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Here's what's going on. I think I'll do bullet points.

• I'm having about 15 people over for xmas dinner. I forget exactly why I agreed to it, but it's happening. Fortunately, someone else has offered to bring the turkey, so I don't have to touch gizzards or whatever. The offer was gratefully accepted.

•Two customers on my waiting list have recently bailed, and the wrap I finished in November was put up for sale within two weeks (my ever-vigilant former customers always keep me up to date on these happenings, for which I am grateful). I know she can do whatever she wants with it (including cutting it up and making cleaning rags) but I can't help feeling a bit hurt. I should probably develop a thicker skin in these matters. In other news, I've decided the anonymity thing is getting old, so I now fully label all my products, as well as publishing my facebook business page (www.facebook.com/inchbyinchweaving). There's not a lot of info there, but people can contact me if they wish.

• My xmas cards are in the mail, and I'm very pleased with them this year.

• Nat is desperate to have another Furby. Much as I hate the first one, I can't really deny her request, since it's the only thing she has asked for. It arrived yesterday. It has a very distinctive trapazoidal box, so I think I'll either put it inside a bigger box, or put a note inside a really tiny box that says, "look behind the couch" or something.

• I made some really kick-ass saag paneer last night. Tonight I think I'll make another pot of soondubu jjigae (Korean tofu stew) which was a huge hit a couple of weeks ago. So hot and comforting in cold weather.

• Last week I dragged home a large dead tree branch from a nearby street. Marshall chopped it up for the fireplace, and parts of it turned out to be hollow. It also turned out to have some wasps inside, who started crawling out once they were sufficiently warmed up. That added some excitement to our evening.

• In other tree-related news, the city finally planted a new tree on our lawn--only two years after we requested one. It's a white oak, which Nat has named Lilac. I asked her if she would name a dog "cat", and she was quick to remind me that her teacher has a cat named Puppy. Touché, kid. Touché.
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Let's see. We spent a pleasant long weekend in scenic Chatham with [livejournal.com profile] newschick and entourage (dogs, cats, husbands, in-laws). Much pumpkin pie was consumed. I also played Monopoly probably for the first time since high school.

The couch saga is over and the 3rd floor is finished. The hoisting of the couch and chair nearly gave me a heart attack, but anyway, now they're up and at least I can rest assured that they will never be stolen. The room is supremely cozy and I really enjoy being up here. We have burned our way through many of the downloaded and/or Netflix shows but have quite a stack to go. We're nearly through Season III of Mad Men, and I think we may start Dexter next.

Nat and I visited the Science Centre today and visited the Jacquard loom ladies. They suggested that once Nat is in school and I get a bit more experience, I can come join them. Sometimes things just come full circle... a year ago it was those very loom ladies that encouraged me to start weaving. And the Jacquard-- come on. The thing is just really fricking cool. It's been in operation for almost 200 years and I could help run it. Yes.


Dec. 14th, 2009 11:00 am
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Not a heck of a lot going on but I wanted to post a bit.

We got our tree on Saturday. I have to say, it is a pretty kickass tree. Almost 9' tall. We don't have anything to adorn it with, really, but we tried. Two strings of lights and two packages of ornaments (several of which were broken during the decoration process). Oh, and my no doubt toxic vintage eBay icicles. Marshall is pretty new to all this and was doing everything wrong, but it's understandable. For example, he tried to bring the tree in the front door pointy end first. No, no, no. The branches get all stuck in the door frame. Then he was complaining about my "crappy" tree stand. He doesn't know from crappy. The thing we used when I was a kid resembled an ashtray with three legs and was practically useless. With this, the tree is actually completely free-standing and doesn't have to be tied to the wall. He has no idea of the suffering my people have been through.

Yesterday was the second annual knitting group potluck lunch. It was well-attended and a good time was had by all. I made a mushroom, spinach and jarlsberg quiche that was fairly successful, though when I poured the egg mixture in, a lot of it leaked out of my apparently faulty shortcrust, through the springform pan and onto the cookie sheet, resulting in a quiche that didn't nearly fill its pie shell. Turned out flat, but pretty tasty anyway.

