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The running is coming along. I actually did hit 10k last Wednesday, in around 65 minutes. That included a couple of minutes of walking as well. I think I can probably eliminate the walk breaks by April (or not, who cares). I didn't actually sign up for the race yet, though, in case like a leg falls off or something. That reminds me, I think I've got my first case of "runner's toe". Last week the second toe on my right foot really took a beating, I think because the toes of my shoes are worn out. In any case, the nail has since turned purple. Neat.

As a result of the toe thing, I decided it was finally time to pick up some new running shoes on Sunday, since I've had the old ones for at least 10 years. Shoes are so different now! Mine were so old, the clerk at the Running Room had never seen anything like them. They also weigh a ton compared to the new ones. She said as long as I don't run outside with them, I can still return them if they don't work out. I didn't feel anything strange yesterday (other than my feet feeling really light) so I think I'll probably keep them. I do remember that my dad changed shoes a few weeks before a marathon one time, and got sore knees so ended up switching back to the old worn out ones for the race.

I'm not sure what I'll do after 10k... I really have no desire to do longer distances. I guess I could just keep doing the same distance and try to improve my time or something. Not many people understand or believe this, but I actually find it enjoyable and never miss a run.
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Thing 1:
The thing is a ring. I've been looking for a smaller wedding band since the old one started falling off about six months ago. Finally, I found one I like. It's titanium, amazingly light, and has a teeny diamond. I am generally opposed to diamonds and think they're a huge scam, but... I must admit, I like this teeny diamond. Pretty sure it's the first one I've ever owned (?)


This photo really makes me want to go put on some lotion.

Thing 2:
Lately I've been looking for a new knitting project. The one I'm working on is such a nightmare of tedium, a friend suggested I need a second project that's fun to mix things up. I bookmarked a pattern* for a jacket in a magazine, and forgot all about (this is where Ravelry's project queue comes in handy). It mixes several handpainted yarns with a linen stitch in such a way that they work very harmoniously together. The pattern states that you can try different colourways, but they must be very similar in tonal value for it to look good. Value is a tricky thing. You can have a bunch of different colours of yarn, and they can be all the same value. If you take a picture of them and change it to black and white, they will all be a similar shade of grey. It suddenly occurred to me that you could easily do this with your stash or in a yarn store by viewing the yarn with a black-and-white setting on your phone. I can't wait to try this out. I've never made a sweater before so I'm feeling apprehensive, however, I can easily find help if I need it.

* the pattern is called Aria and was from the Feb 2014 issue of Knitter's.
I've also been eyeing a cardigan called Funky Grandpa. That sweater is so me, it hurts.
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N and M are off at the in-laws, leaving me to my own devices. I decided to go for a walk and look in stores and stuff. This is something I rarely get to do so I was very keen to get started. My main problem with shopping, though, is that I have a real thing about leaving a store without buying anything. I feel like they'll think I'm shoplifting if I just walk out. And the longer I spend browsing, the worse it gets. In fact today I was in a local garden, candle and doodad emporium and a salesperson came up behind me and asked if she could help me. I jumped and yelped "NO JUST LOOKING!" so, if they didn't think I was shoplifting before, the certainly did now. For the record, I have never stolen so much as a stick of gum, and I seriously doubt I could pull it off if I tried. I'm pretty sure the harder I try to act non-suspicious, the more suspicious-looking I become.

In any case, thankfully I did find something I wanted to buy. I have often thought a flameless candle is a pretty stupid invention, but the technology (such as it is) has advanced to the point where I decided to give it a go. It's made of wax, has a wick, smells nice and runs on normal-sized batteries. And the point that really sold me was that it has a timer mode. When you turn it on, it turns itself off five hours later. It also remembers when you first turned it on, and comes on again at that time. Neat. If it works well and looks ok, I may well get enough of them to line the top shelf of our living room wall unit or maybe the mantel.

A walk

Apr. 19th, 2010 04:18 pm
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I went downtown for a walk yesterday and had such a nice time by myself. It reminded me a bit of my high school days when I'd go downtown after school and just walk around and look at stuff. Got some perfume, records, socks, paper and a couple of rubber stamps and basically enjoyed the day and the city. Good times.

I realized how my life post-Nat has been much too hurried. I don't really take the time to do anything properly. I skim through magazine articles, wolf down my meals and avoid most forms of entertainment that seem like they might take too much time (movies, books). Now that she's more self-sufficient, I've really got to make myself slow down. Oddly enough, weaving is really helping with that. To concentrate so fully on a single task for hours at a time is almost like meditation. Plus, you end up with an awesome woven article.


