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I went to One of a Kind on Thursday. My main priority was of course to view and purchase crafts, but I also wanted to stalk a toronto-based vendor (Candi Factory) who ordered 12 yards of my Knotty Pine fabric in September. I immediately found her next to the entrance, and spotted the fabric on her men's underwear rack. There was actually quite a line of people buying them, and I joined the line. The vendor, Candi, seemed very pleased to meet me, and gave me 10% off despite my protestations. She had several questions about the fabric design biz, and I had to admit that it's not exactly a way to make a living, but it does fully finance my craft supply habit. She said the fabric is quite expensive, but she couldn't resist it.


Marshie reports they were very comfortable. I'm just excited because this is the first time I've actually seen something made with the fabric. When someone places an order I usually write to them asking what they're going to make with it, and not one has ever replied. I think it's because the only way I have to get in touch with them is via the Spoonflower messaging system, and no one ever checks their messages.

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I've been working on one of those year end summary things, but in the meantime, I just noticed that a silver of one of my fabrics (Knotty Pine) is visible in a graphic on the Spoonflower main page. It's a little thing, but a nice thing.
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Jul. 6th, 2011 12:55 pm
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Just when I thought my Spoonflower sales had hit a bit of a slump, I get an email from an event planner asking about the status of my Bowling Lane fabric which has been in my gallery forever, but never made available for sale. She wants 250 YARDS which would run her about... holy crap, $4500. I hope the price does not scare her away, because I would definitely appreciate the 10% designer's commission. And apart from that, I'd *really* be interested to know what she's going to do with it.

*fingers, toes & eyes crossed*
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Overnight I had my 15th and 16th Spoonflower sales, breaking the $50 mark. It seems to take a while, but those one and two dollarses do add up. I forget when I started, March or something [edit: January!]. I can use it on the site as "Spoondollars" or transfer it to PayPal as Actual Money. I think I'll take the cash.

What else... Marshall had his eyes lasered last Thursday, and at his checkup the next day was already 20/15 in each eye. I'm so relieved it seems to have turned out ok. I dropped him off and went shopping, didn't want to be anywhere near the place while it was going on. He's still getting used to not wearing glasses, and it's funny to see him reach down beside the bed each morning, or try to take them off before I administer his drops.

Our 3rd-floor reno is taking foreeeeever but I guess that's the way they usually go. The original estimate was three days, and that was a week ago. Fixtures, switches and outlets are yet to be done, but the floor is in, the paint is done, my warp is wound and I'm so ready to move my loom up there and get started.
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My dream of fabric that looks like wood is a reality! I just got another shipment from Spoonflower today, and here are all six of my wood fabrics together.

They are mainly oak and zebrawood with one knotty pine one at the far right. The one second from the right, Zebrano, is my biggest seller.
If this image is breaking anyone's friends page, please let me know and I'll put it under a cut.
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I really should post more often... then I wouldn't have to summarize a week and a half at one go.

I've been doing a lot of cleaning this weekend. I just discovered that the rug in our bedroom is made of pure wool, and I know this because I also just discovered that we have a clothes moth infestation. It's horrible. I have no great love of the rug (which came with the house and will find itself at the curb next garbage day) but I also have many valuable woolen items and a yarn stash to think about. I spent most of the afternoon and evening vacuuming and clearing clutter. In a word, ACK. The thought of bugs EATING MY STUFF just makes my skin crawl. This never happened in the condo.

In happier textile news, my woodgrain fabrics continue to climb the Spoonflower charts. Three more people have purchased swatches of the Zebrawood in the past five days, and it's on the "what's hot" section of the site. Unfortunately I don't get a cut when someone buys a swatch, but it probably means they'll soon be ordering larger quantities. In the meantime, I've ordered 12 more swatches of my own designs so they can be eligible for sale as well. As I've mentioned before, this isn't exactly a huge moneymaker, but it's certainly enjoyable. I love to create repeating patterns. My newest uploads include oak, knotty pine, cork, bark and beach sand.

I never did mention that about three weeks ago, my dad knocked himself out in the middle of the night by falling and hitting his head on the wall. The next day he had a variety of alarming symptoms including slurred speech, blurred vision, blue lips, low blood pressure, erratic heartbeat, extreme confusion and hallucinations. We were certain it was a stroke until pneumonia and a concussion were discovered during an emergency MRI. Lack of oxygen from the pneumonia explained most symptoms, and the concussion explained the rest. His recovery has been slow and the bacteria seem to be pretty tough, but during a visit today he seemed completely back to normal which was a huge relief to me.


Jan. 20th, 2010 04:21 pm
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Further to my post from last week, someone just contacted me through Spoonflower wanting to buy one of my fabric designs (ginkgo leaves) but says she can't figure out how to get it into her cart. That's because in order to sell your designs, you first have to get a test swatch printed and then approve it. That costs $5 and seems to take about two weeks. So let's see, I could tell her to hang on a few weeks while I do the test swatch routine, which would cost me $5 and get me 10% commission on the sale, which would mean a profit of maybe a dollar or so, depending on how much she actually orders. Or, riskier, I could do the order on her behalf (no proof requirement if you're just buying it yourself) and then ship it to her and get her to Paypal me, or sell it to her via Etsy. Sounds way too complicated. I guess if it turns out she's patient enough to wait for the test swatch approval process and go the "official" route, then my fabric will likely appear on the front page as "recently sold" which might very well result in more orders. I wish the process wasn't such a pain in the ass, but I get that the colours may shift in unexpected ways and that it should really be inspected before someone goes ordering yards and yards of it.


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