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I heard some kind of a ruckus on the roof this morning, and went upstairs to investigate. Turned out that the 3rd floor deck was teeming with baby squirrels. Some may recall that I blogged previously about a squirrel with a penchant for furniture disassembly that had taken up residence under said deck. The chairs are still ruined, but looking at the cute little babies (some grey, some black) fills me with feelings of forgiveness. Kind of.


Sep. 3rd, 2015 10:30 am
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It's been nearly a week, but the wasp stings are somehow getting worse. The ones on my leg and forehead now only resemble small mosquito bites, however the one area that was stung the most (the back of my arm, above the elbow) has morphed into one large, pulsating red lump. I'm still not sure how many stings are in there; the swelling has never ebbed enough for me to distinguish one from another (maybe 5 or 6?). I guess the next step is Benadryl, and after that the walk-in clinic.
Last night it actually woke me up with its furious itching. Oh man, I hope it's not getting infected. The red border is scaring me a bit.

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Did I ever claim to love squirrels? It was a lie! I hate them. Or rather, I hate one in particular.
One of them has found its way up to our 3rd floor deck, and has been chewing and shredding stuff ever since. Our cushions are toast-- chewed all over, and the stuffing pulled out. It also gnaws on the wood beams. This morning brings a new squirrel surprise-- I thought I had removed everything vulnerable, but now it has chewed through the ropes on our Ikea deck chairs (see below). Shortly after making this discovery, I heard the distinct sound of something else being shredded. Over on our neighbour's side sat the squirrel, busily chewing up the outdoor rug underneath their patio set. It glanced up at me for a second, and then got back to work.

<---- ruined
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This year Nat wants to be Zeke (as seen in icon)-- very do-able with clothing items she already owns, though I did buy her a pair of fuzzy black ears at our local costume-atorium. I sewed on a tail to the back of a black hoodie, and basted on a white felt bib to the front. This is my third hoodie conversion, and the first that I have made a conscious effort to make all embellishments completely reversible. No glue gun, only sewing that can be easily ripped out. Nat is so wired about Halloween, it's difficult to get her to talk about anything else. And when we got to school today, all the kids were screeching to each other that iIT'S TOMORROW! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?? I don't recall getting this worked up about it when I was a kid, but I probably did. But it's SO MUCH WORK for adults I have really started to loathe it. Carving the stupid pumpkin, buying a bunch of candy, and enduring the doorbell ringing for hours. Life in the condo was so much simpler-- we ignored the very existence of Halloween for 10 years straight.

One thing that is making me happy is that it is squirrel time. After ignoring me all summer because of their busy rodent lives, the squirrels are my friends again. They are so fuzzy and round at this time of year I desperately want to pet them, especially the one we call Fat Gary (we call all grey squirrels Gary, and all black ones Bob. It makes things so much easier). He's pretty much a furry volleyball with legs and a tail. I also have a promising relationship with one we call Half Bob because he's kind of brown on the back end due to some kind of shedding pattern. Anyway, I just love squirrels and I can't help myself. Literally every jacket I own is stuffed with peanuts in case I meet one while I'm out walking.


Jul. 8th, 2014 08:53 am
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There has been a bee hanging around in our back yard, and it has no wings. Well it sort of has shrivelled wings, like they didn't develop properly. But in any case, the thing can't fly. Now that I know he's there, I see him all the time trundling around. I should note this is not a honey bee, but a bumble bee of some kind-- round and fuzzy. Nat picked it up at one point and I demanded that she put it down immediately– I got stung when I was about 3 after doing the same thing. I think she might have taken the whole "Don't be afraid of bees; they won't hurt you if you don't hurt them" thing a bit too literally. It may be true, but don't go picking them up. Come on.

So we were lying in Nat's tent in the yard watching this poor bee, and I noticed that he had tons of pollen on his legs. Then we saw him climb up on a clover flower and lo and behold, sip out the nectar. Then he went on to the next. Despite his handicap, he continued to be a good bee and support his hive, literally walking from flower to flower. I wish I could say that this inspiring bee has influenced me to be a better person and not let obstacles get me down but... not really. I do enjoy watching him, though.


Jun. 12th, 2014 10:18 am
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I scored nearly 3 lbs of silk yarn at my guild's annual auction last night for $10. I can't wait to start experimenting with it. It's natural colour so I'm looking forward to dyeing experiments. Everything I donated to the auction got a pretty good price as well. There were tables and tables full of yarn cones, but a lot of it was unlabelled. I'm glad I got in on the silk.

Nat spotted a butterfly in the grass on the way to school. It seems to be unable to fly, so perhaps it got wet in the rain storm last night and just needs to dry out. I brought it home and put it out in the garden. Google tells me it's a black swallowtail.

edit: I went out to check on it and found it sitting on the same flower. I tried to pick it up, and it flew away. Yay!
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I took this pic through a screen, so it's not the greatest.

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Who knew-- Flickr has just informed me today is World Tapir Day.
I have just the icon for that.


Jul. 21st, 2008 12:21 pm
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Stuff has been happening.

Peaches: Peaches passed on (of her own accord) at the vet's on Friday night, so as it turned out there was no dilemma about euthanasia etc. Emptying the water bottles, putting away the cage etc. was very sad. It's the end of an era. No more rats.

Now we have an entire dining room wall that is empty, where the cage used to be. I suggested to Marshie that maybe we could get a sideboard. He said, "Cyborg?" Actually, that might be kind of handy around the house.

Raccoons: They seem to have moved from under the deck into the garage. The door was standing open this morning and I initially thought maybe the bikes had been stolen. Have they learned how to open the garage door??

