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Jun. 8th, 2009 01:51 pm
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There were a lot of garage sales around here this weekend, and we picked up a tricycle and a dollhouse for Nat. Quite Not all that unexpectedly, it's me who has become obsessed with the dollhouse and restoring it to its former glory. Whoever put it together did a pretty terrible job, but I can see a lot of potential. It's all wood, and comes from a well-known local manufacturer that is still in business (hello, spare parts). I've been gluing, scraping, sanding and painting. Thinking about wallpaper, flooring, carpets, curtains, stair runners, little tiny paintings and fireplaces. It's quite silly. Anyway, Nat approves and loves it as much as I do, despite the broken bits and the strange assortment of magazine clippings, mirrors and other random doodads glued to the interior walls.

Did I mention it was free? The dude practically begged me to take it away, and then helped me carry it home.

here are a couple of pics )


Dec. 8th, 2007 03:29 pm
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We've been to the house a few times since getting the keys yesterday. The former owners were actually still there when we arrived, getting some last-minute stuff out. That was fine, though it made for kind of a weird and awkward first visit as owners to open the door to our new house and find kids running around and some kind of maid or nanny cleaning the sink.

When we got back today, the first thing I noticed was that they took the mailbox with them. There were just two bolts sticking out beside the front door where it used to be. Um.... WTF? Is that normal? It wasn't even a nice mailbox-- kind of old and corroded. Anyway, our mail starts being forwarded on Monday so we'd better get one quick. It's just an extra annoyance.

Apart from the weirdness, I'm getting enthused about moving and the place is starting to feel like our home already, now that our pictures are up, our teapot is on the stove, etc.

No refunds

Dec. 6th, 2007 01:06 pm
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Just got back from the lawyer's office where we dropped off a sizable bank draft and signed a bunch of stuff. We will pick up the keys tomorrow afternoon and the house will be ours. The movers are coming on Wednesday and I guess we'll be moving some smaller boxes and fragile stuff ourselves this weekend.

The lawyer said that Nattie was very cute, so now we have a legal opinion to back up the medical opinion we've received from two different doctors.
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My parents are very kind to let their 35-year-old daughter, her husband, their rats, cats, turtle, fish, and 4-month-old come live with them. So far it's ok.

Their computer is awful and the interweb connection is spotty. Their hard drive is like 98% full, but I can't figure out why. My Mac (minus peripherals) is here so I tried to hook it up, but alas, it turned out that my parents' keyboard and mouse use some olde-fashioned plug type things instead of USB. Bah!

Our listing hit the MLS today (I thought it was yesterday but was mistaken) and within an hour there were 4 showings booked. I had to get out pretty fast because the first one was at 1:30. At last report, there were 7. It would have been 8 but there wasn't enough time. I hope this is a good sign.

Anyway, I am beat. We cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more, and now all we can do is stand back and see what happens. As I said as I locked the door behind me, "Ok condo... it's all you now."
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We are nearly there. The animals were moved out on Friday, the videographer came yesterday, the carpets get cleaned today, a cleaning crew is coming tomorrow morning, Nattie and I are moving in with my parents tomorrow afternoon, and showings start tomorrow night. Our listing should be hitting the MLS and the inboxes of countless real estate agents right about... now.

I just hope this new land transfer tax thing works in our favour rather than against, because it doesn't affect real estate purchases before December 22 or something. It might create a new urgency in the market to buy right now, or make people think twice about moving altogether. We'll see.

Mrs. Clean

Oct. 19th, 2007 08:33 am
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The cleaning continues. At the moment it's mostly up to me during the day. Marshie said he might take half of today off, but then again he might not. We're kind of at that point where it suddenly gets way messier, because everything from the closets and cupboards is out in the open in piles. Yesterday we rented a storage unit down by the Gardiner and last night Marshall started hauling stuff to it, so it's gradually getting cleaner again. It's a 6-minute trip compared to 40 minutes to my parents' basement in Scarborough, so definitely worth the extra expense.

In this instance my Katamari icon is so appropriate. I wish I could just roll everything up in a big ball and stick it out in the lake for a week or so.


Oct. 16th, 2007 09:27 am
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Somehow we managed to buy a house last night. When our agent called and told us there were already 5 offers registered ahead of us, we figured we were doomed. But then he showed up at our place around 9:30 last night, and we knew he wouldn't come over just to tell us we didn't get it. He said two bidders dropped out early, and we somehow beat the other three. We saw it on Sunday and bought it on Monday-- insane. It's in Riverdale (4.4 km from here). 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 3rd floor loft and deck, garage, new kitchen and appliances, wood burning fireplace, rosewood floors, finished basement, 1-year-old furnace and a/c, two parks and a great school for Nattie.

We've been looking since January so the concept that we found a house and bought it is taking some time to sink in. We're moving, and soon. This sty of a condo has to be ready to be shown by next Thursday, and we're moving December 7. Holy crap.

virtual tour:

I give up

Sep. 27th, 2007 12:09 pm
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The house sold for 111k higher than our offer.

I repeat, it was a semi with no parking.


Sep. 25th, 2007 06:45 pm
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Our offer has just been submitted. There are two other potential buyers.

I feel slightly ill.

