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This user icon has never been more appropriate... last month Netflix added the entire series of TNG and I've been watching an episode or two pretty much every night. Many of them are terrible, but what can you do. I've been enjoying it tremendously.

Anyway, in a startling number of episodes there has been visible camera equipment, the kind of thing I'd never noticed before despite having seen most episodes multiple times during the 90s. I was wondering if it's because TVs are sharper now, or if the show has been reformatted somehow, revealing things that used to be slightly out of frame. I've seen the leg of a lighting stand clearly visible inside a turbolift, a sandbag lying behind a chair on the bridge, and at least five boom mikes.
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[livejournal.com profile] haggisthesecond and I were discussing Mad Men on Saturday, and the fact that we both recognized Joan's Corningware coffee pot. We're pretty sure both our mothers had one (or still have one, who knows what's in that house). I was also surprised and amazed to see our old kitchen wall clock a few episodes ago... I think it was Peggy's kitchen, or possibly Betty's. Anyway, freaked me out a bit. And of course now I really, really want one. I think this season takes place in 1966, and my parents were married in '66, so it stands to reason that many of their wedding gifts will be featured. Things are starting to become eerily familiar.

(recognize it, [livejournal.com profile] newschick?)


Oct. 3rd, 2010 05:36 pm
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How did I get through almost two seasons of Mad Men without noticing that Joan is Saffron from Firefly? Wow.

Also, just so I don't make this a one-sentence entry, one thing that has always bothered me about movies and TV is that when people are holding coffee cups or mugs, they are so obviously empty. You can tell by the way the actors carry the cups or pretend to sip from them that they have nothing in them. Can't they put water in them so they at least appear to have a bit of weight? It bugs me so much.


Sep. 18th, 2009 09:08 am
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It seems to take us a while to figure things out. We have a ton of unwatched tv shows etc. stored on the laptop but no easy way to get them to the TV. Then last week Marshall's friend told him about this thing he has that is essentially a hard drive with an HDMI port which he downloads his shows onto and then plugs into his TV. Sounds ideal, but I was browsing around on Tiger Direct last night looking at these "multimedia players" and they were several hundred bucks, and for some of them the hard drive was not even included. The specs sounded strangely familiar: HDD, USB ports, graphic interface, wireless connectivity, HDMI output. Um... I think we already have something like that, and it's called the Playstation. I threw an episode on my USB key and ran upstairs to test it out. I didn't even need to transfer it, it played straight from the key full screen, and it looked amazing. Not quite HD, but I'd say better than DVD.

So anyway, duh. It was one of those moments where I felt smart and dumb at the same time.
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I was stopped by yet another camera crew while out for a walk today, and since I must be a slow learner, I let them interview me. I think I managed to sound a bit more coherent this time, fortunately. But I have no idea what terrible state my face or hair might have been in. They were asking about fraud and I told them about how my mother's credit card info was stolen last year by the waitstaff at Il Fornello.

I think this is the last year I will be able to ignore Halloween. Next year we'll live in a real house and will have to do the whole candy giveaway thing, but thankfully it'll be a few more years before we have to worry about getting Nat involved. We did another drive-by of the house on Saturday, and I was relieved to see that our new street is not the plastic-graves-on-the-lawn kind of street, but rather an understated pumpkin-on-the-front-steps kind of street.


Sep. 21st, 2007 11:05 am
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I'm about to go out walking and do some errands, but I wish I had a Groucho Marx disguise because I ended up on CityPulse at 6 last night. I was in the lead story, which, as far as I recall, was "Woman With 6 Chins Says Something Asinine About Tonight's Debate." In fact I believe the entire newscast was all about me. Marshie rewound it 6 times and laughed harder with each viewing until I grabbed the remote and deleted it.

In happier news, Natalie just laughed for the first time. I had to act very silly to get her to do it, but it was a genuine ha-ha-ha and about the most gratifying thing ever, except maybe her first smile 8 weeks ago.
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I used to love this British Airways commercial back in the day (early 90s?)
But one thing I never noticed before is... hey, where did the ear go?

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I caught the last half of the Greatest Canadian Invention last night after knitting, and was less than impressed. Seeing as it was chosen by popular vote, the results were pretty much a joke. The definition of what qualifies as a "Canadian" invention is also debatable. The telephone, invented by a Scot who emigrated to Canada and then the US? How can we lay claim to that? Our claim to the light bulb is also pretty shaky. About 15 people in multiple countries were working on an electric light source at the same time, filing patents left and right. Edison bought a patent from two electricians in Toronto, completely retooled it, and then filed his own patent. I'm not sure that counts. The pacemaker came in at #6, whereas 5-pin bowling was #4? Please.

Insulin was also pretty good, but lots of other people had already discovered it and conducted identical tests on dogs. The difference was that they all gave up, whereas Banting & Best kept picked up where they left off and finally got to the stage where they could treat humans successfully. Can you believe the typical life expectancy of a diabetic after diagnosis used to be about two months?

