May. 16th, 2014 09:54 am
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Ok, I will now resume my posting activities. I can handle this. I just wonder why the "post" option is the hardest button to find, and the most visible one (Community Directory) is also the least useful. It seems 100% pointless.

* [livejournal.com profile] zinniz is coming to visit me! Exciting!

• For the first time since we've lived here (6 years), I bought some plants to put in the garden. Crazy, I know. Wisteria for the trellis thingy over our stairs, a bucket of lettuce for eating, a tomato for also eating if the raccoons don't get to it first, and some bee balm. Picking stuff out got kind of addictive so I may head back to the garden centre today.

• In a few weeks we're going on a mini vacation to Montreal and Quebec City. Nat is super excited to speak French to people. We did go to France in the summer of course, but she was too shy to say anything to anyone. Now she can say pretty much anything she wants (and often forgets how to say things in English just after school) so there should be a big difference this time.

• Working on my next wrap. Sometime between the last one and this one, something really clicked. I think I have found my "thing". This wrap in particular is a real thing of beauty and gives me happy feelings whenever I see it. The tension is perfect, there isn't a single sticky thread, and the selvedges are straight as rulers. The only thing that's bothering me is that the customer has not written to me since I started weaving, and this makes me worry she doesn't like it. When I sent her pictures of the yarn on the warping mill she commented that it was "brilliantly amazing" but since then... nada.

• A bunch of family things are happening at my house this weekend, including my sister's b-day and a belated mother's day celebration. Currently I'm waiting for a delivery of furniture for our 3rd floor deck that we've had for nearly two years. This could result in people actually using the deck, even eating on it. Wow! We could maybe use some planters up there as well. It gets direct sun all day long, so I'm most looking forward to the umbrella.

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1 hr drive to Avignon
3 hr TGV to Paris
8 hr flight home

Think I'll just stay put for a while.
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I think I've done this in previous years... here's where I slept in 2011.

Toronto, ON
Chatham, ON
St. Andrews, NB
Seoul, S. Korea
Beppu, Japan
Osaka, Japan
Mt. Koya, Japan (templestay)
Kyoto, Japan
Tokyo, Japan
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This seems to have been a busy weekend, and it looks like things will continue to be busy until at least Thursday.

This is our third summer in the neighbourhood and we've avoided Taste of the Danforth until now, but on Friday night we walked up to check it out. Insane. Completely insane. I wish I had taken my PoleCam so I could have at least attempted to capture the scale of the thing. I swear the entire city was compressed into about five blocks. We walked the entire length and it was pretty much shoulder to shoulder the whole way. Despite already having eaten dinner, Marshall consumed at least two more dinners' worth of assorted meats on sticks.

Yesterday after three days of no-showing, the contractors returned to finish up. True to their word, they were packed up and gone by noon. I like the paint, the bamboo floor looks great and the new stairway light is really cool (kind of like a 40s diner with a big glass shade), and gives character to the whole room. The rest of the furniture won't be ready for several more weeks, but I don't care because I won't even be here. We swept and vacuumed and very shortly after lunch I began moving weaving stuff up the stairs. The loom itself weighs almost 100 lbs and maneuvering it through our narrow doorways and halls resulted in some cosmetic damage (to the house, not the loom), including some pretty bad scrapes to a newel post. We then remembered that when we moved it up to the spare room back in May, it was in two pieces. No wonder it didn't fit anymore. Anyway, upon reflection, I'd much rather fill, sand and repaint the newel post than have to disassemble and then reassemble the loom, so I think it's a fair tradeoff.

[livejournal.com profile] newschick and bro-in-law dropped by for a brief visit. They are New Brunswick bound today, and Nat and I will follow in four days. I have a to-do list, but I haven't done any other prep. It might be time to start packing (and/or panicking).

