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An older guy at my gym does woodworking as a hobby, and has made a number of things for the gym itself (like coathooks, mat racks, etc.)  and other members. When he heard that I might need something, he came straight over to talk to me. I described yarn cone holders to him on Monday, and today he presented me with two lovely finished products-- one that fits European cones (right), and one that fits the North American ones with slightly wider holes (left). They're really quite nice, and I started using them right away.

One problem... he refused to accept payment. I thanked him profusely and baked him some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Side note: this is possibly the first time I've ever used the Fitness and Weaving tags at the same time.


Nov. 3rd, 2015 10:01 am
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With the 5k is in the bag, I was feeling kind of directionless until I discovered Bridge to 10k, for people who have already done Couch to 5k. I started it yesterday and it went well (run 10 min, walk 1 min, 4x). Running for 40 minutes straight is definitely not something I can do, but those one minute breaks made all the difference. During that minute, my heart rate dropped from 154 to 130 which is a pretty good recovery.

To my continuing surprise, I actually do find running enjoyable. My knees and other joints still feel fine, so I'll just keep doing it, I guess.

I dun it

Oct. 25th, 2015 02:02 pm
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I did my 5k today, in some ewhere around 30 minutes, but the official results haven't yet been posted*. It took me a while to get across the start line, but due to some technology I don't fully understand, my bib contained a device that sorts all those details out. This also enabled a dude at the finish line with a microphone to congratulate me by name as I went past. Kind of amazing!

Overall it went well, though I started to pull out the stops way too early. When I thought I was almost at the end, I really wasn't. So when the actual end came, I had pretty much nothing left. Also, I had some technical difficulties with my ipod. When I turned it on as the race started, it was playing some song that was definitely not part of my painstakingly crafted 32-minute playlist. After some hasty weighing of pros and cons, I decided I really really needed those particular songs, so pulled it out and fiddled with it while trying to keep running. During this fiddling, I also lost the elastic band that I use to hold it onto my bra strap, so ended up just stuffing it down my bra. I probably lost some time with all that, but I still think it was the right decision. I needs my musics.

*ETA: The results are in–I came 117th out of 214 overall (and of the women, 48th out of 124). Pretty ok for a noob, I'd say. My time was 30:28.

So here are pics of me starting and finishing (both pretty lousy).
But you can see that I was at least still smiling by the end. And beating that lady on the right.
some pics )

I ran

Oct. 12th, 2015 11:13 am
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This morning (Thanksgiving day here in the great white north) seemed like a good time to try running in the real world, since it's a holiday. Technically C25k is now over, so I have to either step things up or quit. I plotted out a route on onthegomap.com which is kind of a cool little website using Google maps to plot routes and save them to your own Google Drive. I created a little loop across the Bloor viaduct, around Castle Frank, and back again.

Back in grade 8 or so I remember reading a short story* in English class about a girl who learned to play piano on a cardboard keyboard, and she stared at her hands in wonder when she played a real piano for the first time at a recital. For me, that's kind of what it was like to run outside for the first time instead of a treadmill--sights, smells, and a fresh breeze. The view out over the Don Valley as I crossed the bridge was particularly nice. No one laughed at me. The only problem I encountered was that I felt a burning sensation in my lungs from time to time, but eventually it went away. I have since read that this is an issue that will improve with time and better breathing technique. Anyway, my final time was 32 minutes which is pretty average, and believe me, I'm excited to be average.

* After some googling I have learned the story is called The Concert Stages of Europe by Jack Hodgins. The key was remembering a line about "upchucking on the Heintzman".
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So this morning I finished week 6 of C25k. I was feeling a bit apprehensive about this run, because run 1 on Monday (run 5 minutes, walk 3 minutes, run 8 minutes, walk 3 minutes, run 5 minutes) totally kicked my ass. It was the sort of run where just after starting, I was already checking the clock to see if it was time to stop. However! Today (run 25 minutes) I totally killed it and was in a state of zen the entire time. At the 20-minute mark, I felt good enough to increase my pace. I had gone nearly 4k by the time the cooldown was up, which is greatly encouraging. I still haven't actually signed up for the 5k race in October, but today for the first time I actually believed I could do it.
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1) I slashed my finger with a knife yesterday and sadly had to skip knitting-- the needle rubbed on the wound in a most unpleasant way. I was over visiting my parents, and splashed blood across the kitchen floor, counter and Fannie Farmer cookbook, ironically opened to the ground beef chapter.

