May. 30th, 2009 08:11 pm
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We flew the kite today, and the wind was brisk enough to get the camera off the ground, which hasn't happened in a while. I had picked a rather cool spot, a strange abandoned cathedral up in Markham. I've had my eye on this place for quite a while. Some crazed millionaire started it in the early 80s but suddenly died, leaving the property in limbo. It's in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by brush and weeds and now a new housing development ("Cathedraltown"). The inside is filled with scaffolding, and the outside is already starting to crumble. Quite surreal.

So we got the kite up, all systems were apparently go, and I trooped back and forth through the scratchy weeds trying to get the best perspective on the rather magnificent golden domes, which can be seen gleaming and glinting from miles away. The lengthening shadows and dramatic clouds would surely make for some great shots. The wind picked up and it became a real battle to control the kite, so I decided we'd better bring it down. After an hour we finally managed to haul it in and check the camera-- not one picture. Total and utter FAIL. I think somehow the servo didn't manage to depress the shutter button all the way. I'm not sure how to end this story other than to say I guess it doesn't hurt to double-check the equipment now and again. Lesson learned, but man was I pissed.

Oh well

Dec. 12th, 2008 12:20 pm
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I contacted Penega (Montreal-based publishers of the Yellow Pages) with my main email address as they requested, and they sent me back a release form which clearly stated that I would sign over all rights to them and they could use my image for free. I'm supposed to mail (like with a stamp and envelope) the completed form back to them, and then upload my image to their FTP server. The login and password they gave me didn't even work.

I wrote them a quick note back saying sorry, I was under the impression I would be paid for my photo and wished them well with their project. My email was promptly returned as undeliverable, saying that my address had been permanently marked as spam by the recipient's server. So I guess this little adventure has come to an end.
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I realize that the subject line makes practically no sense, but I'm too tired to think of another one.

Anyway, I got an email today from the company that produces the Yellow Pages. They found this picture on Flickr, which some may recall is from my first kite aerial photography attempt back in September. They say they want to use it in their publication, but they didn't mention anything about compensation.

I guess I'll write back and ask them in a not so subtle way whether they may be sending some cash my way in return. Or would that make them not want to use it at all? It would really be nice if it turns out my KAP rig has already paid for itself.
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For those nerds among you who might be interested, here is a bit more info about my KAP rig. I am still feeling way excited about it because it's been a dream of mine for about 7 or 8 years. Finally the technology exists for someone who is not that mechanically inclined, such as myself, to get into it with minimal suffering (and soldering). I had to do some drilling and fiddly things with the gears inside servos but it wasn't too bad.

So here are some pics of the rig and the kite and stuff.
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We launched the kite camera rig yesterday for the first time and it was a resounding success! Of the 230 pictures, only about 3 were blurry. The wind conditions were perfect... strong enough to lift the rig (which weighs about 450 grams) but light enough to keep the camera steady. Exciting!
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I'm testing out Google's new browser today, Chrome. So far so good, but there are a few things I've noticed that need work so have filed a few reports to the almighty G. For one thing, there's no way to add a custom entry to the spellchecker, whereas in Firefox you can accomplish it with a right-click.

Last week I got the urge to fly kites again. I finally have enough time to do stuff I want to do, plus I think Nattie would enjoy it too. I went through the pile of kites and sticks in the basement and untangled a lot of string and organized everything into three categories: Flies, doesn't fly, and might possibly fly with a bit of work. Then we went out on Sunday to Riverdale park and had absolutely no success. There was hardly any wind and it was quite hot and Nattie got sunscreen in her eye and Marshie and I mostly ended up yelling at each other about who was doing what wrong. Such a relaxing hobby.

Yesterday I got my Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) kit in the mail which will supposedly allow me to launch my camera into the stratosphere, something I've been meaning to get into for years. I was so excited. I opened the box and found about a million parts and nuts and bolts and servos and wires and a giant instruction manual, and I seriously almost cried. This is no Ikea bookshelf, but I will give it a go.


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