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So apparently there's a game called Minecraft, and this is some kind of a thing from  that game. Originally Nat wanted to be a Creeper, but I'm glad she went with the Enderman. For starters, the Creeper has four legs. Though wearing a box on your head creates all kinds of difficulties, I hit on the idea of putting the box on the top of her head by sawing up an old bicycle helmet and hot-gluing it inside. Despite the full body suit, she could actually see quite well, even at night. The fluorescent paper had plenty of shine for the daytime, and we glued in some pink glowsticks for evening wear. Since it was about 10° last night she could even get away without wearing a coat. How many costumes of my childhood were ruined by having to put a parka on top? So many.

Most people had no idea what she was supposed to be, but they loved it anyway. And she didn't get hit by a car, which was nice.

I ran

Oct. 12th, 2015 11:13 am
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This morning (Thanksgiving day here in the great white north) seemed like a good time to try running in the real world, since it's a holiday. Technically C25k is now over, so I have to either step things up or quit. I plotted out a route on onthegomap.com which is kind of a cool little website using Google maps to plot routes and save them to your own Google Drive. I created a little loop across the Bloor viaduct, around Castle Frank, and back again.

Back in grade 8 or so I remember reading a short story* in English class about a girl who learned to play piano on a cardboard keyboard, and she stared at her hands in wonder when she played a real piano for the first time at a recital. For me, that's kind of what it was like to run outside for the first time instead of a treadmill--sights, smells, and a fresh breeze. The view out over the Don Valley as I crossed the bridge was particularly nice. No one laughed at me. The only problem I encountered was that I felt a burning sensation in my lungs from time to time, but eventually it went away. I have since read that this is an issue that will improve with time and better breathing technique. Anyway, my final time was 32 minutes which is pretty average, and believe me, I'm excited to be average.

* After some googling I have learned the story is called The Concert Stages of Europe by Jack Hodgins. The key was remembering a line about "upchucking on the Heintzman".

Xmas blah

Dec. 5th, 2005 10:54 am
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I don't generally have a lot of shopping to do. As usual, Marshie wants nothing. Check. [livejournal.com profile] newschick was easy, bro-in-law's scarf is nearly done, and that's pretty much it. It's the parents that are always tough. We asked them at dinner on Saturday if they might be interested in a laptop or computer for their summer house, and they said no! Can you imagine. They claim that the daily trip to the library to check e-mail "gives them something to do". Whatevs. If they end up with a lousy Sears gift certificate, it's their own fault.

The weekend was fairly laid back, and I got quite a lot of knitting done. I've got my second legwarmer and the aforementioned scarf on the go, plus I started my first hat last night while watching The Aviator. It was a very long movie, so knitting was a must. I got quite tired of seeing Leonardo's bare butt. And his face, for that matter.


Jan. 2nd, 2004 09:00 am
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Happy new year everyone! I wish I could say I haven't posted in a while because there's been so much going on, but I'm afraid the opposite is true.

Today I am rushing around to clean the place up and get lunch made in time for the arrival of the effervescent [livejournal.com profile] haggisthesecond. I think we will have some of Marshall's famous potato and leek fritata.

So anyway, I thought I'd just pop in and say hey. Hey!


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