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Nat's kindergarten class is on a 5-day schedule, with things like Music, Gym Day, Swim Day, etc. Yesterday was Book Buddies. At the beginning of the school year, kids from a grade four class were matched with the kindergarteners, and they're supposed to read together. Nat loves her book buddy Celeste, and is always talking about her. But yesterday on the walk home, she said to me, "You know what's funny, Mummy? Celeste is a big girl, and yet* she isn't very good at reading. Sometimes I have to help her sound out words." Great. Good to know at least one of them is learning something. 

* she always says "and yet"... it kills me
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While walking to school every day, Nat and I pass a group of daycare kids and two adult handlers going in the opposite direction. Whenever we pass them, the supervisors are shouting something about "bananas" and "cherries" and it's been driving me kind of crazy. I suppose I could have asked, but they're always in quite a hurry. WTF is up with the fruit?

Through careful observation followed by deep contemplation, I finally figured it out yesterday. "Banana" means the handlers want the kids to walk single file so other pedestrians can get by, and "cherries" means they can go back to walking in pairs. And this is why it always happens right when we walk by-- they're getting out of our way. It's kind of an awesome system.


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