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Did I ever claim to love squirrels? It was a lie! I hate them. Or rather, I hate one in particular.
One of them has found its way up to our 3rd floor deck, and has been chewing and shredding stuff ever since. Our cushions are toast-- chewed all over, and the stuffing pulled out. It also gnaws on the wood beams. This morning brings a new squirrel surprise-- I thought I had removed everything vulnerable, but now it has chewed through the ropes on our Ikea deck chairs (see below). Shortly after making this discovery, I heard the distinct sound of something else being shredded. Over on our neighbour's side sat the squirrel, busily chewing up the outdoor rug underneath their patio set. It glanced up at me for a second, and then got back to work.

<---- ruined
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I'm sure not everyone who drives a Mercedes is a douche, but I'm still waiting for proof.

I heard a bunch of honking after lunch today, which is very unusual for our quiet one-way street. It turns out an entitled d-bag in a white Mercedes had been delayed for three seconds because the Diabetes association van was stopped in front of my house picking up my clothing donation. She laid solidly on the horn as the dude got out and ran to my porch. Then she started to back up, which people sometimes do when they get stuck behind the garbage truck or whatever, I assumed to go back to the main road and find a different route. Nope, she then proceeded to ram the van as the driver hurried back with the bags. Maybe 30 seconds had elapsed while all this was going on. Generally non-confrontational me yelled out the window at her that she was being an entitled ass, but you just know she's the kind of person who will just stare straight ahead and pretend you aren't there while continuing to lay on the horn. WTF. My blood pressure has been raised all afternoon as a result of this douchebaggery.


Mar. 25th, 2014 10:58 am
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 Without any notice from Shapeways, my necklace has been reinstated. My only indication that it I was back in business was a sales notification last week. I had another sale yesterday, and a third this morning. Google Analytics isn't giving me any clues where the sudden spike in traffic is coming from... so that's a mystery, but I won't complain. I dare not ask Shapeways what's going on, in case it was a mistake and they take it down again.

For the record, Shapeways is not exactly a ticket to early retirement--so far I've earned $7, and they only let you cash out when your profits total $30.
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I was happy to receive a package I've been waiting for last night, but dismayed to see a large COD sticker on it. They charged me a ridiculous $27 "brokerage fee" for an item that cost $30. I'll be calling them today to ask them what the eff, but I have doubts any good will come of it.
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I checked the UPS tracking info on my package from Tiger Direct this morning to see how it was coming along. To my astonishment it said "Delivered at 8 p.m.". Marshall opened the door and there it was. It sat out on the porch all night and somehow managed to not be stolen. We were here but didn't hear any doorbell or knock. So anyway hooray, we now have a (very cold) 1.5 TB network backup system, but I'm kind of peeved at UPS.

I don't know if I mentioned that the hard drive situation from a few weeks back was completely resolved. Acer gave our old drive back, we had it cloned, and everything is back to normal. All my applications etc. are back and still working, all pictures and files are right were I left them. The dude who did the cloning said that the old drive had thousands of bad sectors and was not long for this world.
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Dear Amazon: If one of my items is available "within 24 hours" and the other "within 5-10 days", why has it been over a month since I ordred, and the delivery estimate is still April 27?

Dear Scotiabank: Why did you try to charge me a $5 "service fee" for my American money order, when said "service" involved walking 5 feet across the room and back?

Dear Condo Board: Why did the annual report proudly proclaim that the condo fees are "only" going up by 3%, while we've been waiting to have our windows washed for over a year? Also, who pays for those fresh flowers in the lobby every week?

Dear Weather: It's April. WTF is up with all the ice?

Dear Running Shoe Guy I See in the Elevator All the Time: I hope you're not getting the hots for me.


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