Dec. 23rd, 2009 08:51 pm
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I have now baked 3 double batches of Double Ginger Crackles so I'm getting pretty good at making them. Last night I started putting little slivers of candied ginger on top which made them look a little nicer. I divided them into boxes and distributed them to the neighbours. To Marshie's delight, there was one box left over so I assume they will all be gone soon.

The Pirates of the Carribean expansion pack arrived in the LBP store yesterday, which includes water as a brand new game element. After a huuuuge game update, Sackboy can swim! The water looks incredibly cool. The way it ripples, the way it bubbles, the way it laps around objects... reflections, shadows, interference patterns. So neat. And I have to say that Sackboy swimming is only the CUTEST THING EVER. He does a little breast stroke when he's swimming, and treads water when he's still. Oh, and his cheeks puff out when he dives as he holds his breath, unless he's wearing the scuba gear which is of course also adorable. I can't believe we still play this game on a daily basis a full year after its release.
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Little Big Planet's stock is rising in my world again. Two months on, we had practically finished the final levels so my enthusiasm had waned somewhat. With nothing new to play, further exploration of the user-created content has made me realize this is where the game truly shines (as opposed to being sort of an afterthought as with some games I've played). I kind of wrote off the community levels at first because most of them were pretty lame, but the bar has definitely been raised with the passage of time. This game is definitely more than your average side-scroller. People have somehow managed to create in-game computers with acres of wires and switches. I've seen several calculators, a game of tic-tac-toe and yesterday a giant piano that completely blew my mind. It had 4 octaves and all the keys played when you jumped up and down on them. That was cool enough, but when you pulled a switch on the side of the piano, automated hammers descended from above and proceeded to play Für Elise. Marshall and I were talking about how thrilled the developers must be to see what people are creating with their game.

I certainly don't have the time to figure out how to make this stuff, but if people all over the world have time to spend trying to out-do each other, I'm happy to sit back and let them. The replay value is seemingly infinite at this point. Plus Nattie's love of Sackboy still knows no bounds.

For those who have missed it in previous posts, my PSN name is Hollowgirl and I hope to see you out there.
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Nat's obsession with Sackboy/Little Big Planet has deepened considerably. All day she either begs me to "draw Sackboy" or "go upstairs pway GAME". There is actually an unofficial knitting pattern coming out in the January issue of Simply Knitting, but to hold her off I found a nice big pic of him online today and printed it out. It was very exciting for her to see him coming out of the printer (and actually, it reminded me quite a bit of her birth). She pranced around the room admiring him and saying "Oh Sackboy... kiss you!" and planting big kisses on his face. It was like the toddler edition of Tiger Beat magazine. She won't kiss us, oh no. She only has eyes for Sackboy.

Here are the three of us earlier today. It was all I could do to keep her from taking him to bed at naptime.
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I was very interested in the US election results but also interested in Little Big Planet so I played that while Marshie gave advice (seriously, what is worse than a backseat gamer?) and we watched the results on his laptop until 10 when the Daily Show special came on. I have to say, it was pretty bad. I laughed about twice. John Oliver and Larry Wilmore are about the only good things about TDS these days (especially the two of them together) and there wasn't nearly enough of them. Mercifully the show was cut off by the network at 11 so then we flipped around.

Election: As soon as it was apparent that Obama had the lead and wasn't giving it back, I started to feel bad for McCain. Anyway, his concession speech was nice and it was especially nice to see Sarah Palin's stupid face for what was hopefully the last time. So congratulations to those of you who are pleased, Americans, which seems to be pretty much all of you.

LBP: This game is really growing on me, especially as I get better at it. There are plenty of frustrating things and it killed me when I finished Level 2 after searching high and low to be told I only found 33% of the prizes (also fun to be reminded now and again that [ profile] gandalfgreyhame had obtained such and such a score on such and such a level, just to raise morale). Visually it is killer and I think it will occupy me for a long time to come.

Oh also, Nattie is obsessed with it. I let her watch for a while on Monday night, and then I heard her begging, "Game? Game? Game??" on her way to bath and bed downstairs. Then in the morning, she toddled straight to the stairs leading to the loft and said hopefully, "Game?"


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