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Thing 1:
The thing is a ring. I've been looking for a smaller wedding band since the old one started falling off about six months ago. Finally, I found one I like. It's titanium, amazingly light, and has a teeny diamond. I am generally opposed to diamonds and think they're a huge scam, but... I must admit, I like this teeny diamond. Pretty sure it's the first one I've ever owned (?)


This photo really makes me want to go put on some lotion.

Thing 2:
Lately I've been looking for a new knitting project. The one I'm working on is such a nightmare of tedium, a friend suggested I need a second project that's fun to mix things up. I bookmarked a pattern* for a jacket in a magazine, and forgot all about (this is where Ravelry's project queue comes in handy). It mixes several handpainted yarns with a linen stitch in such a way that they work very harmoniously together. The pattern states that you can try different colourways, but they must be very similar in tonal value for it to look good. Value is a tricky thing. You can have a bunch of different colours of yarn, and they can be all the same value. If you take a picture of them and change it to black and white, they will all be a similar shade of grey. It suddenly occurred to me that you could easily do this with your stash or in a yarn store by viewing the yarn with a black-and-white setting on your phone. I can't wait to try this out. I've never made a sweater before so I'm feeling apprehensive, however, I can easily find help if I need it.

* the pattern is called Aria and was from the Feb 2014 issue of Knitter's.
I've also been eyeing a cardigan called Funky Grandpa. That sweater is so me, it hurts.
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[livejournal.com profile] knittingtips lives! The LJ spotlight zapped my dead community and brought it back to life. It went from 54 members to 359 over the course of the week, with a few more trickling in since then. On the first day I moderated posts just as a precaution, but it wasn't necessary-- no one spammed and everyone played nice. Now when someone asks a question, like 10 people answer. I don't even have to do anything. Nice.

Solar-- we've had mostly sunny days and the system has logged 126 kWh as of a few minutes ago. Still not 100% sure we're going to get paid, but I guess our next hydro bill will tell us. At least we have a record of how much power we've generated for them.

In weaving news, last week there was a pretty promising-sounding listing on Kijijijijiji so I wrote to my weaving buddy and asked if she'd seen it and what she thought. She said yep, and she'd already written to the seller and had an appointment to see it on Saturday. 45" jack loom with tons of accessories (bobbin winder, bench, raddle, warping board, warping paddle, four reeds, shuttles, etc.) for $300. Bought new, all that stuff would cost thousands. Needless to say, she bought it. I'm happy for her, but sad that I'm still loomless. At least my main competitor is now off the market.
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The knitting guild has started up again after the summer hiatus. I'm the new newsletter editor, so that's what I'll be doing for the next little while. Surprisingly, it's actually a paying gig. I would have done it for free, but shhhhhh.

I've been in Macland for the past two days, getting to know my new G4 from [livejournal.com profile] epi_lj. It's been a joy, I tell you. But I'm back on the PC this morning because, well, all my stuff is here. It's a little strange. I kind of feel like I've been away in a fun place and now have to come back home. Hopefully I'll get all my stuff moved at some point.

Just for the heck of it, here's a silly kitty pic )
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After Stitch 'n' bitch, I often find myself hyper and jittery. I used to chalk this up to too much caffeine (we knit at a coffee shop so are obliged to buy something), but now I'm pretty sure it's the act of knitting itself. According to what I've been reading, it stimulates many different parts of the brain and keeps it agile.

Further evidence was gathered on Saturday afternoon, when I played Brain Age right after spending a couple of hours on a new hat project. My scores were through the roof. I completed every test with much greater speed and accuracy than normal. More research is necessary.


Jun. 15th, 2006 08:51 am
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I cast off the Baby Surprise jacket at S'n'B last night (my first real garment). Everyone applauded! It was very moving. It still needs the shoulder seams sewn up, but you get the idea. Now you can see what's so "surprising" about it:

pics )
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I'm working and Kirby is on his computer desk shelf, fast asleep and dreaming. His feet are jerking and his whiskers are twitching. His eyes are moving, but they're wide open. When I hold up a pencil and move it back and forth, his eyes actually follow the pencil in a glazed, zombie-like way. It's creeping me the hell out.

