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So apparently there's a game called Minecraft, and this is some kind of a thing from  that game. Originally Nat wanted to be a Creeper, but I'm glad she went with the Enderman. For starters, the Creeper has four legs. Though wearing a box on your head creates all kinds of difficulties, I hit on the idea of putting the box on the top of her head by sawing up an old bicycle helmet and hot-gluing it inside. Despite the full body suit, she could actually see quite well, even at night. The fluorescent paper had plenty of shine for the daytime, and we glued in some pink glowsticks for evening wear. Since it was about 10° last night she could even get away without wearing a coat. How many costumes of my childhood were ruined by having to put a parka on top? So many.

Most people had no idea what she was supposed to be, but they loved it anyway. And she didn't get hit by a car, which was nice.

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This year Nat wants to be Zeke (as seen in icon)-- very do-able with clothing items she already owns, though I did buy her a pair of fuzzy black ears at our local costume-atorium. I sewed on a tail to the back of a black hoodie, and basted on a white felt bib to the front. This is my third hoodie conversion, and the first that I have made a conscious effort to make all embellishments completely reversible. No glue gun, only sewing that can be easily ripped out. Nat is so wired about Halloween, it's difficult to get her to talk about anything else. And when we got to school today, all the kids were screeching to each other that iIT'S TOMORROW! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?? I don't recall getting this worked up about it when I was a kid, but I probably did. But it's SO MUCH WORK for adults I have really started to loathe it. Carving the stupid pumpkin, buying a bunch of candy, and enduring the doorbell ringing for hours. Life in the condo was so much simpler-- we ignored the very existence of Halloween for 10 years straight.

One thing that is making me happy is that it is squirrel time. After ignoring me all summer because of their busy rodent lives, the squirrels are my friends again. They are so fuzzy and round at this time of year I desperately want to pet them, especially the one we call Fat Gary (we call all grey squirrels Gary, and all black ones Bob. It makes things so much easier). He's pretty much a furry volleyball with legs and a tail. I also have a promising relationship with one we call Half Bob because he's kind of brown on the back end due to some kind of shedding pattern. Anyway, I just love squirrels and I can't help myself. Literally every jacket I own is stuffed with peanuts in case I meet one while I'm out walking.


Oct. 26th, 2011 05:50 pm
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This year Nat decided she wanted to be a ghost... thank God. Up until about a month ago she wanted to be a dinosaur, so this is a huge improvement. All I need is a sheet with a hole in it.

I'm far from the world's greatest seamsperson, and don't do it very often, but generally I find sewing very fun and rewarding. I've never actually made anything from a pattern; I just wing it. I really enjoy the process of visualizing the finished product, and then figuring out the pieces that would go together to make that thing. But anyway, we're still talking about a sheet with a hole in it.

So I thought the first thing she needed was a hood-type thing, so I made two head-shaped pieces and a wide strip to connect them down the middle. She tried it on and it fit perfectly. Then we tackled the sheet with the hole, finished the neckline and made two tucked pleats along the front of the neckhole to make it more gather-y, and attached the hood thing to the back. I saved all the scraps to make ghosty fringes. Once she got it on, I realized I have basically reverse-engineered a rain poncho that I could have got at the dollar store-- but no matter. She is pretty thrilled with it so far.
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I just finished Nat's halloween costume. In case you can't tell, it's supposed to be a shark.

I think it's adequate. After stressing over the logistics of an actual shark suit, I eventually just decided to modify a hooded sweatshirt. She is only 3 after all, and not terribly discerning.


Oct. 20th, 2008 12:48 pm
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So this will be our first halloween in our new house (which is not really that new anymore), and in effect the first halloween in our adult lives where we actually have to do anything. Until this point we've been able to ignore it completely due to the convenience of condo living. *nostalgic sigh*

So anyway, today I bought two pumpkins and a crapload of candy. I have NO idea about quantity so this year I decided to err on the side of caution. There are a ton of kids around. We asked the people on either side and they were very vague-- "Quite a few, but not as much as such-and-such street" which is no help whatsoever. So I settled on two bags of Reese's peanut butter cups, two bags of Nibs, a bag of assorted chocolate bars and a bag of Tootsie Rolls. If that's not enough, well, screw 'em. The only people who will lose out are the 15-yr-olds who have no costumes and have probably already been by 3 times trying to scam me by having their jacket zipped up one time and unzipped the next.

The thing I'm looking forward to most is the pumpkin seeds. I picked the pumpkins that I hoped were the seediest, and I may pick up a few more.
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Today's Penny Arcade was quite appropriate. I was just thinking about halloween earlier today as I got back to work on Nat's costume. A friend suggested we'd better hand out an explanatory brochure to every house we visit. I figure I'll just say, "If you know what Dr. Horrible is, she's Dr. Horrible. If not, she's a mad scientist."

This is assuming she'll agree to wear the damn thing in the first place. But I'm having fun making it, so who cares. It's had its ups and downs (mostly downs) and [livejournal.com profile] valkryor's excellent advice about darts came too late to avert an ill-fated collar revision attempt. But as someone pointed out to me yesterday, it doesn't have to be completely accurate. It can close up the back with ties or velcro, no one will care, as long as it looks right from the front. Duh! Why didn't I think of that. I think I've been reading [livejournal.com profile] drhorribledress too much.


Nov. 1st, 2005 11:37 am
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If I may add to the heap of Halloween posts, I hardly did anything and barely cared. I did go over to my parents' place, since Marshie has started some kind of floor hockey league (complete with school gym and plastic sticks) and was out for the evening. Anyway, I carved their pumpkin and roasted their seeds, and listened to the doorbell ring nonstop from 6-7:30, when they mercifully ran out of chips and closed shop.

I did help out a bit with the treat-giving. Props to the mini Napoleon Dynamite with crazy red wig, large glasses and Vote for Pedro shirt. Unfortunately, he ducked in and out so fast I didn't have a chance to praise his getup, which was the only bright spot in a sea of greedy princesses and kids with a clear "I put a wig on, now gimmie some candy" costume ethic. It was still far better than the kids who expected something for nothing, of which there were several. One of them mumbled "I'm a school kid" when my mother demanded an explanation.

Anyway, my Yoda pumpkin was quite good, and my dad looked stunning in the mullet wig I made him wear. He didn't seem to understand what he was supposed to be, however, and roared at the kids every time he answered the door. Dad-- you're not a monster, you're a redneck.


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