Apr. 11th, 2009 04:07 pm
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I was at the Eaton Centre for the first time in ages. Dear Hollister/Abercrombie: YOU STINK. Whose idea was it to fill a store with the stench of cheap cologne? Every time I walked by, it reminded me of being in grade 8 and passing boys in the hall who had evidently bathed in Polo. Gross.

Ikea x4

Sep. 15th, 2008 07:35 am
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Marshie made the observation last night that "A trip to Ikea means... more trips to Ikea" as we paid our third visit in three days. We want some shelves under the basement stairs.

Friday: Went to the Etobicoke store at 5, did our measuring in the storage department and decided on GORM shelves. Went down to the warehouse and found that the posts we needed were out of stock. Ate dinner in the cafeteria (it was our 12-year date-aversary, after all).

Saturday: Went to the North York store and found all the parts we needed. Got home to discover we had picked out the wrong shelves as well as losing the x-shaped cross brace somewhere between the checkout and the car.

Sunday: Back to the Etobicoke store at 10 a.m. to beat the crowd at the returns desk. Alas, there was already a line of 14 people outside the Returns door, and the store hadn't even opened. Returned everything and decided to go with IVAR shelves instead. GORM was just too splintery. Got home only to discover that one of the shelves is missing the hardware. So yes, a fourth visit is in order, today or possibly tomorrow.

Totally unrelated: Nattie is trying to play her xylophone with a cracker. It's not working.
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Since I ordered all my gifts online this year, it's been fun to guess which will arrive first. Currently it's the giant package from Missouri vs. the small one from Mississauga (a Toronto suburb for you foreigners), both ordered last Thursday. It's a lot tighter than you'd think. The big one's coming via UPS, whereas the small one is coming via regular old Canada Post. *hits refresh on tracking number again*

So far the big one has travelled 648 miles (1043 km), and its progress looks like this:

Earth City, MO -> Decatur, IN (147 mi)
Decatur, IN -> Hodgkins, IL (170 mi)
Hodgkins, IL -> Maumee, OH (242 mi)
Maumee, OH -> Livonia, MI (76 mi)
Livonia, MI -> Taylor, MI (13 mi)

Now I can only assume it's being questioned at the border.
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Thanks to those who offered advice re: yesterday's repair-shop situation. This wheel is not done squeaking, that's for sure. I noticed last night that my 64-MB memory stick, also worth a fair amount of cash, was still in the camera. So, VideoPhase, if you are as diligent as you claim about logging all peripherals that come in with cameras, why did I not have to sign for the memory stick? Huh?

I have a case here. Check out my mad investigative skillz: I opened the memory stick to see what was on it and found three short MPEG movies. Two were tropical scenes from Antigua, and one was the interior of the repair shop, taken from behind the counter, dated the day I dropped the camera off. This, of course, proves that a) the battery was indeed installed, b) their logging procedures are less than reliable, and c) I didn't just put in the memory stick after the fact. I'll be kicking ass and taking names today.

On a more solemn note, one of my rats, Lutra, spent last night in an oxygen tank at the emergency vet clinic with a life-threatening lung infection. Last night's sub-dermal antibiotics are starting to take effect and she's doing better this morning, but she's not yet out of the woods. While her future is uncertain, one thing is for sure: this has been one expensive week.
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The video camera is fixed, as I mentioned in some other post. However, when I got it back home I noticed the battery pack was gone. I called the shop today and asked what happened to it, but they said there is no record of a battery in their paperwork; had the battery been on the camera when I brought it in, they would have logged it down and had me sign for it. Besides the fact that I never remove it, I know it was there because I saw the technician turn the camera on to test it while I was standing there. I'm pissed because this isn't a double-A battery that's gone missing, it cost $89. What should I do now? It's my word against theirs, and evidently the customer is always wrong at this particular shop.

On a happier note, I had another customer service experience that was the exact opposite. Last week I purchased a painting by Koko the sign-language-using gorilla from the koko.org website, to give to my mother for mother's day (she's a big Koko fan, proceeds go to help gorillas, yadda yadda). It arrived today, but I was sorry to see that the left side had been mangled in transit, due to flimsy packaging. I wrote them an email this morning (including a link to this picture to show them the damage), and this afternoon they called to tell me they had just FedExed me a new one, free of charge and fortified with extra cardboard. Thanks, Koko.


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