Jul. 6th, 2011 12:55 pm
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Just when I thought my Spoonflower sales had hit a bit of a slump, I get an email from an event planner asking about the status of my Bowling Lane fabric which has been in my gallery forever, but never made available for sale. She wants 250 YARDS which would run her about... holy crap, $4500. I hope the price does not scare her away, because I would definitely appreciate the 10% designer's commission. And apart from that, I'd *really* be interested to know what she's going to do with it.

*fingers, toes & eyes crossed*
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Note to self: If you don't recognize the number on call display, it never hurts to answer anyway.

A woman just called me up from the Massey Hall box office. She said, "Is this Heather? You're going to see Cake tomorrow night, is that correct? And you're in... let's see... row O?"

I assumed, of course, that the show must be cancelled. My stomach just sank. I said yeah, that was me, and yup, those were my lousy seats. She continued, perkily:

"Well, we have an excellent customer relations opportunity here, and we'd like to upgrade your seats if that's ok with you. How does front row centre sound?"

Well, it sounded pretty fucking good. I babbled for a moment and then managed to blurt out, "Why??" She said that the promoter had been hanging onto these seats, but they didn't need them after all. They chose me randomly. All I have to do is bring my tickets to the box office tomorrow, give my name, and then sashay on up to row A. Shit like this doesn't happen in the real world, does it? I'm just shaking right now.

Her final words to me were "Well, Heather, please enjoy the show. I'm going too. Don't forget to wear your short skirt and long jacket."
My final words to her were, "I think I love you."

Edit: Upon further reflection, I decided the story just sounds too fishy. I googled the mystery number, and sure enough, it's the Massey Hall/Roy Thompson Hall box office. So for now, I guess I'll believe it.


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