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It's cellulitis, and I'm now on antibiotics, starting with a double shot to get things rolling. My stomach is churning as a result, but at least I won't soon be dead from blood poisoning. Thanks for the advice, everyone.
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Nat and I went to the dentist together on Tuesday, I for the first time since she was born, and she for the first time ever. Neither of us cried, though at one point Nat sat up and told the hygienist she hoped she would be done soon. I had a number of x-rays and scans and crazy procedures I have never even heard of before, including an oral cancer screening and many extreme close-ups taken with a teeny camera. That is one view of myself I have never seen... a shot from inside my mouth looking out. Kind of mindbending. Following that was an excruciating cleaning. I remembered why I had been avoiding the dentist for four years (of course had I not avoided it for so long, it might not have been so bad). You think the ultrasonic cleaning is awful, then they move on to the polishing. And then when that's finally over they move on to the gum-poking with the sharp prong.

Anyway, the dentist noted that my right bottom molar is cracked, so I'm off to get that filled in a few minutes. Ever since I found that out, I can't stop prodding it with my tongue-- it's totally jagged and broken. I have a vague memory of biting on a piece of rock or possibly a walnut shell earlier this year, that might have caused it. He also referred me to a TMJ specialist for my popping jaw.
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Nat and I had another appointment at Sick Kids today, this time for a sweat chloride test. Happily, it was completely painless. Her sweat glands were first stimulated by electrodes, and then she was fitted with a thing that looked like a watch to collect the resulting perspiration. After half an hour of hanging out in the atrium looking at the fountains, we returned to the lab to have it removed. The nurse unwound a tiny coil of tubing from the collection device that had somehow managed to harvest a trickle of blue-tinged sweat. Quite amazing. Anyway, from analyzing it they will be able to determine if she has CF. I am pretty sure she doesn't but it has to be ruled out. A CF person has salty skin, apparently, and when I read this, I had no choice but to lick her (not salty). She thought it was very funny and told me that only the cats lick each other.

Ooh! Another rare opportunity to use my skin icon.


Nov. 15th, 2009 04:29 pm
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We just got a call (finally!) from the specialist. Nat's blood test came back completely normal in every way. I'm still kind of in shock over it. I'm beyond thrilled on the one hand, because of course she can go back to eating normal food. In fact, she and her daddy just went out to pick up some TimBits and spanakopita to celebrate. On the other hand, I'm kind of disappointed because Celiac just seemed to fit in so many ways. We've been working hard with the diet and I was so full of hope that she was just going to miraculously start growing as we neared the 3-week mark. I know it's dumb to feel sad that your child does not have a disease, but mostly, I'm relieved. We had resigned ourselves to a lifetime of headaches with eating out, travelling, school, etc. It's going to take a few days to sink in.

The doctor did say that she wants one more test run-- for Cystic Fibrosis. But the odds of her having that seem pretty remote. She exhibits absolutely no symptoms at all, except for the slow growth thing.


Nov. 12th, 2009 08:58 pm
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Happy to say that the hard drive errant has been returned... temporarily, at least. Marshall drove out to the depot and was prepared for another battle, but when he asked for the drive they said, "Sure!" and brought it out 5 minutes later. We do have to return it after the transferring is done, but we have 15 days to take care of that. O, sweet RELIEF.

As for the doctor thing, that will be resolved tomorrow one way or the other. As [livejournal.com profile] travellight suggested, if the wheels of justice set in motion by my own GP do not yield results, I will encamp myself in their office and refuse to leave until I get some.


Nov. 12th, 2009 03:52 pm
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I try not to bitch too much in my journal, but this day has been simply sucktastic. As some facebook readers already know, my laptop was FedExed back home today after nearly a week at the repair depot out in Mississauga. It went in for a noisy fan. It came back with a new hard drive. And no, I didn't back it up first. Everything, everything, everything was on that hard drive. Every picture I've taken since April 08. My entire music collection. Many vital work files. Every time I think of something new that I'll never get back, I feel a wave of nausea. Anyway, Marshall spent a fruitless 45 mins. on the phone arguing with tech support and then finally decided to just drive out there and demand the old one back, though I believe it has probably been pressed into a tiny cube by now. I know it was very stupid not to make a backup, but how can they decide to just change the hard drive without calling first?

