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Jan. 9th, 2007 09:04 am
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So what's been going on besides zen and the art of vacuum cleaner repair?

Finally had my follow-up appointment with my family doctor re: the little emergency room visit last month, and he's sending me for yet another holter monitor test (this is when you have electrodes stuck on to you and wear a recording device for 24 hrs and you're not allowed to have a bath). I've had about a thousand of these already, so hopefully this will reveal something new. Apparently the technology has improved and they use flash memory instead of a giant clunky tape recorder these days, so it should at least be a little more compact. The last time I had one was 1998.

I had to take Baby, who was no longer a baby but a sick old rat, to the vet for her final appointment on Friday. Marshie was kind enough to skip off work for the morning and come with me. Anyway, when I got home and saw Speck and Peaches snuggled up together, I was *so* glad that I had got Peaches. M. and I had agreed that there would be no more rats, but poor Speck is not even a year old and it would have been a very lonely life for her.

Anyway, they weren't sure what to think about the absence of Baby for the first few days, but now they seem to realize that it's permanent, and a new struggle for dominance has emerged. Rat fights (non serious ones) are surprisingly cute. They stand up on their hind legs and kind of shove each other around, and sometimes flip each other on their backs and then groom their opponent's belly mercilessly.
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It's 2 a.m. and I just got back from the ER. No biggie.

Earlier tonight, my heart started acting up, and it kept up for long enough that I started to think maybe I should get it checked out. I've had this on and off since I was about 21... my heart skips beats and generally misbehaves from time to time. I've worn Holter monitors, had stress tests, EKGs and an echocardiogram, but they never really found anything. By the time these tests were conducted, the elusive symptoms had long since disappeared. Tonight I felt very vindicated that a real doctor finally witnessed it in action, and captured it. I could look up at the monitor and see it happening, and now it finally has a name: trigeminy. It's a premature contraction of the ventricle that happens every three beats. The doctor assured me it is a benign condition. It can't cause blood clots, strokes, or anything else of concern. Lots of people have it, and never even notice it. It does not need to be medicated, and all my blood tests came back normal. It is unpleasant, but it passes.

It was my first trip to the ER and I was quite pleased with the entire process. I was seen to within five minutes (after the triage nurse was done scolding the woman ahead of me, who had a massage and her neck kind of hurt) and was discharged in three hours. Faithful Marshie remained by my side throughout, and has now gone directly to bed. I'm still feeling a bit wired so I may stay up and Google around a while longer, and pull off all these sticky things they've stuck to me.
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I spent the morning at the gym today (a sure sign that hell might just freeze over one of these days) and had a great time. Warmup, weights, a 75 min. yoga class and then 20 minutes of cardio. I was greatly pleased by the cardio session. A few of you have heard me mention my bad heart from time to time, but it hadn't bothered me for about three years. Three months of sitting on my ass after my gym went bankrupt, it started to act up again. The day before new year's eve was about as bad as it's ever been, maybe worse. I considered cancelling our NYE plans because of it, but it slacked off enough to allow me to go out and have dinner.

As I know from past experience, exercise greatly improves the problem in the long run, but exacerbates it at first. I'm happy to report that today I turned that corner where it stops getting worse and starts getting better. On Thursday I tried to do some cardio, but had to stop after three minutes due to intense arrhythmia (what I've got causes the upper chambers of my heart to go into spasm and beat chaotically, causing pooling blood, light-headedness and feelings of doom). Today I tried again, experienced a few odd beats at about 9 minutes, and then finished the full 20 minutes and got my heart rate up to 168 without any further problems. I am very, very happy about this.


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