about it?) began to appeal to me yesterday in a big way. I've listened to it maybe three times all the way through, and it seems that listen #4 was the turning point. Some tracks are still a bit ehh, but the others make up for it. I get a real Smiths vibe from some of them... odd. It came with a sticker, but as usual I don't want to stick it anywhere. I would have much preferred a window cling.

I bought Wired magazine yesterday for I think the second time ever, motivated solely by the delicious picture of John Hodgman on the cover. Hottttt.


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