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I just realized that next week it will be a year since I started with the baking soda and vinegar hair regimen. I can't say I've gone entirely shampoo-free, but it's been drastically reduced. So most days I use the baking soda and water with a vineagar rinse, some days I just do the vinegar, and once or twice a week I don't even use anything, just rinse it. Maybe every 10 to 14 days I will use a dollop of this all-natural tree-hugger shampoo if I find things are getting too oily, and the 400-ml bottle looks like it will last another year, assuming it doesn't go rancid or something. In any case, my hairdresser said whatever I'm doing, keep doing it because my hair looks and feels amazing.
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I'm getting ready to leave for my first haircut in a year and a half. It's down past my shoulder blades and just way too long and unkempt. Also, a neighbour recently told me that I look like a hippie. Then after that I'm heading out to the Exhibition grounds to do the weaving demo. The strange thing is I wish I could stay home... so I can weave on my own loom. However, since I am getting paid I can't really complain.

I've been deliberating over what to wear and finally settled on this insane Guatemalan shirt I've had since high school with either embroidery or weaving on the front (closest thing I can find is here). I figured since people will be looking at me, I may as well wear the most colourful thing I own.

When I dug up the shirt this morning at the bottom of a storage bag, I discovered it needed several repairs seeing as it's 20 years old. I took it downstairs to patch holes, reinforce seams and give it a good ironing. When I ironed the embroidered panel on the front, I distinctly smelled woodsmoke in the rising steam, I guess either from the fire used to heat the dye kettles or perhaps just a cooking fire. How bizarre and interesting that it would remain in the wool after who knows how many hundreds of washings this shirt has had.
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Over the weekend I accepted the fact that going completely shampoo-free is just not going to happen. It still looked and felt great, but was starting to smell, well, unwashed. I picked up some super hippie herb wash type stuff at my local tree-hugatorium and used it yesterday. Afterwards it seemed a bit straw-like but is feeling better today now that I'm back to my usual baking soda and vinegar regime. I think I'll shampoo like maybe once every week or 10 days or something, possibly more frequently during the summer.

I only have three weaving classes left, and I'm trying to figure out a way to do the spring session. The problem is that it runs until May 19, and my parents (a.k.a. free daycare) will have left for NB by then. I hope I can work something out, because I don't feel proficient enough to just start weaving on my own.

Solar-- never did I imagine last September that it was going to take this long to get our system up and running. At the time I figured it might take a week or something. Dealing with three different government-run organizations, all of whom are supposed to be sharing information but aren't doing it very well, means the process has been excruciating. To add to the fun, a guy who lives on a street with the same name as ours but in Thornhill keeps calling Toronto Hydro and getting his account changed to our address, causing endless confusion. Marshall finally called him personally yesterday and asked him to kindly knock it off. In any case, a guy is coming this week to authorize our meter placement, the last step before connection to the grid. This is our final hurdle. Here's hoping we can turn on the system before the month is over. [note from the future-- ha ha! It took two more months]

Nat wrote her first word today, all by herself. She said she wrote "Hat" and called me over to look at it. I expected the usual scribble but sure enough, real letters! Check it.
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This is day six of my shampoo-free experiment, prompted by this post in [livejournal.com profile] vintage_ads last Monday. It was really getting gross, but last night I spent almost an hour brushing it while watching assorted Olympic events and then did a cider vinegar rinse this morning. Huge difference. The limp greasiness is gone, but not the glossiness. It seems generally thicker and more lustrous, with no sign of dandruff or static, both of which plague me in the dry winter months. I have also noticed there is hardly any hair in my brush-- for some reason it's not even shedding as much.

Anyway I will be sure to keep you all updated as this fascinating story develops.


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