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Sep. 15th, 2008 07:35 am
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Marshie made the observation last night that "A trip to Ikea means... more trips to Ikea" as we paid our third visit in three days. We want some shelves under the basement stairs.

Friday: Went to the Etobicoke store at 5, did our measuring in the storage department and decided on GORM shelves. Went down to the warehouse and found that the posts we needed were out of stock. Ate dinner in the cafeteria (it was our 12-year date-aversary, after all).

Saturday: Went to the North York store and found all the parts we needed. Got home to discover we had picked out the wrong shelves as well as losing the x-shaped cross brace somewhere between the checkout and the car.

Sunday: Back to the Etobicoke store at 10 a.m. to beat the crowd at the returns desk. Alas, there was already a line of 14 people outside the Returns door, and the store hadn't even opened. Returned everything and decided to go with IVAR shelves instead. GORM was just too splintery. Got home only to discover that one of the shelves is missing the hardware. So yes, a fourth visit is in order, today or possibly tomorrow.

Totally unrelated: Nattie is trying to play her xylophone with a cracker. It's not working.
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I feel like we got a lot done on the weekend despite most of Saturday being wasted waiting for the car to be finished. We assembled our Ikea shelf (GORM) for the storage locker. We actually had to go down to the parking garage and build it *inside* the locker, or it wouldn't have fit through the door. Now most of our stuff is off the floor and neatly arranged, and it makes a huge difference to be able to make use of the vertical space.

Part of time-killing on Saturday involved going into an EB Games and playing with the various displays. Marshie became quite taken with Guitar Hero II and ended up buying it. He's never been much of an impulse buyer, so I was really surprised. As it turns out, I really, really suck at it. I thought I did ok at [livejournal.com profile] epi_lj's place, but I guess it was just a fluke.

Saw the space station last night. It was right on time, and amazingly bright considering the sun had just set and the western sky was still quite light. It looked a lot like most other satellites, but at least with this one you can say, "there are little people on there!" as it goes by.

I hear the warm weather we've been enjoying these past few days is a result of a high pressure system from Georgia. So thanks, Georgia, for another fine export.


Jan. 7th, 2005 09:24 am
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Today's juvenile mocking of an Ikea product:

The first batch of pictures from the Photo Assignment will be posted later today (and it's not too late to make your request). I had a lot of fun with them, but I think the award for most fun assignment so far goes to [livejournal.com profile] epi_lj. I have a couple of small trips to make to finish up a few of the requests, during a brief work respite that is bound to end later today. I'm waiting for the shoe to drop. A metric shoe.

It seems that the clients have changed their minds about one small thing, that small thing being the metric system. Despite having approved the imperial-only sample grids at the start, now that the layout is finally complete they have decided they want centimetres as well, which means adding another line to hundreds of crowded grids on 109 crowded pages. I would normally launch into an outraged, non-work-safe tirade at this news, but working with this particular client for as long as I have, I can't say I'm surprised. In fact, what surprises me is that they didn't wait until the day before the job goes to print before springing this on me. I got off easy.
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Some products in my life right now:

Ikea FLUFFIG Milk Frother
This thing has been the surprise hit of the week. It turns milk into a foam with the consistency of shaving cream, and we've been using it for everything. Coffee (obviously), hot chocolate, and even the milk on my cereal this morning which was gross but fun. And all for $4.99! Seldom have we found a product that gives us this much enjoyment value per dollar.

Aromatherapy Sleep Candle from my mother
I like candles, I like aromas. But this candle is supposed to make you fall asleep. Isn't that, you know, kind of dangerous?

Atkins Advantage Protein Bar
My mother gave one of these to me, Marshie and my sister, which is odd since none of us are on any stinking Atkins diet. I actually tried to eat mine last night, and it was like biting into one of those fire-starter logs. Kind of like sawdust, and kind of like wax. Yes, just like sawdusty wax.
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Marshall, hater of all things retail, surprised me today by suggesting we go to Ikea. It's possibly the most hated store in his realm of experience, and on Boxing Day? Well, he's usually been quite accommodating to my whims, so I decided to reciprocate. Amazingly enough, it wasn't all that busy. There were plenty of spaces in the underground parking garage, which was good since it was snowing like a bitch. We were in and out in no time with our two folding chairs and matching cushions, and there were only two people ahead of us in line at the checkout. Amazing. I guess when people think "Boxing Day shopping" they don't think "Ikea".

