Nov. 7th, 2005 08:48 am
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I'd say the weekend was half interesting. Saturday was good, Sunday was blah.

Saturday was our "Mystery" event with the Toronto Urban Explorers group. The sign-up was restricted to 10 people (considering that the group has 457 members, this was truly an intimate gathering), and the destination was kept a secret until the day of the meeting. We were only instructed to bring a flashlight, hiking boots and a tripod (if taking pictures, which everybody was). We were also informed that some "minor trespassing" would be involved.

Anyway, we met at a Brampton Tim Horton's at 9 a.m. and were told the final location-- the abandoned and historic Barber Mill in Georgetown. Cool! I was kind of worried we would be slogging through drain pipes, another favourite pastime of the average urban explorer. Anyway, the site, which was a paper mill built in 1856, was a very cool place. A huge, rambling series of buildings, Blair-Witch creepy in parts (particularly the lower floors with corners so dark the flashlight was ineffective, and crumbling stairways leading down into absolute blackness). [livejournal.com profile] zero_gravity, you should SO join this group. Anyway, it was a perfect crisp fall day for exploring, and the leaves were at their peak.

some pictures here, click for big )
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I just joined the knitting meetup, which meets twice a month. This should provide plenty of inspiration for me to keep it up, as well as (hopefully) help for my various knitting emergencies. I've shelved Marshie's scarf until I can find someone to save it. The group looks pretty cool, and from the looks of it there are even a few men. I just love men who knit. In theory, anyway. I've never actually met one, though I did teach Marshie on Sunday night. He did one row, declared his scarf finished and then went to do the crossword.

I found a cool website yesterday that takes any picture you upload and turns it into a knitting pattern. I'm too terrible at the moment to attempt such a pattern but someday, it will be cool.

I used to be a real meet-upper back in the day-- LJ meetup, Graphic Design meetup and one other one that escapes me at the moment. The site has improved a lot since the last time I checked it out, and there are a lot more categories. I was also startled to note that my user number is 147-thousand-and-something and most other people's are between 1 and 2 million. Whoa, I guess they've had a bit of growth.

Update: Settlers of Catan meetup! Yes! And they meet at my old school's student lounge. Weird.


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