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While walking to school every day, Nat and I pass a group of daycare kids and two adult handlers going in the opposite direction. Whenever we pass them, the supervisors are shouting something about "bananas" and "cherries" and it's been driving me kind of crazy. I suppose I could have asked, but they're always in quite a hurry. WTF is up with the fruit?

Through careful observation followed by deep contemplation, I finally figured it out yesterday. "Banana" means the handlers want the kids to walk single file so other pedestrians can get by, and "cherries" means they can go back to walking in pairs. And this is why it always happens right when we walk by-- they're getting out of our way. It's kind of an awesome system.
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This seems to have been a busy weekend, and it looks like things will continue to be busy until at least Thursday.

This is our third summer in the neighbourhood and we've avoided Taste of the Danforth until now, but on Friday night we walked up to check it out. Insane. Completely insane. I wish I had taken my PoleCam so I could have at least attempted to capture the scale of the thing. I swear the entire city was compressed into about five blocks. We walked the entire length and it was pretty much shoulder to shoulder the whole way. Despite already having eaten dinner, Marshall consumed at least two more dinners' worth of assorted meats on sticks.

Yesterday after three days of no-showing, the contractors returned to finish up. True to their word, they were packed up and gone by noon. I like the paint, the bamboo floor looks great and the new stairway light is really cool (kind of like a 40s diner with a big glass shade), and gives character to the whole room. The rest of the furniture won't be ready for several more weeks, but I don't care because I won't even be here. We swept and vacuumed and very shortly after lunch I began moving weaving stuff up the stairs. The loom itself weighs almost 100 lbs and maneuvering it through our narrow doorways and halls resulted in some cosmetic damage (to the house, not the loom), including some pretty bad scrapes to a newel post. We then remembered that when we moved it up to the spare room back in May, it was in two pieces. No wonder it didn't fit anymore. Anyway, upon reflection, I'd much rather fill, sand and repaint the newel post than have to disassemble and then reassemble the loom, so I think it's a fair tradeoff.

[livejournal.com profile] newschick and bro-in-law dropped by for a brief visit. They are New Brunswick bound today, and Nat and I will follow in four days. I have a to-do list, but I haven't done any other prep. It might be time to start packing (and/or panicking).

Wasting no time, I spent a good four hours or so at the loom last night. I felt like I was in that effect you sometimes see in commercials and music videos where the person in the foreground is at normal speed and everything around them is a blur. Much as I enjoyed my classes, it's so nice not to have to watch the clock. Today I have the WHOLE AFTERNOON to myself, and I know how I'll be spending it.


Dec. 23rd, 2009 08:51 pm
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I have now baked 3 double batches of Double Ginger Crackles so I'm getting pretty good at making them. Last night I started putting little slivers of candied ginger on top which made them look a little nicer. I divided them into boxes and distributed them to the neighbours. To Marshie's delight, there was one box left over so I assume they will all be gone soon.

The Pirates of the Carribean expansion pack arrived in the LBP store yesterday, which includes water as a brand new game element. After a huuuuge game update, Sackboy can swim! The water looks incredibly cool. The way it ripples, the way it bubbles, the way it laps around objects... reflections, shadows, interference patterns. So neat. And I have to say that Sackboy swimming is only the CUTEST THING EVER. He does a little breast stroke when he's swimming, and treads water when he's still. Oh, and his cheeks puff out when he dives as he holds his breath, unless he's wearing the scuba gear which is of course also adorable. I can't believe we still play this game on a daily basis a full year after its release.
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Kid 1: [singing] I wake up in the mo'ning feeling like P Diddy
Kid 2: Who's P Diddy?
Kid 1: No idea.
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There is a new solar power initiative going on in the 'hood, and it has finally moved to the installation phase. The company that won the contract has arranged three packages for the group: 1.2, 1.98 and 3.15 kW systems. I am super keen on getting a solar panel, and I think Marshie is coming around too. I mean, how many other home improvements actually pay for themselves? It's maintenance-free and guaranteed for 25 years, but will likely last closer to 40. The new provincial Feed-In Tariff Program will guarantee a rate of 80 cents per kW hour for the next 20 years, meaning the smallest system will generate about $30,000 in that time. How cool is that.

Anyway, I have arranged a site evaluation for the 23rd. It would be awesome if this could happen very soon so we could make the most of these long daylight hours. Our roof faces south, completely unobstructed, has a pretty steep slant, and isn't doing anything useful other than, you know, providing us shelter and whatnot.


May. 18th, 2009 12:34 pm
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Just yesterday I was out on the back porch surveying the yard and the garage and the gate and fence and wondering when we'd get around to making things more secure. This morning the garage door was standing open and my stomach just sank. Inside where Marshie's bike used to be was his Kryptonite cable lying on the floor in two pieces. He hasn't ridden it in ages and it wasn't very good, but it's still a very icky feeling to know someone with bolt cutters was in there and in our yard. Being a holiday weekend, our neighbours on both sides are away.

Anyway, hopefully this will be the kick in the pants that we need to get moving on perhaps getting a lock or even a whole new door for the garage. I think we're pretty lucky that we've been here a year and a half and this is our first theft.
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I do not see the point of an automatic sprinkler system on a lawn that is maybe 10' square. Yet, there's one going in next door and it's now one of three houses in a row on our west side to get one. What is wrong with these people? It's not like we live in a particularly arid area.
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We're still not quite used to living in a house and all that comes with it (utility bills, garbage day, raccoons, you name it). We are amazed by the amount of junk mail that we get, and the number of people who come to the door. Jehovah's Witnesses. Mormons. Real estate agents. Natural gas discount people. Politicians. And just now, a person who claimed he was a financial advisor (in Australian oilskin coat and strange Crocodile Dundee-style hat with teeth all around the band) wanting to know who we're currently with and if he could take a look at our finances. He asked me point blank how much is in our RSP! Dude! I told him, as politely as I could, to take a flipping hike. He tried to give me his business card, and I refused. He said, "It's just a card." And you're just an ass.

If only they made spam filters for doors.


Jan. 29th, 2008 03:18 pm
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I was reading in the paper yesterday about a solar power initiative that a west-end community is getting involved in (Dundas-ish I think?) and over 130 homeowners have signed on. I was feeling jealous that we don't have something like that going on here, but then went on to read that the project was inspired by a Riverdale power initiative (RISE). I had noticed a fair amount of solar panels around. Cool! There are comments on the website from homeowners who found it so exciting when the system was turned on and their hydro meter started to run backwards. I can see that. Anyway I've contacted them to see what our options are. I think it might cost several arms and legs but we'll see. I've been wishing for solar panels since I was a kid doing my science project on solar energy, so it would be cool to actually do it.


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