Jul. 31st, 2007 09:07 am
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Nat's sleeping... Nat's sleeping... stay asleep Nattie... at least until I've finished this entry.

A few random things.

Fixed some heinous apostrophes at the Eaton Centre on the weekend. Five display cases, each with full-colour vinyl die-cut sign saying, "The Eaton Centre Celebrate's Caribana". I went to the hardware store and bought black electrical tape, then used it to cover all five apostrophes while evading the security guard who kept strolling by. I'm hardcore.

Nattie slept from 9 last night until 6 this morning, which definitely qualifies as "sleeping through the night" (something everyone always asks about). I was so surprised when I woke up this morning and saw the clock, I actually went over to check if she was still alive! She has now smiled at me, Marshall, Zeke, my mother and my R.E.M. poster. She still refuses to smile at my in-laws. Hee hee.

I finally got a new cell phone. I still miss my old one (4 years old this past June) but this one is pretty good. They made me an offer I couldn't refuse: free phone and $5 less per month than I'm currently paying.
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I had a brief break in work-related action today, so I took a trip to the nearest Ikea. I left empty-handed (I'm not sure this has ever happened before) but was stopped in my tracks at the exit door by some enormous, professionally printed colour signs. They advertised seminars being held on "Wednesday's and Saturday's". Oh, how I bristled. I went back into the store and filled out a complaint card, outlining the basics of apostrophe use and explaining how Ikea is contributing to the decline of the English language. I know no one will take it seriously, but it felt good to do it.

That reminds me that a while ago I sent away for a Bob the Angry Flower's guide to the apostrophe (you idiots) poster. It arrived about a week later, autographed, with a little note to me written on the back. Stephen Notley, the cartoonist, is my hero. He taught me that even though people hate being corrected, there is no shame in doing it. In fact, there is great joy in doing it.
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Interesting article floating around re: misspellings in eBay listings. People spell things wrong in the item descriptions and wonder why they get no bids. The flipside of this is, of course, people getting great bargains by intentionally searching on commonly misspelled words (and I'm sure this article royally pissed them off by publicizing their technique). Then again, bad spellers who buy from other bad spellers would be completely oblivious to what's happened.

Here are some of my finds, whether or not they might actually yield great bargains is up for debate. They may have few bids, but the reserve prices can still be quite high:

earings/errings (one pair of "errings" is purported to have "all stones in tack!")
atomatic - yielded several watches
candelstick/candelholder (and there are a couple of sterling "candalabras" with no bids)


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