Surveying yesterday's haul, which is strewn across the front hall and living room, it actually isn't too obscene this year. Both my parents are now retired, and my mother promised to tone it down this year. As usual, Marshie and I didn't get each other anything, which also helped. Let's see: some pajamas and comfy pants (yesss), Amazon gift certificates a-plenty (double yesss), three page-a-day calendars, a box of Ganong Chicken Bones (not as carnivorous as they sound), some Pez dispensers, a birdseye maple salad bowl and tongs, and plenty of recipe and non-recipe books. [livejournal.com profile] newschick so far gets the prize for most awesome present, the book Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers. I am loving this book. It's the perfect combination of science, history and gory detail that I've been searching for all my life. Yes, all my life. I'm halfway through already, and I want to slow down to make it last longer, but I just can't. It's actually making me consider donating my body to science. I always thought having a bunch of medical students hacking away at my corpse was the worst possible fate, but after reading this book it's actually starting to seem like the best option. Oh, I tell you, such merry thoughts I've been having.
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I have a client whose site is hosted by Bell Canada Hosting. He wants a form submission thingy on his website so I was calling them to help me set it up. I got the usual "network status" message, and then dead air. No hold music, no ring, no nothing. I called back three times and got the same thing. So the fourth time, I didn't select technical support, but instead selected "all other inquiries". The guy there gave me another number to call to bypass this problem.

So I called the second number, and eventually got through to a human. I explained my problem and he told me I needed to call their Business Support centre, and gave me a third number.

I called the third number, pressed "2" for technical support, and waited on hold. The phone rang, a voice came on, and said, "Thank you for calling Technical Support. Our number is changing. Our new number is..." and proceeded to give me the first number I called. Yes, the one where no one answers.


In somewhat happier customer service news, Ikea Sweden is now telling me they *can* give me Swedish gift certificates, and I *can* pay by credit card. Huzzah for the Swedes.
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I actually managed to get through to the Swedish Ikea order line this morning, with mixed results.

Of course, right off the bat I was confronted with a Swedish automated phone system, and the only Swedish I know was learned from watching the Muppet Show, which is, um, not real Swedish. I expected as much, but figured I'd be able to muddle through and eventually talk to a human being.

I recognized the word "catalogue", but the rest was a mystery. I pressed the numbers of the options that sounded most promising, but only got more and more options that sounded increasingly less promising. It would have been kind of fun if it wasn't also costing me a fortune. I pressed "0" in the hopes of talking to someone, but I just got a funny tone and then silence.

However, I have not lost hope! I'm going to go buy a long distance card and try again.
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... the Swedes, by a landslide.

For those who may not recall, I started an international customer service contest last week when I emailed both Ikea Canada and Ikea Sweden with the same question in regards to obtaining some Swedish gift certificates for friends.

While the best Ikea Canada could do was write back and tell me to email another department, I have been carrying on a correspondence with a woman in Stockholm called Annika who has sorted payment and delivery matters out for me. She always responds in one day. By contrast, it has been well over a week since I received my one unhelpful email from Ikea Canada, and I've heard nothing since.

I'm composing a letter right now to voice my displeasure and hopefully shame them into cleaning up their act.
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One step closer to finding out about Swedish Ikea gift cards. As [livejournal.com profile] newschick mentioned earlier today, we have friends in Sweden who are getting married (and have no registry), and we think Ikea gift cards would be ideal in terms of usefulness and portability. No one wants to lug blenders and toasters to Sweden, let alone Billy bookcases.

So Ikea Canada replied to my general inquiry just now, telling me to kindly direct my query to such-and-such address. I admit that the ways of customer service are unknown to me, but would it have been so difficult for them to forward the email themselves?

I also submitted my question to the Swedish Ikea site, in case the Canadian Ikea customer service people turn out to be inept, which at this point seems quite possible. Filling out the form was fun, because there are a great many required fields and pulldown menu choices, and I had no idea what most of them said, so I just guessed.
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I had a brief break in work-related action today, so I took a trip to the nearest Ikea. I left empty-handed (I'm not sure this has ever happened before) but was stopped in my tracks at the exit door by some enormous, professionally printed colour signs. They advertised seminars being held on "Wednesday's and Saturday's". Oh, how I bristled. I went back into the store and filled out a complaint card, outlining the basics of apostrophe use and explaining how Ikea is contributing to the decline of the English language. I know no one will take it seriously, but it felt good to do it.

That reminds me that a while ago I sent away for a Bob the Angry Flower's guide to the apostrophe (you idiots) poster. It arrived about a week later, autographed, with a little note to me written on the back. Stephen Notley, the cartoonist, is my hero. He taught me that even though people hate being corrected, there is no shame in doing it. In fact, there is great joy in doing it.


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