Wasting no time, I spent a good four hours or so at the loom last night. I felt like I was in that effect you sometimes see in commercials and music videos where the person in the foreground is at normal speed and everything around them is a blur. Much as I enjoyed my classes, it's so nice not to have to watch the clock. Today I have the WHOLE AFTERNOON to myself, and I know how I'll be spending it.
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Rather than posting about the boring state of my life, I may as well do the year-end travel meme that's going around. You're supposed to list the places you've stayed overnight this year that are not your house.

Kind of sad, but doing better in the travel department than the last couple of years. 2010 might be more exciting-- we'll see.

Ottawa, ON (March)
Parksville, BC (August)
Tofino, BC
St. Andrews, NB (September)


Sep. 15th, 2009 12:26 pm
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They say the best part of travel is coming home. Quite often I agree. Not that Nat and I didn't enjoy our two weeks by the sea with my parents, but it's just so nice to be back. The weather is superb and apparently it's been like this the whole time. About 22 during the day and 17 at night. It can just go on doing this as long as it likes-- 22 is my favourite temperature.

Marshall enjoyed his two weeks of bachelordom and kept things quite neat, though the house is showing some signs of neglect. I'm not the world's greatest housekeeper by any stretch of the imagination, but even I have standards. There is a lot of dust around, the air is a bit stale, the plants are looking droopy and there is a rather icky smell coming from the kitchen sink. But besides that, I'm just enjoying being back in the house. We've lived here for almost two years now but certain things still surprise and delight me. I sat at the dining room table today and said "Hey, this table is really nice". Also, I really enjoyed my shower this morning. There is a fairly large window over the tub and only the lower half is frosted glass, leaving the top open to the view (trees) and sun. It's awesome to have a shower with sunlight streaming in.

Also I really like our cats. They are great. Many hugs and pets have been administered.
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I have this Nikon SLR I haven't used in ages, and it still had a roll of mystery film in it which I finally took to get developed last week. It was much older than I expected... March 2003, the second roll of our trip to NZ. Not surprisingly, the colours have shifted a fair bit. I tried to fix it as best I could, but they're still a bit off and I kind of like them the way they are.

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GPS fun

Jan. 25th, 2009 02:28 pm
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I was browsing through my old picture files today and found some screencaps I made in Google Earth after coming home from the Sweden/Norway trip (summer 06). I had imported the track info from our GPS and this was the result. Kinda cool.

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Aug. 15th, 2008 09:17 am
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I'm away on the East Coast. Apologies for not responding to various people in regards to various topics. I will get back to you, honest.

Life with Nattie at my parents' summer place has been about 100x better than last year when she was two months old. She sleeps and naps and generally behaves well (despite getting 2 new teeth in the last week). There is another baby to play with and she finds it all just great. I actually dread going home a little bit, back to our normal routine in our own boring house.

Anyway over the last few weeks her babbling has ever so gradually turned into real words, and she's added a few new ones every single day, for a total of about 22 I can think off offhand. Yesterday she said her first three-syllable word, blueberry (boobayee). Today she pointed to her stuffed piggy she's had for months and called him "pippy". These are exciting times.
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Basically, you're supposed to highlight the ones you've been to, and italicize the ones you'd like to go to. Let's just say that if it's not some type of Disney-related theme park, I wouldn't mind checking it out. Oh, and you're supposed to add one on to the end if it's not already on here. I think I'll add the Sistine Chapel. I have not yet been to Italy, and the odds don't look good for the foreseeable future.

BTW I doubt this ranking or its statistics are even real.
[edit: the first 50 seem to have come from Forbes]
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I'm back from a 4-day trip to Ottawa. I flew Porter Airlines from the island, and was quite pleased with the experience.

not very interesting if you don't live here... or even if you do )
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I was feeling very nostalgic for Sweden after a visit to Ikea. I visited the Swede Shop and recognized many products from our trip (including Abba pickled herring and fish egg paste in tubes, like toothpaste). Anyway, I finally uploaded a crapload of pics from our trip to my Google account, only 5 months late.