Dr. Horrible: I hope everyone who wanted to got a chance to see this before it was taken down. I deliberated for about 30 seconds this morning before deciding to buy it from iTunes. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do... Now I can watch it on the computer, in bed with my iPod or blast it from my iPod speaker contraption thingy.

Nattie: She has started saying a few real words, and her gibberish has gotten so complex it almost sounds like complete sentences that I didn't quite catch (I could have sworn she said "I wanna do it" this morning while reading a book together). Her favourite word is "baby" and she loves to look through her books and point out babies, and also says it when she's looking in the mirror. Cute stuff.

In the wild

Jul. 2nd, 2008 01:56 pm
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I think I'll post about my turtle Eor. I've written about him before but it was in the days before tagging.

I've had him longer than I've had Marshie... maybe 12 or 13 years. For most of that time, he has been more like a pet rock than a pet turtle. I can't blame him. Box turtles really need to live outdoors, and for his entire time in the condo the best he ever got was a few hours cowering on the balcony.

Though our new yard is pretty small, it's heaven to this beast. He spent almost the whole month of June outside in an enclosure in the garden we made out of plastic lawn edging. It's done him so much good. He's a different turtle. His skin, formerly crusty and gross, is now smooth and elastic. His legs have developed muscle tone from all the exercise. His shell seems smoother and I think he's even grown a few new rings. His pen is filled with towering hostas and lilies, and it's like a jungle to him. He spends hours lurking in the undergrowth hidden from sight doing who knows what, sometimes emerging long enough to take a brief bath or snatch up an offering of fruit, which he then drags back into his shadowy lair. It would be awesome if he could live outside year-round and like, hibernate and all the stuff he's supposed to do. I'm certain he's finding his own food.

Anyway I'm very pleased, and here's a pic. His beak is looking pretty overgrown, so I should round him up soon and give it a bit of a file.
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So I lay in bed after sunset and read a book until I heard the leaves of the tree rustling. One by one the babies descended the branch with the mother bringing up the rear. It turns out it was her making the purry sound... I guess she does it to keep in touch with them because they were all over the place. Anyway, I took a few pics but they're pretty terrible considering it was dark and my camera is fairly sucky. Click any for bigger.

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Jun. 26th, 2008 05:16 pm
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I woke up this morning around 5 to some most peculiar sounds outside the open window. Twittering, chirping trilling kind of sounds. I got up to look out the window (to which the two cats were already glued) in time to see a mother raccoon leading five tiny babies across a branch of our tree and onto the front slope of the roof. Tonight she will probably give them "how to open the green bin" lessons, but right now they are just adorable. I hope to get pictures.

I've been wondering all day where their den might be. Our house is pretty structurally sound and I couldn't think of any crevices they might have gotten into. I went out onto the 3rd floor deck to get a better look at the back of the roof. That's when I heard a scrambling sound under my feet, looked down and saw many pairs of gleaming eyes peering up at me through the slats. Somehow they have wedged themselves into this space that is probably 4" off the top of our flat roof.

They can stay if they want, but they should probably be made aware that the roof is being replaced at the end of July, and the deck is either going to be relocated or rebuilt during that time. I think they'll probably be out by then.


Dec. 28th, 2007 04:16 pm
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He doesn't look quite so scary in the daytime. Apparently, he and his friend spend their days wedged into the space beside our rooftop deck.

Ahhhh or Awwwww? )
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ZOMG. I'm sitting by the window in the loft, computing away and movement catches my eye. I turn my head and look straight into the face of a giant raccoon. Its eyes are glowing silver in the light from my desk lamp and it looks like a frigging demon straight from hell.

*pant pant pant*

This is going to take some getting used to. Pardon me while I have a minor stroke.

Bird snob

May. 16th, 2006 11:36 am
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As I was walking through the park today on my way to the gym, the couple on the path ahead of me stopped to look at something, pointing and smiling. As I got nearer, I saw they were watching two pigeons. Meanwhile, right over their heads, a yellowthroat was hopping from branch to branch and singing its distinctive little song. The people were enchanted by the filthy urban scourge that is the rock dove, completely ignoring one of the more striking warblers. Pigeons: what have you been doing today? Crapping on things. Yellowthroat: how about you? Just flew in from Venezuela.

I saw you, little yellowthroat. I think you're awesome, and welcome back.
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I forgot to mention that yesterday was a big day for watching birds of prey. There is a nesting pair of peregrine falcons at 40 King St., and we frequently see them flying around downtown or heading out to the Leslie St. Spit to do their hunting. Their clutch of four eggs is due to hatch sometime this week.

Yesterday I noticed two turkey vultures circling quite near the St. James steeple, and got out my binoculars to watch them. I have never seen vultures other than out in farm country. They are huge birds, with a 6-ft wingspan. Suddenly one of the falcons (wingspan 40 inches) appeared in their midst and proceeded to dive-bomb them. He went after one and then the other, swooping in and out between the buildings in a most impressive display of aerial prowess. The vultures beat a hasty retreat and were not seen again.

Anyway, it was a pretty cool thing to see in the middle of the city.
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You've got to give credit to the fire ants, they know what they're doing. They've refined their technique so as to cause maximum pain and suffering, and though it means certain death to the individual ants doing the stinging, their sacrifice benefits the colony and they perform this final task with zeal. The inhospitable ants of Philomath were only on me for a few moments before I managed to get my sandal off and beat them away, but my foot continues to itch a full week and three days after the fact. Those little bastards. It's an itch unlike any I've known before, that seems to extend right down into the metatarsals where no salve, balm or unguent can touch it. Whatever their venom of choice, it's potent.

Never again will I mess with the ant kingdom, no sir. Or no ma'am, I suppose.


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