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Saturday was a pretty fun day at the loom. Just before Christmas we realized that the 210th birthday of the loom's original owner, John Campbell, was coming up in January and decided to use that as an excuse for a special event. We were given a roped off area and tables for displays, and targeted local fibre guilds and OSC staff with promotion. About 50 different staff members dropped by over the course of the day--everyone from office types and fabricator guys to security guards and hosts. Our main goal was to educate the staff about the loom, so they can better inform visitors about our exhibit, and I think we definitely accomplished that. They were allowed to come into the loom, actually weave on it, and also climb up top for a look at the Jacquard mechanism in action--they loved it. It was really quite fun, and successful enough that we're trying to come up with a reason to have another one later on this year.

My own contribution included a batch of punchcard shortbread. We decided there would be possible health and safety concerns with giving them out to the public, so I only distributed them to staff. In any case, they were a hit.


Nov. 1st, 2012 10:45 am
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It's becoming tedious to say "I should post more" at the beginning of every post... but... I should really post more.

When the tail end of the hurricane/tropical depression/whatever it was passed through, nothing happened except one dead branch fell from our ash tree. I inspected it for signs of Emerald Ash Borer and found that something had indeed been chewing away at the wood under the bark. However, the munch marks (galleries) were not the right S-shape and the eggs I found were long and thin rather than round. Whatever ate the branch was probably not EAB, but I'm still thinking of calling a tree specialist just to be on the safe side. I hear that there is actually an effective treatment that can be injected under the bark, and a coupe of arborists in the city are licensed to administer it.

In Science Centre news, I got my photo badge last week, so I'm now official. One of the other volunteers was telling me it was nearly two years before she got hers, so it sounds like they might have fast-tracked me. The badge allows me to get in for free, and also take other people in with me. I can drop in and use the loom whenever I want (and they strongly encourage this). The loom has been moved to the new hall (the Rock, Paper, Science hall) and seems to be unharmed. We have a number of improvements to make at the suggestion of a Jacquard consultant (who knew there was such a thing?) as well as a new warp to wind. There are three yards remaining on the current warp, and we've decided to splurge on the best-available Swedish cotton for the next one. We've also decided as a group that we're not learning anything new by weaving the same two coverlets over and over, so we're going to start experimenting with making new designs and cutting our own cards. This excites me, and I hope I can get in on the design process. Most amazing to me is the fact that my completely-uninterested-in-weaving husband's interest has been piqued by all this, and he says he'd like to try writing us a program to convert our designs to punchcard format.
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On Friday I did my fifth stint at the Jacquard loom as a trainee. I think I have to do a total of six sessions before I get my coveted ID badge, and it can't come soon enough. Much confusion has resulted from people not realizing that I'm in charge of the exhibit and not just some random weirdo hanging around. In fact, on Friday one of the hosts (the dudes in labcoats who staff the OSC) mistook me for a visitor and demanded to know what I was doing in the exhibit.

The times are a-changing for the loom-- it's being moved for the first time since 1969, and the Communication Hall will be rebranded "The Human Edge". The Jacquard, the Rock Shop and the papermaking demo will all be moving to a new hall called the Rock Paper Science hall. The loom is all packed up and ready to go and the warp has been removed, so there was actually nothing to do on Friday except talk to people and try to describe what happens when it's actually working. It was the first time I've ever seen the loom "undressed" as it were, so I was crawling all over it taking pictures while I had the chance.

pics this way... )
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Let's see. We spent a pleasant long weekend in scenic Chatham with [livejournal.com profile] newschick and entourage (dogs, cats, husbands, in-laws). Much pumpkin pie was consumed. I also played Monopoly probably for the first time since high school.

The couch saga is over and the 3rd floor is finished. The hoisting of the couch and chair nearly gave me a heart attack, but anyway, now they're up and at least I can rest assured that they will never be stolen. The room is supremely cozy and I really enjoy being up here. We have burned our way through many of the downloaded and/or Netflix shows but have quite a stack to go. We're nearly through Season III of Mad Men, and I think we may start Dexter next.

Nat and I visited the Science Centre today and visited the Jacquard loom ladies. They suggested that once Nat is in school and I get a bit more experience, I can come join them. Sometimes things just come full circle... a year ago it was those very loom ladies that encouraged me to start weaving. And the Jacquard-- come on. The thing is just really fricking cool. It's been in operation for almost 200 years and I could help run it. Yes.
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First, I'll get this memething out of the way. The 5th sentence of my 23rd journal entry is:

That's over $100 canadian... cha ching!

I was talking about my first-ever ebay auction as a seller, and my item was a Barenaked Ladies fanclub-issue Christmas tape circa 1991, which contained exactly two songs. It eventually sold for $170, which exceeded my wildest dreams. Oh, how I long for the days when I had valuable crap just lying around. It was a tape! A lousy tape!

Made some salsa on Sunday for a gathering, and somehow managed to get jalapeno juice into my nose. I washed my hands several times after chopping them, but evidently the stuff is quite resistant to soap and water. The more I rubbed at it, the worse it got. My nose was burning, my eyes were watering and my entire face was sweating. I eventually resorted to dunking my face into a bowl of milk, which actually worked. But anyway, the salsa turned out quite well. Later discovered that [livejournal.com profile] clawfoot and I make a kickass Cranium team.

This week: I've got Bodyworlds on Friday, which I'm very much looking forward to. I've already had several dreams about it. Marshie's taking the afternoon off work so we can have fun at the Science Centre too. Then Saturday we're going to Niagara on the Lake for a winery tour and ghostwalk, and staying at a B&B. So yeah, that about covers it. The rest of the week will easily be taken up with a bunch of new stuff I'm designing for Uncle Harry's tea shop.

Oh, oh! And for the Serenity fans among you, I present Serenity in 2000 words or less. Quite amusing. I should probably mention that spoilers abound, but I'm pretty sure everyone's seen it by now.
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I'm about to go to the gym and stuff. I prepared myself a bowl of real oatmeal from non-instant oats this morning, and GOD that stuff is bland, even with peaches added. It was like eating mucilage like I did back in grade 1 (it's true). I also enjoyed a good nibble on a piece of chalk now and then. The taste was not so good but I enjoyed the crumbly, munchy quality. I guess it's safe to say I was getting plenty of calcium in those days.

I had this crazy dream last night about the Science Centre, of all places. I was there with my whole family, which is also unusual. I mean, I don't think my dad has ever darkened the door of the place.

In the dream, I told a staff member that all that Sgt. Pepper-esque decor has got to go. It's 2004, for God's sake. I realize the place opened in 1969 and it was pretty hip at the time, but come on. "1969!" she exclaimed, "Well that would mean that it's our 25th anniversary and we haven't done anything about it!" I offered to whip her up a logo and promotional materials at a low low price, which she gladly accepted. Then I woke up and realized that even in my dreams, I can't add for shit.


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