Last week, I knitted the rats a blanket out of my leftover alpaca yarn. I laid it out on the floor of their basement lodge like a soft, fluffy carpet. They immediately ejected it. I thought it might have been an accident, so stuck it back in. They threw it back out. This went on until the next time I walked by their cage and found the three of them crammed into their third-floor cabin. The poor creatures figured their only way to escape the intruder was to move house. Message received.
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I just downloaded and deleted some crap from my camera, and here are some highlights.
Subjects include cherry blossoms, cats, rats and my latest knitting project.
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I bought some new yarn yesterday, after a long search through the dark and dangerous caverns of Romni with [livejournal.com profile] jacquieblackman. Finding yarn that really speaks to you takes time and dedication. Yes, yarn is now speaking to me, so shut up.

I deliberated long and hard over some fantastic royal blue Peruvian wool with purple and turquoise striations, and finally decided to take it up to the cash. On my way to the counter, I spotted some skeins of a wool/silk blend on a low shelf that pretty much made me toss the Peruvian stuff over my shoulder as I rushed to caress the new find. I was particularly drawn to a rich saffron shade with slight flecks and variations, and then picked up a skein of yellow ochre as an accent. I just love to look at them side by side. For those who care, it's Designer's Choice 'Silky Wool' by Elsebeth Lavold, #36 and #7.

Anyway, I've been wearing a strand of the saffron around my wrist since yesterday to see how it wears (quite well, as it turns out). I saw people at the gym were looking at it today, and assumed they were admiring my excellent colour choice. Now I wonder if they just assume I've joined Kabbalah.
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I've started a new community called [livejournal.com profile] knittingtips. If you have a tip about knitting, you can post it. I don't know if there are any of you who might be interested, but it's out there. I'm the only member, which is kind of useless because I already know my own tips.

I'll get around to promoting it, though I have to be careful as there are some snarky knitting communities. [livejournal.com profile] knitting_snark, for example.


Feb. 15th, 2006 08:11 am
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We had a perfect Valentine's day-- did nothing, bought nothing, and didn't utter a word about it. Bliss.

My cello comes back from the hospital today. I wonder if I'll be able to practice with the required zeal with the knowledge that it could fly apart at any moment. It's just like when I found out about my cyst last summer, and suddenly felt paranoid that even treading too heavily was going to rupture it. In the meantime, I've been channeling my musical impulses into my guitar. My fingers are killing me, but they'll toughen up soon.

I've started a scarf with my leftover balls of Noro, so it will match my handwarmers and hat.

I gave the rats an entire carrot, complete with leaves, for breakfast this morning. I pictured them sitting around it gnawing together in harmony, but forgot to take greed into account. Baby took a few nibbles of the greenery and then seized the carrot (which was longer than her entire body, including tail) and started stuffing it down the stairwell. It got stuck at several points along the way, and her sisters took the opportunity to sample the carrot during these interludes, which only heightened her urgency to HIDE FOOD. Baby managed to wrestle the carrot all the way to her top-secret food stash behind the log cabin in the basement of the cage, and then discovered that it's only the worst-kept secret in rattyland. Even frail, blind and deaf Petra raids it regularly.
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This morning I mentioned to Marshie that it would be nice if we could go to Georgia sometime soon, and he said sure. Beg pardon? I totally wasn't expecting that. So Georgia, brace yourself.

Yesterday I was extremely glum, thanks (but no thanks?) to my newest client giving me what we call in the design biz "the old heave-ho". I was very keen on this project, and feeling very positive about the preliminary stuff I had come up with. I simply could not believe it when I read her email yesterday stating that she had decided to go with someone else. This has just never happened to me before. The whole day, I felt like I might cry at any moment, and that is so not me. Music, cats and pistachio gelato didn't help.