Some videos

May. 2nd, 2009 09:54 am
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I see I haven't posted a Nat vid since December. She's changed quite a bit since then! These videos are nothing too exciting, just a slice of life I guess.
She will be 23 months on the 9th.
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I've seen this around on Facebook, but I'd rather post it here.

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May. 23rd, 2007 09:54 am
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I bought a giant bottle of hand soap yesterday, and went around refilling all the various dispensers around the house. It's slightly thicker than the old soap, just enough to throw me off. I pull my hand away from the nozzle at exactly the wrong time, leaving me with an empty hand and a glob of soap on the counter top. I think it could take me a while to adjust this heavily ingrained behaviour.
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Marshie's been very stressed at work, so I decided to make his favourite thing for when he got home: fresh bread. I tested my bottled yeast (5 months past expiry date) and found it lacking, so poured it down the drain and used some newer packets. About ten minutes later, I washed my hands and found that icky, yeasty water started bubbling up in both sinks. The pipe was completely plugged. I totally forgot to wash the yeast down when it was still in powder form, and it was clearly outraged.

Plunging proved fruitless; water just bubbled up in the opposite sink. I tried poking knitting needles down the drain (that's my answer to everything lately) to no avail. Even kettles full of boiling water couldn't stop the mischievous microbes. At 6 I gave up and headed out to my knitting meetup, and left Marshie to figure it out. This was the second big mistake. When I returned, he told me he had some good news and bad news. The good news? The clog was fixed. The bad news? He had used a bbq skewer to do it, freeing the clog but poking a gaping hole in the u-bend, thereby releasing two sinks' worth of dirty water into the cupboard below.

So I'm on my way out now to buy a new sink trap, and possibly a new husband and wife. The current ones are just not working out.
The bread was good, though.
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Jon Stewart was, predictably, quite amusing. He looked like a complete schlub, however: t-shirt over a long-sleeved shirt and baggy green pants. It looked like he might be going to paint his house afterwards. I don't know, I just expected a suit. Seinfeld wore a suit. Anyway, he was good, and he told lots of jokes about being Jewish which pleased Marshie no end.

New York! It looks like we'll be spending New Year's Eve and adjacent days in New York City (though not Times Square, let the distinction be made). After sorting through fares from $860-$1035, I remembered dear old Buffalo and found a flight for $344. That's for the two of us, round trip, Canadian, taxes included. Dear, dear Buffalo. I just hope there isn't a blizzard on that day.

Thanksgiving was a relaxed affair and not too much pigging out, though there was a decided lack of vegetables and a definite surplus of beer. Does pumpkin pie count as a vegetable? Not when cream is the first ingredient, I suspect. Mmm, pie.


Oct. 5th, 2005 03:30 pm
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I got this email from a semi-long-lost friend (no contact for 2+ years). I was quite pleased to hear from her, but opened it only to find:
"Hi! I signed up for a great promotion that I think you should check out. All you need to do is take a quiz, get some friends to do the same, and you can get the cool new IPOD nano!"

Yeah, I'll get right on that. *grumble*

Another thing that kind of sucks is that one of our favourite shows, The Amazing Race, really bites this year. A race around the world-- that doesn't leave the US! WTF. We've been watching it since season 1, but we have no choice but to give up on season 8. The participants are so stupid, one of them thought Washington DC was in Washington and didn't know Pennsylvania was a state. Goddammit, woman! This is your own frigging country! We wanted so much for these idiots to be dropped in the middle of Calcutta or something, just to see them suffer. No deal-- all they do is scream, argue and drive SUVs around. Goodbye for now, Amazing Race. We won't miss you, but we'll miss what you used to be.

Saw Serenity again yesterday with the generous and caring [livejournal.com profile] joots. Caught lots of stuff that I missed last time. Now that I've had several days to contemplate, I really have to admire certain key plot decisions. I mean, yeah, it was harsh, but it was very, very effective.

Knitting meetup tonight. We discussed it with our organizer last meeting, and she's decided to kick it up a notch due to popularity-- weekly instead of twice a month. I think it's a great idea, because it's really keeping me motivated and my current project is coming along quite well.

