Dec. 5th, 2012 12:34 pm
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Nat and I just had a rare discussion about religion, and frankly I hope it's an isolated incident. It gives me hives.

Out of the blue she asked:
Nat: So Mummy, what is Christmas all about?
Me: (oooh boy)... Well, have you ever heard of someone called Jesus?
Nat: No.
Me: Have you heard of something called religion?
Nat: No.
Me: Well, religion is when people have a set of beliefs, and these beliefs often involve some type of God or spirit or higher power. And there's a religion called Christianity where people celebrate the birth of someone called Jesus Christ, and it takes place in December.
Nat: WRONG ANSWER! It's about a bird. I learned it on Blue's Clues.

Lying fail

Jun. 29th, 2012 01:05 pm
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Nat: Mummy, I finished my lunch. I put the whole thing in my mouth and it's now gone. I didn't put it in the green bin.
Me: Hmm... I think I might just check the green bin.
Nat: No Mummy! I said, I DID NOT put it in there!
Lunch: Oh hai, I'm in the green bin.
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last night

Nat: Mummy, why do you keep playing this game if you only ever lose?
Me: Well, I'm trying to get better.
Nat: But you only seem to be getting worser and worser.

Not much gets by this kid. Speaking of which, she finally asked me where Eor is, three months after his untimely demise. I just came out and said that he died. She asked why, but that's where I decided to draw the line on the truthiness, because she really doesn't need to know the details and/or develop a fear of raccoons. I also didn't want to tell her he got old and died, because then she'd maybe start worrying about the cats or my parents or something so I said I don't know, he just died. She accepted that. She asked if I was sad, and I said yes. She asked if it was because I loved him, and I said yes. Then she went off and put her green blanket on and said she was a turtle. So that went well.
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I went downstairs to get some socks. I came back up to find Nat playing with a box of wooden strike-anywhere matches. She had them scattered all over the floor and was busy poking them into an electrical outlet. You can all stop trying— I win.
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I was down in the basement with Nattie doing laundry this morning, and came back out of the laundry room to find her holding a bottle of white glue and sucking away on the cap. I guess she assumed it was some new type of sippy cup. Of course it was closed and white glue is non-toxic anyway, but... yeah. Bad parenting there.

Her first (and my 36th) birthday is now 3 weeks away, and I find it kind of hard to believe. She took her first real steps on Friday afternoon and walked spontaneously earlier today. So far she finds it much less efficient than crawling, but the tables will soon turn as she gains confidence. Then we'll all be in trouble.

Here's the video for those who didn't see it on Facebook )
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The scene: I'm playing on my DS in the living room. Marshall is about to leave to go visit [ profile] thatwasthedemo. Haven't seen the baby in a while.

M: Ok, I'm leaving now.
H: Where's Nattie?
M: She's here in the kitchen, eating her puffs on the floor.
H: I don't remember giving her any puffs.

This is definitely one for the baby book. OF SHAME.


Feb. 6th, 2008 03:50 pm
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Yesterday Nattie learned to clap. Today she learned to kill.

I had turned on the Playstation in the hopes of eventually finding some time to play Grand Theft Auto (never did, actually) and Nattie got a hold of the controller. She guided CJ out of his hideout, switched to the 9mm, gunned down a pedestrian, and was promptly arrested. All with her back to the TV. I don't know what this means, except that I might possibly be a bad mother.


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