2) I've started a 4-week core circuit course at the gym, which is an hour of training on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It's led by my former trainer and current yoga instructor, Jane, and another woman. Right off the bat, they wanted me to get on the scale and then have my measurements taken. "Jane... you never told me I had to be weighed!" I whined. "Oh, you can waive the evaluation! It's entirely voluntary!" chirped the other trainer. Jane pursed her lips momentarily and said, "Heather, GETONTHATSCALE." Yes, Ma'am.

3) I've been trying to make iced tea, with limited success. Any tips would be appreciated!

Pot Pourri

Nov. 17th, 2005 02:13 pm
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I was all screwed up today and thought yoga was at noon, but that's tomorrow. I ended up taking a Gravity Plus class which was tough but enjoyable. My muscles are now officially dead. RIP, muscles.

Ran into Trainer Jane at the gym and finalized our lunch plans. She keeps saying we should meet for lunch sometime, so I decided to just invite her over and make something. She agreed, and I feel excited like I did in grade 4 when my teacher came to dinner. What will I make? I have to clean the house! Whee! I guess I'm mostly just happy that I don't have to pay her to make her hang out with me.

On the way home, I was walking through the sculpture garden and some guy dumped a bag of stale bread, which started a pigeon riot. I abhor this practice. Blecch. I'm a peaceful vegetarian, but I have pleasant daydreams where they roost on something metal, and I attach jumper cables. Anyway, one pigeon attacked a slice of bread with such zeal that he pecked out a hole in the middle, and then strutted around wearing the crust like a necklace. No camera, of course.

Also, there are snowflakes falling. I closed the blinds so I don't have to look at it. I generally like snow, but I'm not quite ready for it at this time.
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I just got home from yoga and I feel all wacky and giddy. I don't know why it is, but it happens just about every time. I went out to a function right after class a few weeks ago and my friend accused me of being drunk already.

Speaking of functions, we're going to see Jon Stewart at Massey Hall tonight, which I'm sure will be fun. I find him very funny, and I must admit that I have a teensy bit of a crush on him also. Right after the show sold out, they added another one at 10. So the eternal question is, which will be better? I guess mine will be better, because it's mine.

Tomorrow we're heading to Chatham to visit [livejournal.com profile] newschick and future brother-in-law and parents of future brother-in-law for thanksgiving. Much pumpkin pie will be consumed. I am supplying the pie, in fact. Why is Canadian thanksgiving so early, Americans may wonder? It's because our harvest is a lot sooner than yours. Anyway it'll be the first time we've had thanksgiving in years, because my parents are still out of province at this time of year, and Marshall's parents don't celebrate anything, not even birthdays. Can you imagine a little kid not getting a birthday? Welcome to Marshie's childhood.

I'm teaching myself continental-style knitting, also called left-hand carry, where the left index finger holds the yarn and the right needle zips in and grabs the loop. English style is where the right hand holds the yarn and whips a loop over the right-hand needle. I'm getting the hang of the knit stitch, but the purl is still really hard. It takes me about 10 minutes to get through each row of my test piece, but it's starting to get easier. Why bother? Continental is supposed to be much faster, and I don't really have enough experience yet to be completely set in my ways.

So happy whatever-day, everyone.
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I've just uploaded some of my first pics with the camera Marshie got me for my b-day. I guess I went a little wild with the macro function, but my old camera couldn't get very close and so it's kind of novel at the moment. Note that there are three size levels in LJ scrapbook, thumbnail, medium and actual size (or as we say in the design biz, for some reason, "size-as").

The ultrasound on Friday went quite smoothly, and again I received excellent medical care. I was scheduled for 9:30, and I was on the table with goo on my stomach at 9:29. It was so relaxing I started to fall asleep. Anyway, the technician said she couldn't see anything wrong in there. I should hear the final word from the doctor probably by tomorrow or Tuesday.

On Wednesday I had my final session with my trainer. While on the floor doing crunches, I told her about geocaching and she freaked out. She had never heard of it before, but was thrilled by the concept. She plied me for information and then we went out GPS shopping right afterwards. I've had converts before, but nothing like this. Speaking of converts, I read some quote from Tom Cruise that Katie Holmes now "digs" Scientology. Run, Katie, run.
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Kinda snowy. Not too cold. I brought some snow in off the balcony yesterday for the cats and rats to examine yesterday, and they all had a bit of a munch (and I must admit, I tried some too).

Our video camera is broken again (still?) so I guess I'll take it in to be fixed again today. Not to the same place as last year, though, because I never got any justice re: my missing battery. I wonder at what point is it better to stop trying to fix something and just get a new one? The problem is, the old one is still fairly new (January '03). I must admit I was drooling over the newer models at the mall this weekend, some of which write directly on DVDs.

