Sep. 30th, 2015 12:21 pm
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Finally met Hodgman last night... I've been waiting 9 years for him to come to Toronto. Not gonna lie, it was a thrill.

M. and I met downtown and took the streetcar out to the exhibition grounds for the 7 pm show (apparently part of the Just for Laughs festival). The auditorium has a seating capacity of 3,000 but it wasn't quite full at the back. I was really hoping to get my books signed, but he tweeted the day before that the venue needed a fast turnaround for another show at 9, so unfortunately there would be no meet & greet. WAT. He did apologize profusely, and said he would figure something out.

What he figured out was kind of the best part of the night, though the show itself was pretty good. At the very end, he urged us to be at The Canadian House of Pizza and Garbage* on Queen West near the Drake at 9 pm. Marshie said he just wanted to go home. WTF, Marshie! Eventually, I got him to see reason and accept that Queen was actually quite a quick walk (15-20 min) via the Dufferin gate. We were one of the last people out of the theatre and were expecting a mob scene. However, the crowd heading North on Dufferin thinned out with each passing block. By the time we got to the Drake and found what we hoped was the correct Pizza Pizza nearby, there were still a couple of tables available. I grabbed one while M. stood in line for a slice (this in itself is pretty funny, as we had discussed at length beforehand what restaurant we should go to on this rare date night, and PIzza Pizza was definitely not on the list). Marshall chowed down while I watched the door. It seemed to be the right place and there was a fair crowd, but people were eyeing each other and generally looking doubtful. But! True to his word, Hodgman strolled in almost exactly at 9 to a burst of applause, startling those few patrons who had no idea what was going on. I guess it did count as a flash mob of sorts.

In retrospect, the inconvenience of having to move to a second location was actually a huge advantage, because it filtered out the casuals. I'd say maybe only 30 people showed up. So instead of standing in a long line to talk to him for 20 seconds, we sat at tables eating while he came around visiting with everyone individually, shaking hands, asking our names, telling a few stories and just generally shooting the breeze. He was absolutely delightful to be around. It was all so chill, I really couldn't believe our good luck. The restaurant staff were pretty confused about the whole thing, but Hodge went up and gave them a tip (and a large one, judging by the reaction of the cashier). So yeah, a long time coming but a definite WIN. And he did sign my book.

* This is a reference to a Judge John Hodgman podcast from four years ago, "Pepperoni Pauper"
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My copy of More Information Than You Require arrived in the mailbox during lunch. Now that Nat's having her nap, I have just spent about 40 minutes reading and I'm not even finished the dust jacket. This book is simply saturated with knowledge.
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What's going on.

I booked a trip to Ottawa for the end of the month. I'll be flying out of the island airport for the first time ever. Whee! It's slightly more expensive, but I'll take a 56-minute flight over a 4.5-hour train ride any day.

One of Marshall's co-workers sold him some cheap Leafs tickets for Saturday night. They were in the very last row of the upper bowl, but dead centre and we had a great veiw. Terrible game, though. Oh well.

After some serious procrastination, we tackled the storage locker yesterday. It was not nearly as bad as I'd feared. Got rid of a serious amount of crap (mostly recyclable/Goodwill-able) and left the locker in a state of complete order, with contents catalogued. Felt good.

The stupid Shins are playing the stupid Koolhaus on the 17th. Why?? It's got to be about the worst venue in the city. It's like an airplane hangar, and I swore I'd never go back there. It's sold out anyway. Grumble grumble.

Marshie started reading The Areas of my Expertise on Friday. I've known him for nearly 11 years, but have never seen him laugh the way he was laughing yesterday morning. It was almost frightening. Tears were streaming down his face and he couldn't even speak to tell me what was so funny. Hats off to the Hodg-man for his inaccurately-titled chapter, "Jokes which have never produced laughter" for showing me this new and completely demented side of my husband.
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I had a makeout dream starring John Hodgman just before waking up this morning.

Speaking of the areas of my expertise, I am scheduled to visit a friend of my parents' this afternoon to help him learn Excel. I called him a few days ago to ask specifically what he wants to learn, since it's not my greatest strength. Does he want to sort the data? No. Does he want to perform calculations? No. He wants to learn how to type words into the cells, and make it so the cells fit the words. That seems to be pretty much it. I tried to just tell him over the phone, but he said no no no, I can't learn like that. Whatever.

He also wants to know a few more things about Photoshop, so there is an upside. Plus the part where he pays me.


Feb. 2nd, 2007 08:39 am
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I had to make a diagram of a spinning wheel for the CNIB yesterday. The blind proofreaders were a bit confused about what the string connecting the wheel and the spindle is for (and I will admit that until recently, I had no idea either) but when I explained to them that it's basically like the chain of a bicycle, they both ahhhed in recognition. Do they have bikes?

What else. Oh yes, the new Shins album that came unexpectedly in the mail last week (don't you just love pre-ordering something and then forgetting all about it?) began to appeal to me yesterday in a big way. I've listened to it maybe three times all the way through, and it seems that listen #4 was the turning point. Some tracks are still a bit ehh, but the others make up for it. I get a real Smiths vibe from some of them... odd. It came with a sticker, but as usual I don't want to stick it anywhere. I would have much preferred a window cling.

I bought Wired magazine yesterday for I think the second time ever, motivated solely by the delicious picture of John Hodgman on the cover. Hottttt.


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