What did help, oddly enough, was knitting. Seriously, is there anything it can't do? Perhaps it wasn't so much the knitting as the knitters, who are really a fantastic bunch, I have to say. So laughing and talking for about 3 hrs straight might be what did it. Three people finished their projects at the meeting, which made it even more fun. We were all waiting for Avalee to cast off and try on her new charcoal-grey turtleneck shrug, counting her last few stitches with her and cheering as she pulled it over her head and twirled around to the admiration of all.
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It's been a while since I updated, I think. The weekend seems to have gone by pretty fast.

The Signatures craft show on Sat. was pretty ehh, but I've never been overly fond of crafts. Fortunately, it was free. I was hoping there would be yarn there, but no such luck. All the yarn was already knitted, and much of it was ugly.

My mother taught me to knit in the round on double-pointed needles on Saturday night during the hockey game (indeed, what is hockey without knitting?) and experimental legwarmer #1 is about 1" away from completion. My mother allowed me to raid her stash in the closet, and she has SO MUCH YARN in there. She let me have a giant ball of natural brown Merino she brought back from New Zealand like 7 years ago. 14" of legwarmer hasn't even made a dent in it.

For some reason, my computer has recently started making all its alert sounds a semitone lower than normal. It vexes me greatly. What could possibly have caused it? Fortunately this phenomenon does not seem to affect my music player, as that would truly drive me insane.

Another thing that's been vexing me lately is a Wendy's commercial. There is a guy who appears briefly wearing a shirt with Braille dots. Cool, except that the word doesn't make sense.
Braille in da hizzouse. )
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Here are some pictures of my knitting projects (and one of a cat to please *those* people).
Click any one to enlarge. )
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I just got home from yoga and I feel all wacky and giddy. I don't know why it is, but it happens just about every time. I went out to a function right after class a few weeks ago and my friend accused me of being drunk already.

Speaking of functions, we're going to see Jon Stewart at Massey Hall tonight, which I'm sure will be fun. I find him very funny, and I must admit that I have a teensy bit of a crush on him also. Right after the show sold out, they added another one at 10. So the eternal question is, which will be better? I guess mine will be better, because it's mine.

Tomorrow we're heading to Chatham to visit [livejournal.com profile] newschick and future brother-in-law and parents of future brother-in-law for thanksgiving. Much pumpkin pie will be consumed. I am supplying the pie, in fact. Why is Canadian thanksgiving so early, Americans may wonder? It's because our harvest is a lot sooner than yours. Anyway it'll be the first time we've had thanksgiving in years, because my parents are still out of province at this time of year, and Marshall's parents don't celebrate anything, not even birthdays. Can you imagine a little kid not getting a birthday? Welcome to Marshie's childhood.

I'm teaching myself continental-style knitting, also called left-hand carry, where the left index finger holds the yarn and the right needle zips in and grabs the loop. English style is where the right hand holds the yarn and whips a loop over the right-hand needle. I'm getting the hang of the knit stitch, but the purl is still really hard. It takes me about 10 minutes to get through each row of my test piece, but it's starting to get easier. Why bother? Continental is supposed to be much faster, and I don't really have enough experience yet to be completely set in my ways.

So happy whatever-day, everyone.


Oct. 5th, 2005 03:30 pm
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I got this email from a semi-long-lost friend (no contact for 2+ years). I was quite pleased to hear from her, but opened it only to find:
"Hi! I signed up for a great promotion that I think you should check out. All you need to do is take a quiz, get some friends to do the same, and you can get the cool new IPOD nano!"

