Trololo cat

Aug. 5th, 2016 01:18 pm
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Last night while scratching Kirby's back, I remembered Trololo Cat. I asked Nat if she rememembered him, because it was one of her favourite videos when she was three. We even had a little routine where I'd scratch her back and she'd start singing. She said, "I don't remember Trololo CAT, just Trololo MAN. But what's strange is, that song reminds me of a cat, but I don't know why." So I showed her the video... she had zero memory of it, but was (of course) absolutely delighted with it and we watched it about five times. Still one of my favourite YouTube videos of all time... the look of outrage on the cat's face when the hand stops scratching; the way the song matches up with its mouth so perfectly.

Not good

Aug. 1st, 2016 09:32 am
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It's a holiday today, and I'm at the emergency vet clinic with Kirby. He is very lethargic and didn't eat breakfast. When I stood him up on his feet, he just laid back down again. I don't have a good feeling about this.

Update: We're back, after spending about 3.5 hrs in the emergency clinic. He seems a little livelier but still definitely not himself. He walks very stiffly and mostly wants to lie down, but he did have a long drink when we got home, and ate his entire lunch. He had a number of tests and the results should be ready by tomorrow--they're being forwarded to our regular vet. Seeing as he turns 16 next week, I'm trying to keep my expectations low.
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He may not be terribly helpful, but keeps me company and definitely raises morale around the loom room.

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This year Nat wants to be Zeke (as seen in icon)-- very do-able with clothing items she already owns, though I did buy her a pair of fuzzy black ears at our local costume-atorium. I sewed on a tail to the back of a black hoodie, and basted on a white felt bib to the front. This is my third hoodie conversion, and the first that I have made a conscious effort to make all embellishments completely reversible. No glue gun, only sewing that can be easily ripped out. Nat is so wired about Halloween, it's difficult to get her to talk about anything else. And when we got to school today, all the kids were screeching to each other that iIT'S TOMORROW! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?? I don't recall getting this worked up about it when I was a kid, but I probably did. But it's SO MUCH WORK for adults I have really started to loathe it. Carving the stupid pumpkin, buying a bunch of candy, and enduring the doorbell ringing for hours. Life in the condo was so much simpler-- we ignored the very existence of Halloween for 10 years straight.

One thing that is making me happy is that it is squirrel time. After ignoring me all summer because of their busy rodent lives, the squirrels are my friends again. They are so fuzzy and round at this time of year I desperately want to pet them, especially the one we call Fat Gary (we call all grey squirrels Gary, and all black ones Bob. It makes things so much easier). He's pretty much a furry volleyball with legs and a tail. I also have a promising relationship with one we call Half Bob because he's kind of brown on the back end due to some kind of shedding pattern. Anyway, I just love squirrels and I can't help myself. Literally every jacket I own is stuffed with peanuts in case I meet one while I'm out walking.

Curb Alert

Sep. 14th, 2014 11:12 am
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We've been meaning to get rid of our old computer desk since... 2010 or so. Now that my new loom needs to be set up, I'm a bit more motivated. So we finally dragged it out to the curb and put it up on both Craigslist and Kijiji. An hour later, it's gone. Huge relief, and huge corner of the spare bedroom now vacated. It's one of those things I would have done years ago if I had known it was going to be so easy.

I think this picture really helped sell it (thanks Kirby). I mentioned in the ad that the top shelf was perfect for cat storage.


The feeder

Nov. 29th, 2010 02:22 pm
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The cats have been sucesfully fed by an automatic feeder for nearly four years now. It has helped them (er, forced them) to lose weight and eliminated all begging. There it is at the left. But see that little gap right beneath the logo? I never paid it much mind before, but directly inside that hole is the on/off switch.

On Saturday morning we found the cats staring intently at the dish way past their morning feeding time. We thought the batteries had died but further investigation revealed that the switch had been turned off. I can only conclude that one of them was rummaging around in search of an extra biscuit (rummaging in the feedling slot certainly yields results) and it had quite the opposite effect. We're not sure how many feeds were missed, but probably not many. We would have heard a lot more complaining.

Cut to today-- Nat and I got home from shopping to find the cats were still hovering around the dish expectantly, but it was after 1 p.m. Everything seemed to be in order, but then I noticed the clock said a.m. which means Marshall made a mistake reprogramming it. The cats have been receiving their lunch at midnight and nothing at noon, which explains a lot about how weird they've been acting all weekend.
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Update 1: Zeke seemed to be getting worse for a few days but then turned a corner a few days ago. I noticed he wasn't making as many trips downstairs. Yesterday he went into the litterbox (with my mother, Nat and I watching with great interest via LitterCam) and did a great big pee. I was so relieved (and I'm sure he was too). The diet and medications are clearly working. One thing I've noticed is that Kirby is jealous of all the attention Zeke has been getting, not to mention the special food he gets while locked in the upstairs bedroom and twice-daily doses of medication disguised as treats with the Pill Pockets. I've been trying to give him extra cuddles, and treats when Zeke gets his meds. Also using my Kirby icon instead of the Zeke icon might help.

