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Ken Jennings is appearing at the Sheppard & Leslie Canadian Tire (the one next to the Ikea) in 11 minutes. I kind of want to go see him, but then again I kind of don't. I want him to sign my Jeopardy board game that I won at the taping (which came in a Jeopardy tote bag that will never again be seen in public). On the other hand, there will probably be some type of rule that he won't sign anything but the trivia game he's pimping. Also:

  • I've already seen him. I sat next to his wife at the taping, and at Quizno's.
  • He's not a rock star, he's just some dork.
  • He's not even the all-time champion anymore, he's just another loser.
  • The place will be swarming with adolescent girls like the one outside the City-TV window this morning holding a sign that said, and I'm serious, "OMG Ken I ♥ You"

And yet I feel oddly compelled to attend. Must. Resist.
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Tomorrow is the next tactile meeting, so I'd better just pick a DVD to watch and get started on it. I'm not looking forward to it because it involves foil, and foil and I generally do not get along. One tear, one rip, one slip of the tool and you have to start over with a fresh piece. The subject matter is somewhat interesting, though: villi -- the little whatsits that give the inside of your intestines a velvety appearance (or cocktail dresses an intestiney appearance, depending on your point of view).

I had my blood drawn today in preparation for my full physical next week. The chick appeared at the door of the blood-letting booth and announced that she was a medical student. "Is that ok?" I assured her it was. Thanks to a generaous application of Emla cream to my inner elbow an hour earlier, I didn't feel a thing.

The Jeopardy UTOC final game is tonight, and what a tournament it's been. I was surprised to learn that my friend Brian (Ken Jennings Loser #126) actually wants Ken to win, for reasons of personal pride: he wants to have lost to the best. Well, I can see that, but I have taken great pleasure in seeing Ken get a taste of his own medicine these last few days. When he banged the podium last night in frustration after Brad beat him to the final question, I just smiled. Then rewound. And smiled again.
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Just browsing the archives of the official Jeopardy message boards trying to find out when a certain question I remembered had come up (turns out it was June 3rd, Ken's second game) and found this little gem posted by a board regular after Ken's very first win on June 2.

"Anybody else sense something special about this Ken Jennings guy? I can't exactly explain why, but I get the feeling he could go on a long run here. Wouldn't surprise me if he were to become, say, the first player to crack $200,000. I know, I know, that sounds absurd. He'd have to win at least seven games, averaging $30,000 a game, to do it ... unless he did something REALLY outlandish, like win $50,000 in one game ... and that's crazy. Still ..."
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I've been way busy these past few weeks, and will continue to be way busy for several more, but I just thought I'd say hey. Hey.

Cut due to Jeopardy! spoilage )

Spent Friday and Saturday visiting our friends A&B and taking in an OHL hockey game. Spent Sunday working. Monday working. And just for variety, today will also consist of working. Actually, yesterday I did take a break from the work to drive out to Etobicoke to pick up the long-awaited tea brochure I started working on well over a year ago. The pressman somehow managed to miss the note in the docket that indicated I wanted to come in for a press approval, and they just went ahead and printed off all 5,000. I was extremely worried but the thing actually looks just fine. WHEW!!

Back to work.


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