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If you hover over them, it tells you what they are

Other cities I've been to but never had the joy of experiencing the subway:
LA, Cleveland (really?), Glasgow, Miami, SF BART train, Toulouse, Vancouver

Courtesy of b3co.com
and [livejournal.com profile] mmarques!
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Here's a list we compiled on our trip:

Like about Europe

  • Amber light comes on before green as well as red (it's nice to have a heads-up!)
  • Separate knobs in the shower, one for temp and one to turn on the water. You can alter the pressure without screwing with the temperature
  • Heated towel rails
  • Lots and lots of kinds of cheese
  • Money that's worth more is bigger (bills and coins)
  • Traffic circles-- seriously. These mofos are efficient.
  • Transit that works, and that people actually use
  • Bus stops with digital displays that tell you how many minutes until the next bus comes
  • Cobblestones
  • Fountains
  • History
  • Soft Is (a kind of soft ice cream they only seem to have in Norway) which is extruded and then dipped in hazelnuts, sprinkles, chocolate or a variety of other toppings
  • Small, efficient cars. Not an SUV to be seen.
  • Every hotel had a full breakfast buffet included
  • Stuff that comes in tubes: Fish eggs. Nutella. Bacon and cheese spread. Gross, but so convenient!
  • When people get engaged, they both wear rings

Miss about home

  • Free parking (or 'parkering' as they called it, and we will now too, for the rest of our lives)
  • Stores that stay open past 5
  • Fruits, vegs, salads
  • Sun that goes down
  • Air conditioning. Seriously.
  • Real Diet Coke, not this Coke Light crap
  • Gas prices-- it's so, so cheap here compared to other places in the world. Let's keep things in perspective.
  • Tim Horton's coffee (Marshie only)
  • Actual sheets instead of just a duvet. When it's on, you're too hot. When it's off, you feel weird and vulnerable. It's summer, people!
  • Shower curtains. Many had a small, useless pane of glass and one had nothing at all. It was just a shower head in the middle of the bathroom, next to the mirror. Bizarre.
  • Soft toilet paper
  • Recycling-- little or no sign of separate bins, even for glass and paper
  • Vegetarian restaurants
  • Non-smokers
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It was amazing to see the sun finally go down last night. We got home from Sweden/Norway at 7 and later saw real night for the first time in over two weeks. I'm not sure we ever fully adapted to the new time zone because of the near constant daylight streaming in through the curtains at all hours of the night. We are now completely screwed up. After hanging in until 10:30 last night, it was very easy to get to sleep. However, I was wide awake again at 1 a.m., Marshie woke up at 3 and that was pretty much it. He's gone to work this morning, but who knows how long he'll last. I had four messages from clients myself regarding new work, but I wonder how much I can really get done today.

Anyway, the trip was all kinds of awesome, and I will post pics one of these days. We managed to take 901, a new record.

The cats were terrified of us for the first hour or so after our return. Zeke dove under the bed and poor Kirby, far too fat to fit under the bed, instead tried to wedge himself behind the futon in the den with only limited success. However, they came back out within an hour and have since become twice as loving and clingy as normal. Things should even out soon. The housesitter did a fine job, though poor Speck (the youngest rat) has reverted to an almost feral state due to lack of human contact. I can't blame the house sitter for that, as Speck is so high-strung she won't let anyone touch her except me, and then only sometimes. It will take some serious handling and/or bribery to get her back to where she was before.
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I picked up a Norway bed & breakfast guide yesterday, and the listing of one farmstay says, and I quote, "In the barn, one can roll in the hay." So, yeah. I take it there's not a lot to do in Norway.
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Niagara Falls was a bit of a bust. It was so foggy, we could barely see well enough to drive down Niagara Parkway. I pitied the poor tourists who were wandering around in their rain ponchos at Table Rock, not sure what they were supposed to be looking at. We've seen the falls from the top, bottom, both sides, liquid and frozen, but this was their only opportunity.

