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I can see I've been spending too much time in babywearing communities... I scared myself yesterday by reading this conversation and being able to understand it:

Admin: Just a quick reminder that Uppywear are MWs. As this group is here for HWs only, please remember not to post any MWs FS here. It IS ok to put a MW up FT for a HW. What we don't allow are MWs listed FS.

Member: What if the MWs are only FT for HWs?

Admin: MV can be FT for HW, as long as all MV are FT for HW

I can also recognize all the weaving company names by initials, and most of the carries they use (e.g. BWCC= Back Wrap Cross Carry, RTIF=Ruck Tied in Front).

I also hit something of a personal weaving milestone yesterday-- one of my wraps appeared in someone's stash shot. I have to say, it's a very strange little community, and a large part of it seems to be about showing off. That said, I'm pretty proud to be at the top of this pile. :)

This is several thousand dollars' worth of cloth right here. I tell you, it's nuts.

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Last night I dreamed that I had decided to go back to school full time in the tiny seaside town where my parents have their cottage. I was taking Graphic Design (WHY??) and searching the town for a place to do my work placement. I finally settled on a copy centre because there was no place else that would take me, even for free. God, I was relieved when I woke up.


Aug. 26th, 2008 11:10 am
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Phew. I am done with another deadline and now I can finally relax.

This weekend was mostly taken up with my poor babe and her first real illness. She woke up very hot on Friday morning and the fever didn't break until yesterday afternoon, at which point she broke out in red spots all over her body which means it was a virus known as Roseola (aka Herpes 6). Roseola sounds a bit nicer, doesn't it. Anyway, there was a whole lot of crying and not a whole lot of sleeping in between. Glad that's over.

[livejournal.com profile] haggisthesecond stayed over on Friday night, the first night of the fever. I hope she got some sleep. She also told me about Kiva.org, a micro-loan site for helping entrepreneurs in poor countries. I have helped a lady in Paraguay expand her fruit store and I'm keen to hear how that goes. Since I was one of the last people to contribute money before her loan was fulfilled, I expect I'll be one of the last to get it back. We'll see. It's kind of exciting, anyway.

I still can't get over the fact that I have no more rats. I still find myself saving bits of my meal on the side of my plate only to realize it's all for naught. We will soon be getting our new cyborg sideboard to fill the space where the cage used to be, so maybe that will help. It should be ready pretty soon and looks pretty much exactly like this but darker, in quarter-sawn oak to match our dining room table.
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I had a makeout dream starring John Hodgman just before waking up this morning.

Speaking of the areas of my expertise, I am scheduled to visit a friend of my parents' this afternoon to help him learn Excel. I called him a few days ago to ask specifically what he wants to learn, since it's not my greatest strength. Does he want to sort the data? No. Does he want to perform calculations? No. He wants to learn how to type words into the cells, and make it so the cells fit the words. That seems to be pretty much it. I tried to just tell him over the phone, but he said no no no, I can't learn like that. Whatever.

He also wants to know a few more things about Photoshop, so there is an upside. Plus the part where he pays me.

In public

Aug. 19th, 2005 01:45 pm
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So the meeting went well. The client loved the logos, but then remembered that she had already asked her web designer to make her some business cards, and that he had "sort of" done a logo already. "Uh-oh, do you do cards too?" she asked, somewhat sheepishly. Uhh, yeah. I do that. But anyway, she liked the logos enough that she may make him use mine instead. All is not lost, plus she bought me lunch as well. Then she told me that she had been lamenting to her husband, "If only my business could take off so I could hire employees, I'd hire Heather. She's amazing." Maybe a little over the top, but nice to hear nevertheless.

Now I have a project (pocket folder, press releases and a proposal) to keep me busy, and I just hope I can pull it off before Thursday, when I embark on yet another trip to NB, or "Newby" as my uncle calls it.

There I was, strolling around downtown like someone who has no holes in her belly, and felt just fine. After a week and a half of not being out in public, however, I had to remember it's best not to just randomly burst into song or blurt out every thought that comes into my head. I'm a big singer and talker when no-one's around.
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I'm wearing jeans today, wheeee! I guess yesterday was just an aberration.