The Robertson Screw, however, has always had a special place in my heart and I was glad to see it made the top 10 (#7). It is truly Canadian and truly useful, and also pretty much unknown outside the country. I was pleased to learn that 85% of the screws sold here are Robertson. It's certainly the only kind I will buy. They beat Phillips all to hell. Yes, I'm a screw nerd. The paint roller was also a great invention and deserved to be higher than #33.
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Marshie and I have been working through Season 1 of House over the last few weeks, patiently renting each of the DVDs separately. We thought it was particularly stingy that there were only four episodes per disc, but whatever. This weekend we realized the error of our ways-- there were in fact eight episodes per DVD, four on each side. No one told us they were double-sided. Now we will either have to rent them all again, or just assume that the rest of the episodes go something like this:

Patient comes in with serious problem
House proposes kooky solution, twirls cane
Everyone tells House he's nuts (except girl with vest who believes in him)
Cranky supervisor warns House in her office. House makes cutting remark, leaves
Kooky solution fails, normal doctors take over
Non-kooky solution fails, patient is doomed
House notices small detail, freezes like deer in headlights as idea crystallizes
New kooky solution works, patient lives, everyone rejoices in shaft of golden light
House skulks outside, pops Vicodin, slinks away
Cheesy song plays

The Office

Oct. 13th, 2006 02:19 pm
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Four episodes into season 3, and things are not looking good. All have been uniformly terrible. The storylines have been implausible, the dialogue weak and the humour forced. How can a show that just won the Emmy for comedy have sunk so low, so fast? Any new viewers they got from the publicity must really be scratching their heads.

I can't quite bring myself to say the phrase, but I think the Fonz is putting on his waterskis.

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BAM! There are so many ways they could have screwed it up, but it was perfect! Could not have possibly been written or acted any better. Zomg!

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Ok, so I'll admit that I'm somewhat fond of Law & Order, and a segment from last week's SVU amused me greatly.
The situation: a girl is murdered, but miraculously manages to take a picture of her attacker with her cell phone before she dies. Unfortunately, the picture is dark and the assailant is just a blur. The following conversation takes place later in the lab:

(two guys are at a computer)
Investigator dude: Can you clean that up at all?
Lab guy: Nope.

Oh, how we laughed. 'Cause of course on CSI, they'd be all like, "Of course! *bleep bleep bleep* *zoom zoom zoom* Oh look, he's wearing a name tag..."
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Last night was about the worst Office evar.
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Last night Marshie was out, so Zeke and I curled up on the couch and watched a show on HDPBS about cephalopods (squids, nautiluses, cuttlefish and octopi). They are pretty much the coolest creatures around, as far as I'm concerned. Zeke thought they were pretty awesome, too. He was pretty much freaking out the whole time, and got up from my lap to go sit with his nose to the tv, despite my warnings that his eyes would turn square.

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I made this icon because I've been feeling wistful and nostalgic about our NZ trip, which began two years ago yesterday. Sigh. At least now that the camera is fixed, we can watch the videos again and perhaps make a DVD if I can figure it out. The TV is also fixed, and has been back home for a week now. We have noticed that HD makes us watch shows we normally wouldn't, just because they're HD. For example, we watched all of the Oscars last Sunday. Marshall voluntarily watched a biography of Mary Cassatt last night. We were even mesmerized by American Idol on Tuesday, but common sense eventually prevailed.

The smell of baking Fimo is in the air, which means that today is tactile day and I'm putting the final touches on my assignment before heading out. This time it's a phoenix, the mythical and highly flammable bird.

I see by my day planner that it will soon be two months since I joined the gym. I'd say I have never been this dedicated before, as I go every other day, sometimes more. I still look forward to it, and I usually stay longer than I intended. It's just a fun, relaxing and very un-gym-like atmosphere.

Welp, that's about it.
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The Handycam, at long last, is fixed. After wasting time with the repair shop last year, this time I took it right to the top and went to Sony HQ. In less than 24 hours I got a call to tell me it was ready. Another vital piece of info for this story is that our TV went in for an adjustment last week-- though only a month old, it had started to buzz like an old neon sign and was driving us insane.

So today I went back to Sony and was paying for the camera repair (which thankfully only included labour), when two guys emerged from the back wheeling a TV on a cart to the loading dock. I recognized it immediately.

Me: That's my TV.
Sony lady: Yeah, really, eh? Just put it in my trunk, that's what I tell 'em.
Me: No, seriously, it's my TV. It came in for repairs last week.
Sony lady: Really? Wow, you've had a bad week!
Me: Tell me about it. [waving to TV] See you at home!

Sure enough, as soon as I stepped in the door I got a call from the repair shop that the TV was back from Sony and ready for delivery (it's way too big to fit in our Civic). Now please, everyone, for the love of God, just stay fixed.
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Whew! I recently returned from the gym and I'm trying to settle in to my work here. My trainer was particularly cruel to me today, but hey, that's what she's there for. In the beginning she asked me if I wanted to have fun or if I wanted her to push me, and I said please push me. Among other things, she made me do these strange pushups with my hands pointed inwards, and now I can barely lift my arms. It really isolated the triceps, though.

Yesterday was Marshie's superbowl party, which seemed to go quite well. It was a bit squished, because the den can really only hold 4 people comfortably and there were 8 of us. Anyway, there was lots of food and merriment. Though I have no love of football, or even a like of football, I'm still so dazzled by the high definition I watched the whole thing. We got the HD cable box a week ago today.

The only drawback seems to be that there are only a handful of HD channels available, and once you get used to watching them, everything else looks like absolute crap. Even DVDs look bad. A few hours into the game, someone asked if the show was broadcast in widescreen or if it was just stretched. I poked Marshie with my toe and told him to turn to a normal channel. He flipped to Global and there was a collective gasp among our group followed by stunned silence. "Oh my God," said one of our guests. "Are you saying my TV looks this bad all the time?"


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