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My friend just got her on Sunday... her name is Padma. 7 weeks old.
Happy, from last year, is doing well in guide dog school.



May. 16th, 2014 09:54 am
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Ok, I will now resume my posting activities. I can handle this. I just wonder why the "post" option is the hardest button to find, and the most visible one (Community Directory) is also the least useful. It seems 100% pointless.

* [livejournal.com profile] zinniz is coming to visit me! Exciting!

• For the first time since we've lived here (6 years), I bought some plants to put in the garden. Crazy, I know. Wisteria for the trellis thingy over our stairs, a bucket of lettuce for eating, a tomato for also eating if the raccoons don't get to it first, and some bee balm. Picking stuff out got kind of addictive so I may head back to the garden centre today.

• In a few weeks we're going on a mini vacation to Montreal and Quebec City. Nat is super excited to speak French to people. We did go to France in the summer of course, but she was too shy to say anything to anyone. Now she can say pretty much anything she wants (and often forgets how to say things in English just after school) so there should be a big difference this time.

• Working on my next wrap. Sometime between the last one and this one, something really clicked. I think I have found my "thing". This wrap in particular is a real thing of beauty and gives me happy feelings whenever I see it. The tension is perfect, there isn't a single sticky thread, and the selvedges are straight as rulers. The only thing that's bothering me is that the customer has not written to me since I started weaving, and this makes me worry she doesn't like it. When I sent her pictures of the yarn on the warping mill she commented that it was "brilliantly amazing" but since then... nada.

• A bunch of family things are happening at my house this weekend, including my sister's b-day and a belated mother's day celebration. Currently I'm waiting for a delivery of furniture for our 3rd floor deck that we've had for nearly two years. This could result in people actually using the deck, even eating on it. Wow! We could maybe use some planters up there as well. It gets direct sun all day long, so I'm most looking forward to the umbrella.

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I took this pic through a screen, so it's not the greatest.

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I went to One of a Kind on Thursday. My main priority was of course to view and purchase crafts, but I also wanted to stalk a toronto-based vendor (Candi Factory) who ordered 12 yards of my Knotty Pine fabric in September. I immediately found her next to the entrance, and spotted the fabric on her men's underwear rack. There was actually quite a line of people buying them, and I joined the line. The vendor, Candi, seemed very pleased to meet me, and gave me 10% off despite my protestations. She had several questions about the fabric design biz, and I had to admit that it's not exactly a way to make a living, but it does fully finance my craft supply habit. She said the fabric is quite expensive, but she couldn't resist it.


Marshie reports they were very comfortable. I'm just excited because this is the first time I've actually seen something made with the fabric. When someone places an order I usually write to them asking what they're going to make with it, and not one has ever replied. I think it's because the only way I have to get in touch with them is via the Spoonflower messaging system, and no one ever checks their messages.


Sep. 17th, 2012 01:56 pm
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A friend of mine fosters guide dogs and just got the latest one on Saturday. Nat and I met her at the park this morning and spent a couple of hours playing with him. So here he is! His name is Pop (which is somewhat confusing, since her other dog Prince is actually his dad). I think he's seven weeks old.



Pic post

Oct. 1st, 2010 05:17 pm
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Due to popular demand, here are some pictures of my latest weaving project and my dyeing experiments.
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I have this Nikon SLR I haven't used in ages, and it still had a roll of mystery film in it which I finally took to get developed last week. It was much older than I expected... March 2003, the second roll of our trip to NZ. Not surprisingly, the colours have shifted a fair bit. I tried to fix it as best I could, but they're still a bit off and I kind of like them the way they are.

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GPS fun

Jan. 25th, 2009 02:28 pm
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I was browsing through my old picture files today and found some screencaps I made in Google Earth after coming home from the Sweden/Norway trip (summer 06). I had imported the track info from our GPS and this was the result. Kinda cool.