Trip pics

Sep. 12th, 2005 09:15 am
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How I spent my summer vacation! Featuring birds, whales, kyaks and accordions.


[livejournal.com profile] zero_gravity has asked for further explanation, which is probably a good idea.

Pottery shards: I've been collecting the pottery pieces for I'd say about 4 years, and I keep it all in a dish at my parents' place. I used to collect beach glass, until I found my first piece of pottery. St. A is an old Loyalist town and there's some pretty interesting stuff down there. I'd say finding the doll leg last year was my greatest moment (so far). I found a glass stopper this year, which I understand is pretty rare, but there's just something about a leg. The only thing that could top it would be an arm, or perhaps a head (though I suspect a broken head is the reason a doll would get chucked in the first place).

Bird banding: My mother does volunteer work at a marine biology station in the summer, and a friend of hers from the station also runs a bird-banding operation in conjunction with the Canadian Wildlife Service and the US Dept. of the Interior. The fall migration is kicking into gear there, and she and her assistants have their hands full running back and forth between the nets. Species, wing length, hatch year and weight are recorded before the bird is set free with its flashy new bracelet. It's for tracking migration patterns and whatnot.


Sep. 6th, 2005 01:02 pm
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I've been out east again for the past week and a half, which is why I haven't commented and haven't posted and haven't read etc. The library is very empty today so I've finally got a chance to get semi caught up. Though I don't have time to comment, I know all about your missing teeth, charity photo sales, bat invasions, 10k runs, missed weddings, flower deliveries, condo cleanups and big decisions. Whew!

I'm here by the sea with Marshie and two of my best friends, house sitting for my parents who are out of town (in fact back in Toronto, driving our car). The weather has been perfect and we're just about run ragged from the non-stop fun:

- Whale watching: Three fin whales (two adults and a baby) discovered before any of the other tour operators arrived. Our tour guy tipped the others off, eventually, but for a while it was just us in our little inflatable boat and the whales, who spouted rainbows due to the angle of the sun.

- A geocache hunt yesterday led us to an old abandoned water-powered sawmill in the middle of the woods. We ate our picnic inside the decaying building, overlooking the headpond surrounded by frogs and dragonflies.

- A bonfire last night on the beach of the St. Croix river, with loons calling and stars shooting. So many stars, it looked like the fuzz on the tv when the cable goes out. Smores were eaten and bioluminescent creatures were observed.

- Accordion. I bought an accordion. I'm available for weddings and bar mitzvahs.


Jul. 27th, 2005 05:37 am
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The power's back on, wheeeeee! It's been out since quarter to 11 (a.m.) yesterday. The oven and smoke detector woke us up with their little beeps just now. I think the food in the fridge might actually be ok since I kept it closed the entire time and it still feels cold. The stuff in the freezer is still frozen. The only thing I'm concerned about is the fish. They don't look good after 18+ hours without their pump. They're kind of pale-looking and huddled together. I hope it's not too late for them.

The consultation yesterday was no biggie, as I expected. I did indeed have to watch two movies, one about hospital procedures in general and the second about laproscopic surgery in particular. Both dated from the early '90s at the latest, and were utterly hilarious. I remember the puffy-banged patient (with perfectly-arched eyebrows and full makeup) as her eyelids fluttered open after her sugrery and smiling up into the face of the attending nurse. "Do you need anything for the pain?" asked the nurse. The patient shook her head and said she felt "just fine". I expected a shaft of heavenly light to beam down onto her face at any moment.

That will be me. My countenance fair, my composure serene, I will smile and refuse all pain medication. Then I'll throw off the crisp white linens and pirouette home.
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Everything has gone right today:

Got a bunch of errands done. Got all the guide books we need from the library.

Eddie Bauer cheerfully exchanged some linen capris when a seam pulled apart in the wash, even though I had lost the receipt.

In another store I tried on a size large skirt, but it was too big so I had to go with the medium.

Got all the ingredients I need for a huge batch of gazpacho, and got home moments before it started pouring rain.

Boss at Asperjay wrote and apologized today for the late payments, and said I'll get a cheque by the end of the week.

Another client called to say it's ok if I don't start her project until after I get back. WHEW.

Rain! It finally rained.


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