To add to my aggravation, I still have not heard back from Nat's pediatrician regarding her bloodwork. On Friday, I called to ask if they were in yet and the receptionist said yes, but "there's a problem, and the doctor will have to call you herself." Ok, I'm not the most paranoid parent on earth, but even I have limits. You can't go telling me there's a "problem" and then not get back to me for a week. On Monday I called back, and have called back every day since. The receptionist doesn't even have to ask who I am anymore. Finally today in desperation I called my own family doctor to ask if he had heard anything (I saw he had been CCd on the bloodwork requisition). This isn't even his case anymore but he's already called me twice to let me know what he's found out (so far, diddly). My nerves are shot and I'd like this day to just be over already.
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Got Nat her shot on Wednesday, so that's taken care of. I put an EMLA patch on her a couple of hours ahead of time, and that was a great idea. Every other kid in the clinic was bawling except for her. She did report that it hurt "a little bit" but it wasn't enough to make her cry. She had a good time with the other kids in line, and the whole process (including the 15-minute wait afterwards) took 40 minutes. In fact it was so much fun we might just do it again in 21 days, since they haven't quite decided whether kids need one half-dose or two.

In other news, we're on day 8 of her gluten-free diet. It hasn't been terrible, but not great either. I've started dreading each meal, both the preparation and the hour of coaxing and cajoling required to get it into her. I'd say her top 10 foods were wheat-based (veggie dogs, spanakopita, macaroni, cupcakes, etc.) and the GF equivalents are just not as good. The bread is dry and crumbly, rice pasta is sticky and mushy and veggie meat alternatives are pretty much non-existent. She was never a great eater, but at least she would mostly feed herself; now I have to negotiate every spoonful and do most of the spooning myself, or she just won't eat. I hope we start seeing some results soon, because right now it's a real chore and I have nothing to show for it. I even had to take her Play-Doh away.

That reminds me-- we haven't actually got the results of the blood test yet. We just decided to give the diet a try, since the celiac diagnosis seems inevitable and we may as well get a head start. It takes about 3 weeks for the damaged intestine to start healing, so hopefully soon she'll start coming around. In children, the recovery can apparently be pretty dramatic. I'm more than ready for that to happen.
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Made flu clinic attempt #1 today and discovered I was woefully underprepared. According to Twitterers, the line wasn't too bad, but I guess "not as bad as seven hours" is still not very good. It went outside the doors and all around the park out front, and it was cold, windy and starting to get rainy too. Here Nat only had a light jacket on and no mittens, and I didn't even have a coat. Never mind all that, I couldn't even find a place to park so we just came home. Nat cried when I broke the news, and trying to explain to her that the Civic Centre is not the same as the Science Centre didn't help. So, eff all of that.

Flu shot

Oct. 29th, 2009 09:43 am
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Hmm. Definitely getting the H1N1 shots, it's just a question of when and where. Two clinics are open today starting at noon, but I don't know if I want to be waiting for 3 hrs in line with a toddler. City-wide clinics open on Monday so maybe I'll just wait a few days until demand dies down a bit. One kid died over the weekend, and suddenly everyone's going berserk. Someone did a poll on one of my June 2009 babies message boards, and 69% of mothers said they nor their children would be getting the vaccine, but I noticed that none of them had a reasonable or credible explanation.


Oct. 20th, 2009 02:10 pm
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So, Nat had her blood drawn today at Sick Kids. She did so well. I told her about it beforehand, and warned her that it was going to hurt a little bit. No point sticking a needle in her *and* betraying her trust. A woman came into the room and talked to her and blew bubbles to put her at ease, but there was no fooling her once the nurse came in with the needle and stuff. She did cry ("Mummy, it hurts a little bit!"), but didn't pull away, even when the nurse overshot the vein and had to wiggle the needle around. We had milk and cookies afterwards by the fountain to celebrate her bravery. Now she is having an early and well-deserved nap.