Update 2: Weaving! I already love it and I haven't even technically started weaving yet-- I've spent the first three classes (nine hours) just putting on the warp. But I finished that up yestrday and the actual weaving should commence next Wednesday. I get so absorbed I lose all track of time. During the second class, I glanced up at the clock and did a double-take. I asked my instructor, "Is that clock right? Did an hour and a half just go by?" and she just smiled and said, "Welcome to weaving."
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So, Zeke is not dying, but he must be watched carefully. He does not have stones, but his bladder is full of crystals and "sediment" according to the x-ray and so stones were likely to start forming in the next little while. He is blocked, but not *entirely* blocked and even managed to pee on the exam table out of fright. He is on special food and some assorted pills to see if we can break up the debris, whatever it is, and get him peeing properly. I'm sure he would be mortified to know I am discussing his urinary health with everyone. Of course he now has to eat some kind of special food that costs a fortune.

I'm supposed to monitor his "output" carefully, because a complete blockage will result in death within a matter of hours. He hates to be watched, so I set up Nat's video monitor in the basement, resulting in LitterCam, surely one of the world's least interesting spy cameras.

Also, if I can slip in a brief product review, Pill Pockets rock. Most effective pill delivery method evarr.


Sep. 16th, 2007 10:50 am
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Recently, if we bent over to pick something up off the floor and also happened to be standing next to a piece of furniture Zeke was on, he would climb onto our backs. I decided to encourage him and turn it into a genuine Cat Trick. Soon he was jumping onto us straight from the floor. Very cute.

However, this morning Zeke decided to try to climb me while I was standing upright, and was probably very confused about why he received screaming instead of praise. So my training has backfired, and my back is covered with scratches and feels like it is on fire. See what I did there?
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We had completely forgotten that Zeke loves cantaloupe, until Marshie and I cut into one this morning and he was all over us trying to get some. And how could we refuse? It's very cute to watch him eat it.

In the olden days, our cat Silvie (1983-1996) was wild for green peppers. In fact, our neighbours had a vegetable garden and she harvested them one by one and brought them indoors. We found like 6 or 7 partially-chewed little peppers behind the coffee table.

If anyone else has (or had) cats with strange tastes, I'd love to hear about it.
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Kirby has been the subject of yet another feeding experiment, this one involving an automatic feeder. It's essentially a bowl with a large hopper on top filled with kibble, and a timer that dispenses a pre-set amount (in his case, 1/4 cup) three times a day. This is day 20 with the feeder, and the changes have been remarkable. His constant begging has almost completely stopped, he seems much calmer, and he's lost a pound (down to 18-- woot!). We went away for three days over new year's and didn't worry about him (much). Zeke still has his bowl in the closet, and that's working well.

Yesterday, however, I was lured to the kitchen by a strange sound: rattle rattle, munch munch. I found Kirby sitting next to the feeder and chewing on something, though dinner wasn't due to drop for another half an hour. Then he reached one paw into the food chute, rummaged around, and a single piece of kibble came rolling down. Munch. Rummage. Repeat.

So he was only getting one biscuit at a time, and was really only short-changing himself on his next meal, but still, this means trouble. What if he manages to knock the feeder over while we're out? What if he's got his paw in there when the auger starts turning? I've fashioned a flap with cardboard and tape that has so far thwarted him, but it won't be long. Maybe I should write to the company and see if they've got any ideas.
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So I have an xmasy function this afternoon, and placed the clothes I was planning to wear on the bed. Upon emerging from the shower, I find that Zeke has thrown up on every piece of clothing I had laid out. The skirt, the sweater, the tank top, even the goddamn pantyhose. The shoes, at least, are safe.
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The knitting guild has started up again after the summer hiatus. I'm the new newsletter editor, so that's what I'll be doing for the next little while. Surprisingly, it's actually a paying gig. I would have done it for free, but shhhhhh.

I've been in Macland for the past two days, getting to know my new G4 from [ profile] epi_lj. It's been a joy, I tell you. But I'm back on the PC this morning because, well, all my stuff is here. It's a little strange. I kind of feel like I've been away in a fun place and now have to come back home. Hopefully I'll get all my stuff moved at some point.

Just for the heck of it, here's a silly kitty pic )
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I'm working and Kirby is on his computer desk shelf, fast asleep and dreaming. His feet are jerking and his whiskers are twitching. His eyes are moving, but they're wide open. When I hold up a pencil and move it back and forth, his eyes actually follow the pencil in a glazed, zombie-like way. It's creeping me the hell out.