The casino was also a bit of a bust. Marshie was keen to take me to the new-ish Fallsview casino, but was reluctant to pay for parking. We finally decided to just skip the town all together and head for Niagara-on-the-Lake. Charging for parking at a casino is just adding insult to injury. They're going to take all your money anyway, so why bother? Parking should be free, drinks should be free, and there should most definitely be a giant buffet. Please.

The rattie pickup in nearby Virgil was more successful. This girl I met via mailing list had bought a rat from a pet store, only to discover it was pregnant. Suddenly she had 15 when she had really only wanted one. The baby spent the night in her own tiny cage, but made it clear to me this morning that she wasn't willing to stay in there one more minute. She spent most of her time with her nose between the bars, staring longingly into the big cage and practically jumping up and down with excitement whenever Trinny or Baby happened by. I released her into their care this morning, and after a brief sniffing and grooming session, they're all lying together peacefully in a large heap.


Jan. 4th, 2006 12:55 pm
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Hey, anyone notice Google's logo today? It's Louis Braille's b-day! Whee.

So we're back from NY and had a good time, though 75% of the trip was rainy and cold, Monday in particular. It seems like we're getting the same weather system today, though meteorologist I certainly ain't.

Both our airport parking shuttle driver and customs agent wanted to know if we'd been to Times Square, and we most certainly had not. We did see part of it on TV, and what I saw on the faces of the revellers can only be described as suffering. Did you know that if you want to be there, you have to start in the early afternoon, and there are no washrooms or facilities of any kind? Once you're there, you're stuck. You can't get in or out. It's pouring rain. On top of that, you have to endure Mariah Carey.

Our NYE was considerably more pleasant, watching the Leafs humiliate the Devils (6-3) on enemy soil. I use that term loosely, as the Leaf fans seemed to outnumber the Devils fans by a fair margin. As my friend B pointed out, even with airfare it's still cheaper than scalped seats back home at the ACC. I wore my Tie Domi shirt and was only taunted once, with a very imaginative "Toronto SUCKS!" Good one, dude.

When we got back home to Staten Island, we ate, drank and made disparaging remarks about Dick Clark. Why wasn't he there yet, maybe they were still thawing him out, etc. Then Dick Clark appeared, and there was something horribly wrong with him, and then we were sorry. A&B's apartment was ideally situated to see four different fireworks displays from various boroughs at midnight.

On Monday we journeyed to the Magnolia bakery for cupcakes. I didn't even realize it was the same place mentioned in that Chronic-WHAT-icles of Narnia video thing, but thanks to a gaggle of screeching girls ahead of us in line who sang parts of the song, I made the connection. It was so odd. The line, if you can believe it, wrapped around the store and down the block. Cupcakes!

Anyway, [livejournal.com profile] coyotegoth: 'twas nice to meet you. [livejournal.com profile] heatherella: sorry to have missed you. New York: great to see you again.
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I'm getting ready for our new year's trip. We drive to Buffalo tonight, and then our flight to NYC is in the morning. Even with the drive and hotel, it's still far cheaper than flying from Pearson. Like, hundreds of dollars cheaper. Plus, we get to go to Buffalo! What to see first... Walden Galleria or the Lockport Gambino Ford dealership (Hi Mom!)? Oh, the choices.

I have a lot of things to do, but I'm reading LJ which means I'll be have to rush and will probably forget something vital like my toothbrush, or all my clothes, or something along those lines. Well, what can you do.

I spent most of the afternoon at the mall today, which is quite uncharacteristic of me, but I did manage to use up my gift cards. I went over my $100 Eddie Bauer card by $5.77, and went over my $75 worth of Indigo cards by a mere 37 cents. An appearance on The Price Is Right is in order.

Anyway, catch you on the flipside.


Nov. 9th, 2005 12:32 pm
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Marshie has a conference in Dallas next month, and has suggested that I go along.
Has anyone ever been there? Is it any good? What do you think?

[Poll #608722]


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