In any case, nothing like seeing all the truly "sick kids" there today to put things in perspective.

Oh come on

Apr. 29th, 2009 07:02 pm
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I saw a woman at Home Depot with a mask on today, and Marshie saw a guy on the subway wearing one too.
Get a grip, people.
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Nothing much new to report, except for a few days now my sense of smell has been returning in an ever so subtle way. I have been able to catch a faint whiff of peppermint oil, playdoh, and this morning I can sort of smell my apricot tea. A lot of things are still completely undetectable. For example, I've been crafting it up in the basement and used some spray fixative on a chalk pastel project, absolutely could not smell it, and that is saying something. It STINKS. I usually have to open the window and leave the room, but it totally slipped my mind and there I sat killing my brain cells. It's incidents like that that make me realize how dangerous it can be not to be able to smell fumes and other hazardous stuff like gas leaks. Anyway, I'm now pretty confident (and greatly relieved) that my nose will make a full recovery.


Feb. 24th, 2009 07:47 am
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Last week, I was sick. This week, I'm feeling much better with the odd nose-blow here and there. The weird part is, I can't smell a thing. This is day #5 of not being able to smell, and it's just really strange. Last night I had a big pile of shallots frying and I put my head right over the pot and inhaled deeply-- nothing. It's most inconvenient, even dangerous. Most food tastes like cardboard and I have no idea if Nat has a poopy diaper. She went around for hours in one last week and who knows how many people she offended before I discovered it. If something were burning, I probably wouldn't notice until the fire alarm went off. What about a natural gas leak? What about my armpits?

I have learned that the olfactory nerves take 30-60 days to regenerate after damage, and sometimes not at all. I really, really want to smell things again, even the stinky ones.


Aug. 26th, 2008 11:10 am
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Phew. I am done with another deadline and now I can finally relax.

This weekend was mostly taken up with my poor babe and her first real illness. She woke up very hot on Friday morning and the fever didn't break until yesterday afternoon, at which point she broke out in red spots all over her body which means it was a virus known as Roseola (aka Herpes 6). Roseola sounds a bit nicer, doesn't it. Anyway, there was a whole lot of crying and not a whole lot of sleeping in between. Glad that's over.

[livejournal.com profile] haggisthesecond stayed over on Friday night, the first night of the fever. I hope she got some sleep. She also told me about Kiva.org, a micro-loan site for helping entrepreneurs in poor countries. I have helped a lady in Paraguay expand her fruit store and I'm keen to hear how that goes. Since I was one of the last people to contribute money before her loan was fulfilled, I expect I'll be one of the last to get it back. We'll see. It's kind of exciting, anyway.

I still can't get over the fact that I have no more rats. I still find myself saving bits of my meal on the side of my plate only to realize it's all for naught. We will soon be getting our new cyborg sideboard to fill the space where the cage used to be, so maybe that will help. It should be ready pretty soon and looks pretty much exactly like this but darker, in quarter-sawn oak to match our dining room table.
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So I'm in the grip of this cold some "friend" of mine gave me over the weekend, but I just realized about 10 minutes ago that I'm suffering needlessly. Since Nattie weaned herself last week, I am free to take all the sweet, sweet medications I've been missing out on since, oh, about September 2006. This is awesome.


Jan. 17th, 2008 09:31 am
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Cold/flu/whatever it is still hanging on. This is day 7.
Visited a most unsympathetic walk-in doctor on Tuesday who checked my throat and said "It doesn't look that bad." That was the morning I woke up with my tonsils so swollen I tried to swallow some ibuprofen and they got stuck. Anyway, she took a strep swab and I hope to be hearing back from the lab today. This morning I woke up with my eyes glued shut from conjunctivitis. Yippee!



