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In other news, I'm trying to get back into playing the cello. Every time I come upstairs I see it in the corner, looking forlorn. I also felt very guilty that most of the hairs had fallen out of the bow due to neglect. So a few weeks ago I took it in to get it rehaired, and got it back on Saturday. Fortunately I also decided to pick up a new chunk of rosin, because when I got home the old one was nowhere to be found. I found a stash of old music books I didn't even remember I had, including a book of rounds (not much use when playing by yourself, however).

Anyway, my first time playing in about a decade was yesterday afternoon, and it wasn't too terrible. I did it down in the basement in the hopes of causing limited disturbance to neighbours. My fingers are killing me–I should maybe take a break from it today so I don't get blisters. At one point Nat came down to listen and told me, "I don't know why, but your playing is making me feel cold all over!" which is... good I guess? It gave her chills? The last time I played, she was not even born.

I've also located a community orchestra that rehearses just a few blocks from here, though their season is over and starts up again in September. It may be the impetus I need to actually play, and keep playing.

[edited to add...] Looking back over my "cello" tag, I discovered that in 2006 I was told by a Sound Post repair dude that the neck was about to fall off. I had completely forgotten about that. Well, it seems ok so far. I guess I'll keep practicing and hope it doesn't explode.
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I bought a new set of cello strings on Friday, which precipitated a chain reaction. I forgot that you're supposed to change the strings one at a time, so when I mistakenly took them all off at once, I heard a clunk from inside--the sound post had fallen out. It's a simple maple dowel that connects the front of the cello to the back, and is held in place by the tension of the strings on the bridge. Without it, the cello can't vibrate and is functionally dead. It has to be reset by an expert with special tools.

I called the local repair shop (coincidentally named The Sound Post) and learned, to my great relief, that it only costs $10 to reset the post. Marshie and I took it in on Saturday afternoon. The repair dude came out a few minutes later and said he had some bad news. It was like going in for a dental cleaning and finding out you need a root canal. He showed me how the seams all around the top and bottom are splitting, and need to be re-glued. Even worse, the neck is splitting from the back, so much so that he was reluctant to restring it for fear of the whole thing buckling (under tension, the strings exert several hundred pounds of pressure on the neck). The gluing will only cost $35, but the neck replacement could cost several thousand, probably more than the thing is even worth.

I gave him permission to restring, seeing as it's lasted this long without breaking, but the fact remains that my cello is essentially firewood.
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I've been browsing a sheet music site and have found a number of cello scores that include an accompaniment CD. This is an innovation that did not (to my knowledge) exist back when I had to practice regularly. I'm in.

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