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I'm off to tactile in a moment. My group leaders like my cut & paste work, and put last month's project (the fire truck) into a book for people who are just learning to interpret tactile diagrams and need to start off with simple and familiar shapes. I don't know if this means kids, people who just went blind, or what. Anyway, they assigned me two more fire-related objects this month. Here are all three together.

A sheet of braille paper is 10x10", so each diagram is maybe 8 or 9" tall.


Feb. 2nd, 2007 08:39 am
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I had to make a diagram of a spinning wheel for the CNIB yesterday. The blind proofreaders were a bit confused about what the string connecting the wheel and the spindle is for (and I will admit that until recently, I had no idea either) but when I explained to them that it's basically like the chain of a bicycle, they both ahhhed in recognition. Do they have bikes?

What else. Oh yes, the new Shins album that came unexpectedly in the mail last week (don't you just love pre-ordering something and then forgetting all about it?) began to appeal to me yesterday in a big way. I've listened to it maybe three times all the way through, and it seems that listen #4 was the turning point. Some tracks are still a bit ehh, but the others make up for it. I get a real Smiths vibe from some of them... odd. It came with a sticker, but as usual I don't want to stick it anywhere. I would have much preferred a window cling.

I bought Wired magazine yesterday for I think the second time ever, motivated solely by the delicious picture of John Hodgman on the cover. Hottttt.
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Water Strider Here is my latest tactile project, plus my initial sketch (click for bigger). The head is detatched because it made it easier to bake, but since the average person's fingers are way too big to get into the gap, it will just feel like an indentation. The fimo was originally orange, but I baked it way too long and it scorched (note to self: when you can smell your project from another room, it may be too late).

I decided not to include the wings because it would only obscure the details of the body. Fortunately, there are several species of wingless water striders.

Braille paper covered in drywall tape (represents water), Fimo, cardboard, sink chain and wire. 10x10".

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I just got an email from the Tactile coordinator telling us that our booth got rave reviews from visitors and staff at Doors Open. She said we were "even bigger than the guide dogs". Gee, thanks! I was so busy I didn't even get a chance to check out the other exhibits. I saw a guy teaching people to navigate using a cane, but I didn't get a chance to try it myself. It was crowded and fun, though my back got sore from standing all day (and my face got sore from smiling). We did get free sandwiches and bottles of water.

The 19-year-old daughter of one of Marshie's co-workers was supposed to be dropping by to talk to me, because she's interested in volunteering. Ok, whatever. He later told me that she came to the event, asked a few people where I was and they'd never heard of me, so she left. Duh. Something tells me she might not have the dedication required for volunteering.

Speaking of which, I've been thinking about becoming a certified braillist. I've heard it's a hard course, but now I have the facts from the CNIB website:

-8 months of training
-15 hours of homework per week
-5 year commitment to the program

It starts in September, so I've got a few months to ponder.
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Tomorrow is the next tactile meeting, so I'd better just pick a DVD to watch and get started on it. I'm not looking forward to it because it involves foil, and foil and I generally do not get along. One tear, one rip, one slip of the tool and you have to start over with a fresh piece. The subject matter is somewhat interesting, though: villi -- the little whatsits that give the inside of your intestines a velvety appearance (or cocktail dresses an intestiney appearance, depending on your point of view).

I had my blood drawn today in preparation for my full physical next week. The chick appeared at the door of the blood-letting booth and announced that she was a medical student. "Is that ok?" I assured her it was. Thanks to a generaous application of Emla cream to my inner elbow an hour earlier, I didn't feel a thing.

The Jeopardy UTOC final game is tonight, and what a tournament it's been. I was surprised to learn that my friend Brian (Ken Jennings Loser #126) actually wants Ken to win, for reasons of personal pride: he wants to have lost to the best. Well, I can see that, but I have taken great pleasure in seeing Ken get a taste of his own medicine these last few days. When he banged the podium last night in frustration after Brad beat him to the final question, I just smiled. Then rewound. And smiled again.
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I made this icon because I've been feeling wistful and nostalgic about our NZ trip, which began two years ago yesterday. Sigh. At least now that the camera is fixed, we can watch the videos again and perhaps make a DVD if I can figure it out. The TV is also fixed, and has been back home for a week now. We have noticed that HD makes us watch shows we normally wouldn't, just because they're HD. For example, we watched all of the Oscars last Sunday. Marshall voluntarily watched a biography of Mary Cassatt last night. We were even mesmerized by American Idol on Tuesday, but common sense eventually prevailed.

The smell of baking Fimo is in the air, which means that today is tactile day and I'm putting the final touches on my assignment before heading out. This time it's a phoenix, the mythical and highly flammable bird.

I see by my day planner that it will soon be two months since I joined the gym. I'd say I have never been this dedicated before, as I go every other day, sometimes more. I still look forward to it, and I usually stay longer than I intended. It's just a fun, relaxing and very un-gym-like atmosphere.

Welp, that's about it.
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It's been a while since I posted a tactile project, in fact it's been a while since I last mentioned tactile at all. I still do it, and if you don't know what it is, you can read about it on my info page. This unicorn was for last Thursday's meeting. I was surprised, and I must admit, slightly peeved to find out that this particular project is not for a textbook, but a commission. Some blind person wants a picture of a unicorn to look at, and is paying the CNIB to come up with one. I'm happy to do it, but seriously, where's my cut?

The thermoform copy

a detail of the original (made of orange Fimo)


Sep. 7th, 2004 12:39 pm
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I'm taking a break from computer work today and starting my next tactile project (new readers: refer to my Memories section). It's nice to work with my hands for a change. Orange Fimo stuck under the fingernails is slightly unattractive, however.

Once again I've learned something from my assignment, this time about Paprika. Where does it come from? I had never given it any thought, but since we're generally in charge of our own research, I had to find out. It's ground-up sweet red pepper, species Capsicum Annuum. Who knew? I always thought it came from a jar.

One more item of note: the Lady And The Tramp moment in the rat cage moments ago. I was having linguine (hand-made last night, fluffy and delicious) so the rats got the same. Their mealtime MO goes like this: Sniff. Seize. Run. I gave them each their own noodle, but due to their hurried assessment of the situation, they each grabbed different ends of the same noodle and began pulling. I guess it counts towards habitat enrichment.


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