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Here's what's going on. I think I'll do bullet points.

• I'm having about 15 people over for xmas dinner. I forget exactly why I agreed to it, but it's happening. Fortunately, someone else has offered to bring the turkey, so I don't have to touch gizzards or whatever. The offer was gratefully accepted.

•Two customers on my waiting list have recently bailed, and the wrap I finished in November was put up for sale within two weeks (my ever-vigilant former customers always keep me up to date on these happenings, for which I am grateful). I know she can do whatever she wants with it (including cutting it up and making cleaning rags) but I can't help feeling a bit hurt. I should probably develop a thicker skin in these matters. In other news, I've decided the anonymity thing is getting old, so I now fully label all my products, as well as publishing my facebook business page (www.facebook.com/inchbyinchweaving). There's not a lot of info there, but people can contact me if they wish.

• My xmas cards are in the mail, and I'm very pleased with them this year.

• Nat is desperate to have another Furby. Much as I hate the first one, I can't really deny her request, since it's the only thing she has asked for. It arrived yesterday. It has a very distinctive trapazoidal box, so I think I'll either put it inside a bigger box, or put a note inside a really tiny box that says, "look behind the couch" or something.

• I made some really kick-ass saag paneer last night. Tonight I think I'll make another pot of soondubu jjigae (Korean tofu stew) which was a huge hit a couple of weeks ago. So hot and comforting in cold weather.

• Last week I dragged home a large dead tree branch from a nearby street. Marshall chopped it up for the fireplace, and parts of it turned out to be hollow. It also turned out to have some wasps inside, who started crawling out once they were sufficiently warmed up. That added some excitement to our evening.

• In other tree-related news, the city finally planted a new tree on our lawn--only two years after we requested one. It's a white oak, which Nat has named Lilac. I asked her if she would name a dog "cat", and she was quick to remind me that her teacher has a cat named Puppy. Touché, kid. Touché.


Nov. 1st, 2012 10:45 am
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It's becoming tedious to say "I should post more" at the beginning of every post... but... I should really post more.

When the tail end of the hurricane/tropical depression/whatever it was passed through, nothing happened except one dead branch fell from our ash tree. I inspected it for signs of Emerald Ash Borer and found that something had indeed been chewing away at the wood under the bark. However, the munch marks (galleries) were not the right S-shape and the eggs I found were long and thin rather than round. Whatever ate the branch was probably not EAB, but I'm still thinking of calling a tree specialist just to be on the safe side. I hear that there is actually an effective treatment that can be injected under the bark, and a coupe of arborists in the city are licensed to administer it.

In Science Centre news, I got my photo badge last week, so I'm now official. One of the other volunteers was telling me it was nearly two years before she got hers, so it sounds like they might have fast-tracked me. The badge allows me to get in for free, and also take other people in with me. I can drop in and use the loom whenever I want (and they strongly encourage this). The loom has been moved to the new hall (the Rock, Paper, Science hall) and seems to be unharmed. We have a number of improvements to make at the suggestion of a Jacquard consultant (who knew there was such a thing?) as well as a new warp to wind. There are three yards remaining on the current warp, and we've decided to splurge on the best-available Swedish cotton for the next one. We've also decided as a group that we're not learning anything new by weaving the same two coverlets over and over, so we're going to start experimenting with making new designs and cutting our own cards. This excites me, and I hope I can get in on the design process. Most amazing to me is the fact that my completely-uninterested-in-weaving husband's interest has been piqued by all this, and he says he'd like to try writing us a program to convert our designs to punchcard format.
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I've decided to post pictures until I come up with something real to post about.
When we returned from our trip on Sunday, I discovered that Armando the pitcher plant (most recently mentioned in this post) had been doing some growing during my absence. I think it's quite possible that it has something to do with the Miracle-Gro I gave him before I left. In any case, he now officially creeps me the heck out.

The three new pitchers are spotted, veiny and actually have big shiny red lips. They're starting to look a little too much like scary scary creatures that could possibly bite.

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Some may recall the story of my pitcher plant, Armando, from this entry last month. I just thought I'd update with some new pictures, as the two developing pitchers I mentioned last time are now open for business.

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My cold is still hanging on. I have a lot of work to do today, but everything is a bit surreal and I can't seem to concentrate on anything. I've been thinking random thoughts.

The Beatles:
- I remember my dad complaining that they were only good "before they started doing drugs". Personally I prefer the post-drug era, though I can't consider myself a fan by any means. I only have one album, Sgt. Pepper.

- Many years ago I was driving and put in dear old Sgt. Pepper, and thought I had slipped into a parallel universe. The music was completely instrumental, and I really did question my own sanity. After about 30 seconds I finally figured out that someone had been fiddling with the balance knob, and that all the vocal tracks are on the right channel and all the instruments are on the left. Weird. Must've been the drugs.

- M and I went out for more driving practice yesterday, and concluded that we have finally both reached that zen-like level of manual transmission competence where we don't have to worry about what we're doing, what gear we're in, or if a hill might be coming up. We just drive. *high five*

My carnivorous asian pitcher plant, Armando, is coming back to life. I hate, hate hate it when my plants die. I just want to shake them and say, "what the hell is wrong with you?". All its pitchers were turning black and falling off, and it was so distressing. Anyway, I have since found out that during the winter the plants go dormant and don't require the extra nutrition that bugs provide. Now that it's getting more hours of daylight, new little pitchers are growing. They're so cute.
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