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So I lay in bed after sunset and read a book until I heard the leaves of the tree rustling. One by one the babies descended the branch with the mother bringing up the rear. It turns out it was her making the purry sound... I guess she does it to keep in touch with them because they were all over the place. Anyway, I took a few pics but they're pretty terrible considering it was dark and my camera is fairly sucky. Click any for bigger.

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If I might picspam you once more before bed, here is a sequence taken by my mother-in-law yesterday. At first, Nattie really enjoyed her new horsey. Then, not so much.

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Who among you can dispute that my baby is adorable?
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Since I have nothing interesting to post about, why don't I delve into the past to find something, a la [livejournal.com profile] epi_lj and [livejournal.com profile] clawfoot. In April 1980, before some of you were even born, I was seven years old (and a fantastic typist). My grandmother kept everything all her grandchildren sent her, and then gave it back to us when we were old. I scanned a bunch of this stuff so will no doubt return to this well in the future.

My favourite spelling mistake is "kitefling". I remember that incident vividly.
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I'm moving a bunch of pics from my camera and thought I'd post a few.

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I just downloaded and deleted some crap from my camera, and here are some highlights.
Subjects include cherry blossoms, cats, rats and my latest knitting project.
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Apr. 4th, 2006 09:45 am
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We got in last night. What is this chilly, brownish land? There is ice outside today. It's not right. And I know I'll get no sympathy from you lot, but whatever.

Georgia was short and sweet. The weather in Athens was superb. Everything was blooming and the air smelled delicious. There were birds and little lizards everywhere. And we paid $10 to go to a club to see the Minus 5, and ended up seeing R.E.M. as well. Hobbling home at 2:30 a.m. after a 5-hour show, I thought there was no more perfect place.

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RIP Petra

Mar. 8th, 2006 01:56 pm
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I'm sorry to report that I had Petra put to sleep yesterday. She had been gradually going downhill for the past couple of weeks, but yesterday it was clear she was no longer enjoying life. I'm grateful for the extra few weeks, as I figured she was done for back on Feb 19th. I made sure she had everything she could possibly wish for since then, including nightly pigouts on Devon custard, rice pudding and of course, pancakes. She was three years, three months old.

Join me now in a little something I'd like to call a ratrospective: )
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The CNIB crocus sale on Saturday wasn't too bad, though hanging out in the lobby of the Market was a lot colder than I had anticipated, with the doors constantly opening and closing. By noon we had managed to sell 19 crates' worth, which was probably 400 pots. So close to $1600. I had never sold anything in my life before, so it was interesting to observe the process in action. People are much more likely to buy when they see others buying, which is at once understandable and slightly infuriating.

Sunday was Marshie's superbowl party. In order to make more room for people who were actually interested in football, I sat out in the living room and knitted. For four hours. I finished the first half of my new scarf, and started a second pair of handwarmers using my Noro Silk Garden #47, which is made from silk and lambswool and transitions gradually from charcoal to grey to brown to blue and back again. We loves it, yes we do.

Today I'm running around preparing for a visit from Uncle Harry (the tea shop guy) and his girlfriend. I think I'll ply them with asparagus soup and a big salad topped with Grit-style tofu chunks, fresh bread and maybe some pie from the Market. So, gotta get started on that bread or it won't be ready in time.

On my way out of the grocery store, I encountered a person who looked a lot like the Albino from The Princess Bride, only with a greek sailor hat and fuchsia lipstick smeared pretty much everywhere from the nose down. The result was something like this )

Vet vibes

Feb. 3rd, 2006 12:18 pm
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The cats have their annual checkup in about 20 minutes. I haven't done anything out of the ordinary that I'm aware of, but Kirby knows something's up. He's been acting skittish and is now walking around the apartment meowing at nothing in particular. Zeke is thankfully fast asleep and oblivious in his closet. They feed off each other's reactions and can get worked up into full freakout mode in a matter of seconds. I've got to really try hard not to set them off, or they'll both be under the bed. Last time it happened, I had to call Marshie and get him to come home from work to help.

Here's a picture, just for the hell of it:

kittenhood and beyond


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