Yeah, I'll get right on that. *grumble*

Another thing that kind of sucks is that one of our favourite shows, The Amazing Race, really bites this year. A race around the world-- that doesn't leave the US! WTF. We've been watching it since season 1, but we have no choice but to give up on season 8. The participants are so stupid, one of them thought Washington DC was in Washington and didn't know Pennsylvania was a state. Goddammit, woman! This is your own frigging country! We wanted so much for these idiots to be dropped in the middle of Calcutta or something, just to see them suffer. No deal-- all they do is scream, argue and drive SUVs around. Goodbye for now, Amazing Race. We won't miss you, but we'll miss what you used to be.

Saw Serenity again yesterday with the generous and caring [livejournal.com profile] joots. Caught lots of stuff that I missed last time. Now that I've had several days to contemplate, I really have to admire certain key plot decisions. I mean, yeah, it was harsh, but it was very, very effective.

Knitting meetup tonight. We discussed it with our organizer last meeting, and she's decided to kick it up a notch due to popularity-- weekly instead of twice a month. I think it's a great idea, because it's really keeping me motivated and my current project is coming along quite well.
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I just joined the knitting meetup, which meets twice a month. This should provide plenty of inspiration for me to keep it up, as well as (hopefully) help for my various knitting emergencies. I've shelved Marshie's scarf until I can find someone to save it. The group looks pretty cool, and from the looks of it there are even a few men. I just love men who knit. In theory, anyway. I've never actually met one, though I did teach Marshie on Sunday night. He did one row, declared his scarf finished and then went to do the crossword.

I found a cool website yesterday that takes any picture you upload and turns it into a knitting pattern. I'm too terrible at the moment to attempt such a pattern but someday, it will be cool.

I used to be a real meet-upper back in the day-- LJ meetup, Graphic Design meetup and one other one that escapes me at the moment. The site has improved a lot since the last time I checked it out, and there are a lot more categories. I was also startled to note that my user number is 147-thousand-and-something and most other people's are between 1 and 2 million. Whoa, I guess they've had a bit of growth.

Update: Settlers of Catan meetup! Yes! And they meet at my old school's student lounge. Weird.
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Not necessarily interesting, just recent.

Did some colour-blind tests on Marshie yesterday and determined that what he has is the rarer form of red/green deficiency called Protanopia, an inability to distinguish red from bluish-green. In this image, he only sees the 5. People with Deuteranopia only see the 3, and the rest of us see 35. Here is a website that lets you see what any webpage or photo looks like to a colourblind person. Neat-o.

Last week in NB, a cousin of mine finally got me to play Settlers of Catan. I used to fear it because I thought it was one of those really complicated games that takes all day to play. I don't know where I got that notion, but I was wrong, wrong, wrong. I loves me some Settlers, and we played it almost every day of the vacation. I'm now suffereing from withdrawal, just to let you know. *looks around hopefully*

Moose is Loose is now in the Yukon! I'm very pleased. After two and a half years and 32,069 km, he's back in Canada. We just got the notification yesterday. The people who picked him up in Leipzig, Germany in June emailed me shortly afterwards to ask if it was ok to take him there. Of course it's ok! They didn't post any pictures yet, but they probably have to get back to Germany first. Speaking of caching, our Mt. Pleasant Cemetery cache may have been plundered, so we'll have to check on that ASAP. The cacher who emailed us about it had the right coordinates, but couldn't find it. Then again, it was his very first one so he may not be very good at looking yet. Fingers crossed that it's ok. Replacing it will not just mean hiding it in a slightly different location, it will also mean reworking the clues to match the new coordinates. I really, really hope we don't have to do that.

In knitting news, I started a scarf yesterday for Marshie with a simple rib pattern. It was coming along well, but at about the one-foot-long mark, I noticed that several stitches were screwed up and couldn't figure out how to fix it. I got used to having my mother around to fix my mistakes on vacation, and didn't know what to do so pulled out the needle and tried to unravel the mistake, which as you can guess only led to bigger problems. I think I've got all the stitches back on the needle but they're facing every which way and the yarn end is somewhere in the middle. I need a knitting 911.


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