I went to an evening yoga class last night. It's been a few weeks since I last tried it, and I was pleased to find I'm getting much better at it. My muscles are stronger, my balance is much improved and downward dog doesn't hurt my wrists as much. I ruled the pigeon pose. Both hip bones were flat on the floor.

That's it, I guess. Get well, Mike.
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Whew! I recently returned from the gym and I'm trying to settle in to my work here. My trainer was particularly cruel to me today, but hey, that's what she's there for. In the beginning she asked me if I wanted to have fun or if I wanted her to push me, and I said please push me. Among other things, she made me do these strange pushups with my hands pointed inwards, and now I can barely lift my arms. It really isolated the triceps, though.

Yesterday was Marshie's superbowl party, which seemed to go quite well. It was a bit squished, because the den can really only hold 4 people comfortably and there were 8 of us. Anyway, there was lots of food and merriment. Though I have no love of football, or even a like of football, I'm still so dazzled by the high definition I watched the whole thing. We got the HD cable box a week ago today.

The only drawback seems to be that there are only a handful of HD channels available, and once you get used to watching them, everything else looks like absolute crap. Even DVDs look bad. A few hours into the game, someone asked if the show was broadcast in widescreen or if it was just stretched. I poked Marshie with my toe and told him to turn to a normal channel. He flipped to Global and there was a collective gasp among our group followed by stunned silence. "Oh my God," said one of our guests. "Are you saying my TV looks this bad all the time?"
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I spent the morning at the gym today (a sure sign that hell might just freeze over one of these days) and had a great time. Warmup, weights, a 75 min. yoga class and then 20 minutes of cardio. I was greatly pleased by the cardio session. A few of you have heard me mention my bad heart from time to time, but it hadn't bothered me for about three years. Three months of sitting on my ass after my gym went bankrupt, it started to act up again. The day before new year's eve was about as bad as it's ever been, maybe worse. I considered cancelling our NYE plans because of it, but it slacked off enough to allow me to go out and have dinner.

As I know from past experience, exercise greatly improves the problem in the long run, but exacerbates it at first. I'm happy to report that today I turned that corner where it stops getting worse and starts getting better. On Thursday I tried to do some cardio, but had to stop after three minutes due to intense arrhythmia (what I've got causes the upper chambers of my heart to go into spasm and beat chaotically, causing pooling blood, light-headedness and feelings of doom). Today I tried again, experienced a few odd beats at about 9 minutes, and then finished the full 20 minutes and got my heart rate up to 168 without any further problems. I am very, very happy about this.

Group ex

Jan. 20th, 2005 09:56 am
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I was skimming the old friends list this morning and read the following with mild alarm: "How many of us have our parents and grandparents and so forth buried in our yards?" Whaaaa? Then I read the heading and saw it was from one of my Sims 2 communities. That makes more sense.

It's a good thing I've got too much work to do to go to the gym today, because I'm just aching all over in really weird places from my first Pilates Mat class yesterday. Who knew that lying around on the floor could be so much work? I went to sit up in bed this morning and ACK! I could barely do it. Anyway, my noon-hour class only had two other people so I didn't feel self-conscious or neglected. A far, far better experience than my last encounter with group exercise over eight years ago, my first and last step class. I was woefully uncoordinated, and I often looked up only to find everyone was facing me, meaning I was turned the wrong way. I was so bad that the instructor actually asked to see me after class. As if! I bolted out of there and never returned.

Tomorrow: meeting my trainer at 7:45, then hopefully returning for the Gravity Group orientation at noon.
Saturday: if I'm not too sore from Gravity, I may check out the Body Flow class at 10:30.
Sunday: Intro to Yoga if not too sore from Body Flow.

I'm all over this class schedule like it's an all-you-can-eat buffet.
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Holy fook, that was cold!! I started at my new gym today at 7:45 and that was one chilly walk.

Anyway, everything went smoothly and I remembered my lock combination and everything. This training chick took my blood pressure and pulse. My BP was good, but my pulse was 119. We just couldn't figure it out. I relaxed for a few minutes and filled out some forms and stuff, and it had only dropped to 109. I guess I was a bit nervous, or something. Now that I'm home sitting at the computer desk, it's 58. Bah! She said she wasn't allowed to train me if it was so high, but after I assured her that I don't normally have a problem with it she agreed to start anyway. It was so embarrassing. Stupid pulse! The more I tried to slow it down, the more stressed I got, I guess.