[edit: didn't get it]

Fat chance

Sep. 25th, 2007 10:52 am
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We had another look at the house last night, and our agent agreed it is way overpriced compared with other recent sales on the same street. He suggested we give it a shot anyway, just to see what happens. He encouraged us to offer what we thought it was worth, and no more. So we signed a bunch of papers and the offer will be presented tonight. There is bound to be someone, or several someones, who are crazy enough to pay the asking price or more. But on the off chance people just aren't willing to go that high for a semi with no parking, our low offer may look pretty good. It's a very long shot, but not as long as if we didn't try at all.
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Gah. We went to look at a house yesterday, and it was complete crap. Crooked floors, tiny rooms, creepy rusty bathroom, smelly basement, weedy backyard, weird landscaping with a large rock in the middle of the front lawn. Four thumbs down. We have now been house hunting for 8 months.

But on our way home, we happened by another OH and decided to zip inside just for the heck of it. We had Nat with us and didn't want to bother getting her out of her car seat again, so I went in by myself. OMG. I ran through and came back and told Marshall one word: WANT. He went in and came back with pretty much the same opinion. Gleaming hardwood, brand new appliances, amazing bathrooms, finished basement-- a complete top-to-bottom reno. The problem is, it's almost at our price ceiling, and will probably go over it in short order. The competition is bound to be stiff. However, our agent believes the asking price is pretty consistent with the other recent sales in the area, and that there's no harm in trying. He's right, of course.

We may or may not go back for another look tonight.
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We went to see a house yesterday, and liked it. Really liked it. Detached, spacious and bright, parking, renovated from top to bottom and all new roof, electrical, furnace and appliances. We were both awake at about 4 a.m. talking about putting in an offer.

However, a friend who lives on the street has just informed me that yes, that's the house she told me about a few months ago where an old man died and was not discovered for a long time, and some type of icky substances crew in haz-mat suits had to go in to clean up.

Are we just being picky? I'm sure that the houses in that area (Danforth) are so old that they've all had someone die in them at some point. It's quite sad. But no, there are some things you just can't un-hear.
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The whole house offer thing last week, though ultimately unsuccessful, made the possibility of selling our condo and getting out on very short notice seem very real indeed. Scary thought. If we do manage to find a house, we'll have to clean (both to sell it and to move out of it). If we don't, we'll still have to clean, to try to clear out a corner or something to stick the baby in. I realized over the weekend that we've been saying we have until June, but that's crap-- most places have possession dates of 60 days, some even 90 days. We are seriously running out of time.

Anyway, I think we made some good progress yesterday. The walk-in closet here in the den, which hasn't technically been walk-in-able for at least two years, now has bare carpet and empty shelves. I vacuum packed two comforters, a sleeping bag, a bag of cotton batting and my entire yarn stash in a Space Bag. Did that ever make a difference. After dinner, we watched TV while sorting through several Rubbermaid containers full of miscellaneous papers, and managed to recycle almost everything. Do we need cruise brochures from 1999? Toaster oven instructions? Not so much. Marshie made two trips down to the recycling room. Suddenly we have two giant containers that are just begging to be re-filled with stuff that is taking up more valuable space. Or I suppose they could make a serviceable bassinet, in a pinch.

Not yours

Feb. 17th, 2007 12:49 pm
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Thanks for your well wishes yesterday, but we didn't get it. We figured we wouldn't, but it was worth a shot. I doubt we were even close, but the final selling price has not yet been revealed. We were one of five prospective buyers. Though we outlasted two of them, after that it got really insane and we bailed. Very educational, at any rate.

There is a glimmer of hope, and that is that there's an identical, mirror-image house on the same lot that's also for sale, privately. The seller bought a crappy old bungalow, tore it down, subdivided the land and put up two houses. We'll see.


May. 8th, 2006 09:24 am
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We managed to fit quite a lot of things in yesterday. In the morning, we visited some open houses in what was possibly too far south to be considered Cabbagetown, but let's just say it was Cabbagetown (the realtor certainly did). One looked pretty nondescript and small from the outside, but was absolutely spectacular inside. We loved every part of it. The only problem (other than the $600k pricetag) was that the area was somewhat more seedy than we're used to. The street was charming and perfect, but it was in between Dundas and Gerrard. At the north end was a dude pissing against a phone booth, and at the south end were some shady-looking types who can only be described as crackwhoreish. It's something we just don't see around here. This neighbourhood has everything, and I never want to leave. I just can't see spending our entire lives in 1100 square feet.

I jumped on a streetcar and met my parents at the OCAD for the graduate exhibition. Dude who was smearing caulking and food wrappers on the wall: that's very innovative. What are you going to *do* with your life? Will I find you up on Gerrard pissing on a phone booth some day?

The graphic design grads showed some good potential, great in fact. I can only hope that they'll be working closely with proofreaders at their future places of employment, because they clearly didn't cover that in school. Apostrophe abuse was rampant, and one student was proudly displaying her "STATIONARY". I was also saddened to note that the Canadian/British spelling of "jewellery" is in sad decline. More and more often I'm seeing "jewelry", which looks so truncated and wrong to my brain.

My parents came back with me and hung out here for a while, then [ profile] jacquieblackman and husband came over for dinner and hockey watching. We managed to devour an entire batch of cupcakes. And that was Sunday.


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