Jan. 13th, 2008 07:57 pm
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Marshie and I are both sick. He's got a crusty red eye, a sore throat and a temperature of 101. He also took his first ever sick day on Friday. I've got a sore throat and a temperature of 99.6. It's completely psychosomatic, but as soon as I took my temperature I started to feel more pathetic. Nattie is fine (so far) and I hope she will remain so from the antibodies in my milk.

My mother asked me the other day if I was still breastfeeding often, and I said yeah, maybe 4-5 times a day. She said that was great and then launched unbidden into a list of reasons why she didn't continue with me past two months. Whatever, it's not like I'm bitter or have some kind of psychological trauma from it. *Sob*.

Nattie is very cute these days. We were watching a video of her early days and couldn't believe what she used to be like. She would just lie there with a big wrinkly head and floppy limbs. Now she pulls up to standing on anything that will hold still for two seconds, and is thisclose to crawling. She also does a kind of downward-dog type thing where she gets up on her hands and tiptoes, but it doesn't get her very far. She also is chatting up a storm, but doesn't make any sense.

A few minutes ago when I was giving her the last feed of the day, she detached for a moment to exclaim, "Ahh ga boo ba!!" and then continued feeding.


Apr. 2nd, 2007 12:04 pm
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Also, I'm sick with a cold. I just checked the archives (LJ, you are so useful) and discovered that I haven't been sick since April 05. Can that be true?? I figured it had been maybe a year, but certainly not two. Anyway, seeing as I've dodged the bullet for so long I'm trying not to complain. But it still kinda sucks, especially since I can't take any medicine this time. Add that to the list of medications I miss the most: melatonin, ibuprofen and sweet, sweet codeine.

The latest

Jan. 9th, 2007 09:04 am
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So what's been going on besides zen and the art of vacuum cleaner repair?

Finally had my follow-up appointment with my family doctor re: the little emergency room visit last month, and he's sending me for yet another holter monitor test (this is when you have electrodes stuck on to you and wear a recording device for 24 hrs and you're not allowed to have a bath). I've had about a thousand of these already, so hopefully this will reveal something new. Apparently the technology has improved and they use flash memory instead of a giant clunky tape recorder these days, so it should at least be a little more compact. The last time I had one was 1998.

I had to take Baby, who was no longer a baby but a sick old rat, to the vet for her final appointment on Friday. Marshie was kind enough to skip off work for the morning and come with me. Anyway, when I got home and saw Speck and Peaches snuggled up together, I was *so* glad that I had got Peaches. M. and I had agreed that there would be no more rats, but poor Speck is not even a year old and it would have been a very lonely life for her.

Anyway, they weren't sure what to think about the absence of Baby for the first few days, but now they seem to realize that it's permanent, and a new struggle for dominance has emerged. Rat fights (non serious ones) are surprisingly cute. They stand up on their hind legs and kind of shove each other around, and sometimes flip each other on their backs and then groom their opponent's belly mercilessly.
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It's 2 a.m. and I just got back from the ER. No biggie.

Earlier tonight, my heart started acting up, and it kept up for long enough that I started to think maybe I should get it checked out. I've had this on and off since I was about 21... my heart skips beats and generally misbehaves from time to time. I've worn Holter monitors, had stress tests, EKGs and an echocardiogram, but they never really found anything. By the time these tests were conducted, the elusive symptoms had long since disappeared. Tonight I felt very vindicated that a real doctor finally witnessed it in action, and captured it. I could look up at the monitor and see it happening, and now it finally has a name: trigeminy. It's a premature contraction of the ventricle that happens every three beats. The doctor assured me it is a benign condition. It can't cause blood clots, strokes, or anything else of concern. Lots of people have it, and never even notice it. It does not need to be medicated, and all my blood tests came back normal. It is unpleasant, but it passes.

It was my first trip to the ER and I was quite pleased with the entire process. I was seen to within five minutes (after the triage nurse was done scolding the woman ahead of me, who had a massage and her neck kind of hurt) and was discharged in three hours. Faithful Marshie remained by my side throughout, and has now gone directly to bed. I'm still feeling a bit wired so I may stay up and Google around a while longer, and pull off all these sticky things they've stuck to me.


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