In other health news, I woke up at 2:54 after dreaming that I was driving my car and my doctor called, and told me that he had some very bad news for me. I screamed, "Oh crap, what is it??" and then woke up. Though my eyes were still closed and I felt like I still had the phone in my hand, I could tell I was awake. I waited for the answer anyway, but it didn't come.
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I went to give blood at lunchtime, but was told my iron was too low. "It's Monday," explained the phlebotomist. She showed me my results-- I was at 124, and the acceptable level for donation is 125. Well, their loss. "Go home, relax, and have some coffee," she suggested. Doesn't she know that caffeine prevents iron from being absorbed? Oh well. I have two months to get it back up to scratch.

I bought a new lock on the way home because I forgot the combination from my old lock and had to throw it out. I joined a new gym on Saturday, and I need one. I've written the new combination down in about 6 places, and I'm drilling myself right now. I got the first couple of tries right, but then my brain slipped a cog and suddenly all I can remember is the one from my first lock in high school-- 11, 55, 28. Damn you, brain, damn you.

In happier brain news, I suddenly remembered the name of the crossing guard from my kindergarten days: Mr. Fairley. I had been trying to remember all weekend, and it suddenly popped in there when I wasn't thinking about it. The ways of the brain are indeed a mystery.
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In my continuing quest for fitness since my regular gym went bankrupt, I received the following information from the nearby Boulevard Club:

Entrance fee: $5,000
Dues: $2,020 per year
Additional activity fees: range from $319 for badminton to $690 for indoor winter tennis

I'll have to think about it.
Ok, no.
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The new season of Amazing Race started last night, and was enjoyable as always. Marshall, as usual, is heading up an AR pool at his office. This season has the most entries at 26, which should result in some fairly hefty prizes ($200 for first place, $50 for second and $10 for last). He is actually treading very close to pyramid-scheme territory, however. He runs so many pools, he basically ends up paying the winner of the previous pool with the fees from the next. I'm sure it'll all come out in the wash, as they say.

Speaking of scams, the gym visit yesterday was a bit of a bust. It was nice. Really, really nice. Too nice. Brand new space, locker rooms, equipment, everything. A little coffee and juice bar, soothing decor, fresh flowers and plants everywhere, a circle of massaging chairs in front of a fireplace, steam rooms and private changing booths with doors. And the price? $33. Per week. Oh, and a $1350 initiation fee. I thanked them oh so much for the tour and got the hell away from there.
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It was quite temperate yesterday and I actually went out wearing just my corduroy jacket. Well not *just* my corduroy jacket, but, whatever. Actually that reminds me that I had a dream about public nakedness last night, and it wasn't pleasant. Who took my clothes? Where was I, anyway? I think it was Seattle. Anyway, it's over now. Whew.

I was very impressed with the artwork yesterday, everyone. For those who didn't get a chance, it's not too late to draw me something and post the link.

I did this painting yesterday for [livejournal.com profile] ezzvaldez but think it's possibly worth reposting here in my own journal, because I'm just so fucking modest. The site is fun, but they definitely need to implement a larger colour palette, and perhaps an eraser.

Final tidbit: While out walking yesterday I spotted a new gym, only metres from my old bankrupt gym, and it's for women only. While I have no problem with the menfolk (though they do tend to stare at themselves in mirrors while lifting weights and making strange grunting sounds) I'm going to check it out today. My clothes still fit the same, but I can tell that my percentage of fat to muscle is changing just by prodding myself.

Final, final tidbit-- In GTA: San Andreas last night, I made over 20k from one night of burgling. I highly recommend it, as CJ now lives in a posh beachfront abode. Unfortunately, he can't enjoy all his nice new furniture because he can't sit down. Oh well.
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I walked by my bankrupt gym the other day, and saw a notice that everything inside will be auctioned off a week from today. Everything from free weights to two x-ray machines (!) as there used to be a diagnostic sports clinic on the third floor. I think I might go down to the management office today to see if we might get some equipment for our own poorly-stocked exercise room, which serves two 10-storey buildings but is in dire need of, well, anything. I went in there yesterday to check it out, and found it as pathetic as ever.

one treadmill
one bike
one multi-purpose weight stack machine
one ab-roller
one sauna that to my knowledge has never been entered by a human being
two completely redundant change rooms. Why do you need a change room when you live in the same building as the gym?
one clock (stopped)
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I hit the gym early today because I was sure that I would be inundated with phone calls and email from Asperjay regarding the catalogue that was supposed to be bound and delivered by today, but is not. Fortunately it's the client's fault so they can't complain. I ran home, quickly showered and turned on the computer by 10:30. No phone calls, no courier packages, no pigeons with pieces of paper strapped to their legs, not one lousy email. Well, if they're not freaking, why should I?

Fitness side note: While programming the elliptical machine today, I realized that the fake weight I habitually enter in case anyone's looking is now my actual weight. So now do I come up with a new fake weight, or just stick with the real one?


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