Last week, I knitted the rats a blanket out of my leftover alpaca yarn. I laid it out on the floor of their basement lodge like a soft, fluffy carpet. They immediately ejected it. I thought it might have been an accident, so stuck it back in. They threw it back out. This went on until the next time I walked by their cage and found the three of them crammed into their third-floor cabin. The poor creatures figured their only way to escape the intruder was to move house. Message received.
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I just downloaded and deleted some crap from my camera, and here are some highlights.
Subjects include cherry blossoms, cats, rats and my latest knitting project.
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Vet vibes

Feb. 3rd, 2006 12:18 pm
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The cats have their annual checkup in about 20 minutes. I haven't done anything out of the ordinary that I'm aware of, but Kirby knows something's up. He's been acting skittish and is now walking around the apartment meowing at nothing in particular. Zeke is thankfully fast asleep and oblivious in his closet. They feed off each other's reactions and can get worked up into full freakout mode in a matter of seconds. I've got to really try hard not to set them off, or they'll both be under the bed. Last time it happened, I had to call Marshie and get him to come home from work to help.

Here's a picture, just for the hell of it:

kittenhood and beyond
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Hard at work today. I think I'll take a bit of a break, though, because I'm developing a headache from too much staring at the screen. I could also use a nap, because Kirby woke me up at around 4 and I never really got back to sleep.

He was digging around in the books and papers beside the bed, and generally causing a commotion that could not be ignored. I got out my flashlight and helped him move my piles of stuff, as he was clearly looking for something. It turned out to be a small brown spider, which he promptly ate. I was very impressed that he then jumped back up on the bed and went to sleep, because many cats I have known are too dumb to realize that you can't eat your spider and have it too-- they continue to search for their prey long after said critter has been chewed and swallowed. Note that I would have rescued the spider, but it was already on its last legs (so to speak).

I didn't really intend this entry to be all about pets, but it seems to be turning out that way. On Monday night I was feeding the rats and noticed that Baby had something wrong with her head. It turned out that the top of her head was covered in gobs of blood in varying states of coagulation. I had not heard a single squeak out of them all evening, so it came as quite a shock. I took her out and tried to clean her off with a wet washcloth, but only succeeded in getting her wet and even more agitated. There was no point taking her to the vet as it didn't appear too serious, so I put her in the small quarantine cage for the night just to keep her away from the others. In the morning the blood had dried to an extremely unattractive (and no doubt itchy and/or painful) mat of gore and fur, but she seemed fine. Over the past day and a half, her sisters have groomed most of the mess away, leaving her almost completely bald. I still can't tell where the wound is, exactly, but she seems to be fine.

A final word in ratty news-- Petra is now three years old and still with us. The normal lifespan of a rat is approximately two years. She has outlived her sister Peep by 14 months (and counting). Truly, she is SuperRat. Go Petra!
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Last night Marshie was out, so Zeke and I curled up on the couch and watched a show on HDPBS about cephalopods (squids, nautiluses, cuttlefish and octopi). They are pretty much the coolest creatures around, as far as I'm concerned. Zeke thought they were pretty awesome, too. He was pretty much freaking out the whole time, and got up from my lap to go sit with his nose to the tv, despite my warnings that his eyes would turn square.

+2 )
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Well, It's been almost exactly two months since I started Kirby's diet. As of yesterday, he has lost one pound (current weight: 18.5 lbs). Zeke, on the other hand, has gained nearly three (11.5 lbs). For the first week or so, K was obsessed with Z's feeding closet and spent most of his time keeping watch over it. He has now come to accept it, mostly.

Local people-- spectacular sunset happening right now. I urge you to locate a westward-facing window. Awesome end to a grey and rainy day.
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So we have these two cats, Kirby and Zeke. Though brothers from the same litter (and litter box), Kirby is now approaching 20 lbs while Zeke remains a scrawny 9. The vet always complains about Kirby's weight, and tells me that it could cause medical problems later in life. But how to approach the problem? If I put enough out for two cats, Kirby inevitably eats two cats' worth (Zeke, apparently, exists entirely on air and/or love). The food bag says a 15-20 lb cat should only receive 3/4 of a cup per day.

Earlier this year I devised a Kirby-proof cardboard feeding box with an entry hole so small, only Zeke was able to get in. It worked for about half a day, until Kirby managed to get himself stuck halfway in the box, and destroyed it trying to get out. It was a good concept, but poor execution.

This is the new plan, implemented this morning. Kirby will receive his alloted amount, in small feedings throughout the day. Zeke will get free access to his food in the bedroom closet, which has two overlapping doors that slide on a track. I cut a length of aluminum pipe that fits into the track and keeps the door from opening wider than 3". This is, incredibly, big enough to allow slender Zeke to sashay to and fro as he likes, but prevents rotund Kirby from getting more than his head in.

Does this sound mean? It kind of does to me. Also, it's entirely possible that Zeke might eat so much, he can't squeeze back out of the closet. We'll see.


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