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I was just fiddling with Chrome's autofill and seeing what came up for each letter... it was actually a meme I did in 2004. What has changed? What has stayed the same? Oh, the intrigue!!

a: amazon.ca
b: blogger.com
c: consumerreports.org (a friend once told me I'd make a great dad someday)
d: dropbox.com
e: ebay.ca (same as 2004)
f: fark.com (same as 2004)
g: guava.ca (real estate listings site)
h: handweaving.net (pattern archive)
i: ikea.ca
j: Nothing comes up but a search for Joanna Cassidy
k: kadenza.livejournal.com/friends
l: livejournal.com (duh)
m: mint.com
n: netflix.ca
o: ohmycrafts.com
p: pinterest.com
q: qrcode.kaywa.com (QR code generator, thinking about weaving one)
r: ravelry.com
s: a search for "salad rolls"
t: tpl.ca (toronto public library)
u: search for "untangle slinky" (crippled slinky has since been disposed of)
v: viarail.ca
w: wikipedia.org
x: xe.com (checking on the state of our mighty dollar)
y: youarenotaphotographer.com (hilarious)
z: zinniz.livejournal.com :)
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This has always been one of my fears. I've had a thing about elevators, particularly elevator doors, ever since I saw one close on my cousin's hand at a shopping centre (we were both in strollers so this was obviously quite some time ago). She screamed and screamed and it made quite an impression on me.

Anyway, this link goes to an article (and even a time-lapse security video) of this poor dude during the 41 hrs he was trapped. It's maddening to see the maintenance guys at work on the other elevators while seemingly unconcerned about what's wrong with Elevator 30. He had no phone and no watch. When he pried open the doors, there was only a brick wall.

Several times, you can see him going through his wallet. Gets everything out, looks at it, and puts it all away again. I can totally see myself doing that.

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I had the most charming illustrated conversation (converstration?) yesterday on the Lunchtimers Scratch Pad. It's the same site with the fridge magnets, but now you can draw too. It's mostly filled with profanity and large, hairy penises during school hours, but I had a rare treat yesterday.

There was this Japanese person scribbling away in Japanese, and I tried to think of a good way to communicate with him. I started out by drawing a little Japanese flag, and beside it a Canadian flag. He responded by drawing a happy face, then a cartoon of Japan, with an arrow pointing to what I believe is Tokyo. I drew a little Toronto skyline. He drew Pac Man being pursued by a ghost. I drew a space invader and little gun turret, and he supplied the UFO that occasionally whizzes by overhead (you know, bonus points). I drew a little fish-shaped soy sauce bottle complete with red screw-cap mouth, and he responded by drawing a tempura shrimp beside it.

I did a screen cap seconds before the board was erased, but forgot to save it. Anyway, it was awesome.


Nov. 15th, 2005 08:49 am
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I can't remember where I got this link from originally, but I revisited many of my neglected bookmarks yesterday to see what kind of favicons they had. This link was kind of fun.


Basically, you sign up and create a cell with four colours that are pleasing to you. Site members get to vote for their three favourite cells each day. The most popular ones rise to the top, and the unpopular ones eventually dwindle and die (at which point the owner gets to make a new one). The very strong ones sometimes interbreed, but the results are not always pretty. Anyway, it's kind of interesting.

My new cell is rapidly rising through the ranks, but I won't tell you which one it is.
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Hee hee... flashback to the teacher or librarian deciding who was going to be picked to turn the knob on the filmstrip projector, and all the kids straining to hold our hands up as high as possible without looking *too* eager, because people who were too eager were never picked. And the BEEP to tell you when to turn the knob.

Only got picked once, but man, it was sweeet. Never got to see one about sniffing glue, though... damn.

http://www.nixiebunny.com/sniff/sniff.html (not a movie, just a really long .jpg)

I wish it had the soundtrack, but it's kind of fun to make up your own.

"Swell, my model airplane is finished."
*sniff sniff*
"Saaaay, this smells GOOD!"
*cue swirly dream music featuring harps and glockenspiels*

I also like the part where it shows you the effect glue sniffing has on your body. It harms your brain, your kidneys and your... macaroni?

Links A-Z

Dec. 3rd, 2004 08:08 am
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Ok, this was kinda fun. Enter in each letter of the alphabet in your address bar, and then copy and paste the link that comes up first. Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] epi_lj.

And so it begins.... )


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