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May. 16th, 2011 10:31 am
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Ok this is scary... when I started this entry it asked me if I wanted to restore from draft. I said yes out of curiosity, and it was an entry about Nat being sick which happened over a month ago now. I do actually read LJ every day, but seldom feel like I have anything worth reporting. If I have like one sentence to say I usually say it on Twitter.

A neighbour and I have enacted a toddler exchange program where I take hers on Fridays and she takes mine on Mondays. It's working out fairly well. So I'm alone this morning and trying to get things done.

Over the weekend I read some collection of statistics about how much the average person spends sitting (nationality unknown). Something amazing like 9.5 hrs per day. I definitely fall into the "sedentary" category. So anyway yesterday as an experiment I tried to sit down as little as possible. It was agony... my back was killing me. But today I jumped out of bed and actually feel pretty good and note that my posture is improving. I think some atrophied muscles are coming back to life. My netbook is on the counter so I'm forced to stand while using it, though I draw the line at meals. When I lived with my parents my mother would often eat while hovering around the kitchen and it drove me crazy. So anyway, interesting experiment.


Aug. 1st, 2007 09:23 am
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I've often wondered what would happen if you put milk through a Brita filter. The other day I was changing one, and decided to test it out. Well, nothing happens. Milk comes out. So now you know.


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