Sep. 30th, 2015 12:21 pm
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Finally met Hodgman last night... I've been waiting 9 years for him to come to Toronto. Not gonna lie, it was a thrill.

M. and I met downtown and took the streetcar out to the exhibition grounds for the 7 pm show (apparently part of the Just for Laughs festival). The auditorium has a seating capacity of 3,000 but it wasn't quite full at the back. I was really hoping to get my books signed, but he tweeted the day before that the venue needed a fast turnaround for another show at 9, so unfortunately there would be no meet & greet. WAT. He did apologize profusely, and said he would figure something out.

What he figured out was kind of the best part of the night, though the show itself was pretty good. At the very end, he urged us to be at The Canadian House of Pizza and Garbage* on Queen West near the Drake at 9 pm. Marshie said he just wanted to go home. WTF, Marshie! Eventually, I got him to see reason and accept that Queen was actually quite a quick walk (15-20 min) via the Dufferin gate. We were one of the last people out of the theatre and were expecting a mob scene. However, the crowd heading North on Dufferin thinned out with each passing block. By the time we got to the Drake and found what we hoped was the correct Pizza Pizza nearby, there were still a couple of tables available. I grabbed one while M. stood in line for a slice (this in itself is pretty funny, as we had discussed at length beforehand what restaurant we should go to on this rare date night, and PIzza Pizza was definitely not on the list). Marshall chowed down while I watched the door. It seemed to be the right place and there was a fair crowd, but people were eyeing each other and generally looking doubtful. But! True to his word, Hodgman strolled in almost exactly at 9 to a burst of applause, startling those few patrons who had no idea what was going on. I guess it did count as a flash mob of sorts.

In retrospect, the inconvenience of having to move to a second location was actually a huge advantage, because it filtered out the casuals. I'd say maybe only 30 people showed up. So instead of standing in a long line to talk to him for 20 seconds, we sat at tables eating while he came around visiting with everyone individually, shaking hands, asking our names, telling a few stories and just generally shooting the breeze. He was absolutely delightful to be around. It was all so chill, I really couldn't believe our good luck. The restaurant staff were pretty confused about the whole thing, but Hodge went up and gave them a tip (and a large one, judging by the reaction of the cashier). So yeah, a long time coming but a definite WIN. And he did sign my book.

* This is a reference to a Judge John Hodgman podcast from four years ago, "Pepperoni Pauper"
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So some were asking (ok, one asked) and yes, we did manage to see the Queen on Sunday despite heat and crowds. We're not generally royalty stalkers but it just seemed like a fun thing to do on a Sunday morning, and Nat was surprisingly keen. I wasn't sure how she'd deal with standing around in a crowd for hours, but Marshall took her off for a walk to his office nearby and returned an hour later with cold drinks just as the church service was wrapping up, so that worked out well. There were gobs of people but it turned out the place we were standing was the right place. She walked right by us going to her car, and I managed to take some pics by holding the camera over my head.

I wasn't sure Nat had really seen anything, but at bedtime I heard Marshall asking her what we'd seen today and she said we saw the QUEEN! Then he asked her what she looked like, and she said she had a blue hat, a blue dress and white "mittens". So yeah, I guess she was paying attention after all.

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Hey, I kind of saw Arnold Schwarzenegger yesterday. I watched his motorcade go down my street from the balcony. The new, environmentally-friendly Arnold only needed 11 black SUVs, as well as an unknown quantity of police escorts.
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The new shoes seem to have worked wonders for my knees. After my training session yesterday they felt better than they had all weekend.

In related news, I'm pretty sure I saw Lennox Lewis at the gym yesterday, so I have revised my (admittedly very short) celebrity sighting list accordingly:

Lennox Lewis (boxer)- At the gym yesterday (he owns it)
Ted Rogers (media mogul)- At a barber shop last year
Shalom Harlow (model)- In a parking lot last year (remember, [livejournal.com profile] haggisthesecond?)
Knowlton Nash (news god)- On the streets of Naples, Florida, 2002
Roger Ebert (film critic)- On Peter St. during the film festival about 3 years ago
John McCrea and Vince DiFiore (Cake)- CFNY studio, November 2001
Assorted WWF Wrestlers ("athletes")- On our shuttle bus to the Newark airport, August 2001
Messrs. Buck, Mills & Stipe (awesome)- Walking outside Much Music, February 1999
Bob Denver (Gilligan)- At the Boat Show, 1989
Ed Robertson (singer, yo-yo enthusiast)- At school every day, 1988
Anne Murray (singer)- Pearson Airport customs line, 1982

Pretty sad, huh? How about you?


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