Anyway, I'm meeting a client at 11 and I told her I had "several" logo ideas for her to see. As of this writing I only actually have one, so I'd better put the hammer down, as the truckers say.
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Yes, it's wonderful we have two national languages, vive le Québec, yadda yadda.
But! It's a pain in the ass for those of us who are trying to lay out bilingual catalogues. Here's an excellent example:

English: Sidelights
French: Des fenêtres étroites latérales de chaque côté de la porte

*le sigh*


Dec. 13th, 2004 08:57 am
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The layout for the catalogue I'm working on is now 2/3 finished. That doesn't include changes, French translation or pricing, but I have managed to meet today's deadline and that's all I care about right now. Day after day of tedious layout is clearly starting to take its toll, however.

Years ago, when I first started working at Asperjay, the senior designer Dave asked me if I'd ever tried to "undo" real life. He said that when he went home and made a mistake, broke a dish, whatever, he'd find himself reaching for Apple-Z. I laughed politely, dismissed it as a stupid joke, and moved on.

Seven years have passed. Not only do I frequently reach for an invisible Apple-Z in real life, but last night I actually tried to fix the tabs on a fucking church choir procession. Christmas thingamy, go to it every year. From the balcony, watching the choir process up the aisle two by two holding their little candles, I spotted a pair that was slightly out of step with the others. The fingers on my left hand instinctively reached for Ctrl-Shift-T.

Sad, isn't it. This morning I start in on that final 1/3, with the deadline a week today.
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I've been way busy these past few weeks, and will continue to be way busy for several more, but I just thought I'd say hey. Hey.

Cut due to Jeopardy! spoilage )

Spent Friday and Saturday visiting our friends A&B and taking in an OHL hockey game. Spent Sunday working. Monday working. And just for variety, today will also consist of working. Actually, yesterday I did take a break from the work to drive out to Etobicoke to pick up the long-awaited tea brochure I started working on well over a year ago. The pressman somehow managed to miss the note in the docket that indicated I wanted to come in for a press approval, and they just went ahead and printed off all 5,000. I was extremely worried but the thing actually looks just fine. WHEW!!

Back to work.
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Yesterday was a fun change of pace. I retouched 32 photos for [livejournal.com profile] courtly's wife, Heather (we're everywhere, I tell you). It's not something I get to do all that often, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. A little colour correction here, a little skin refinement there. Why, I'm even more effective than a day at the spa. Again I find myself wishing I could do it full time, but is there a market for that kind of thing? There are ten listings in the yellow pages, and most of them sound like either photography studios or labs (plus one framing store). Maybe I could, you know, work at one of them. Like, a job. But then again, I do so enjoy keeping 100% of the profits.

I just made a discovery today about LJ user links. If you click on the little , you get the user info. If you click on the name, you go straight to the journal entries. Am I the last person on LJ to notice this? Probably.
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I'm waiting for a medium-sized project to drop into my lap, no sign of it today so far. It's for my former employer, which I have come to refer to as Asperjay in this journal for some reason. Yesterday the account manager emailed and asked me my rate. I figured, well, if they can't remember, I'll jack it up by 20% and see what happens.

I'm serious, just as I finished that paragraph, an email came in giving me the go-ahead, no comment on the new rate. Damn, I should have gone higher!

Anyway. Tonight we are going out with a bunch Marshall's coworkers to see one of his fellow actuaries, who moonlights as an actor, in his new play. Quite honestly his plays are always quite dismal, but a night out is a night out and I'm looking forward to it. An added bonus is that another of his coworkers will be preparing us an authentic Indian meal beforehand, in fact she's taken the afternoon off work to cook. Can't wait.

As usual we will be doing nothing for v-day, which we both loathe.
Have a good weekend, all!
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I was perusing the Human Resources Canada site yesterday and found a job posting for a graphic designer, with the following requirements:

Education: completion of university, vocational/technical training
Memberships/Certification: Society of Graphic Designers of Canada
Area of Design Specialization: General graphic design, Technical illustration, Commercial art, Industrial design, Interior design, Visual art, Animation, Exhibits, Product packaging, Corporate identity, Advertising, Publications, Books, Greeting cards, Annual reports, Multimedia, Forms
Computer skills: IBM, MacIntosh, QuarkXpress, Illustrator, Freehand, Photoshop, PageMaker, Corel Draw, AutoCAD
Experience: 10+ years
Other Information: Must have own software/computer.
Salary: $10 hourly

Um... run that last part by me again? Either there is a zero missing there, or these people are in desperate need of a reality check.


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