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Apr. 8th, 2005 09:25 am
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I just emailed my weekly invoice to my client, with a friendly note at the bottom reminding them that they haven't paid me since February 3, and that was for invoices submitted in December. That's right, I haven't been paid for any work done in 2005. Wankers.
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Yes, it's wonderful we have two national languages, vive le Québec, yadda yadda.
But! It's a pain in the ass for those of us who are trying to lay out bilingual catalogues. Here's an excellent example:

English: Sidelights
French: Des fenêtres étroites latérales de chaque côté de la porte

*le sigh*


Jan. 7th, 2005 09:24 am
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Today's juvenile mocking of an Ikea product:

The first batch of pictures from the Photo Assignment will be posted later today (and it's not too late to make your request). I had a lot of fun with them, but I think the award for most fun assignment so far goes to [ profile] epi_lj. I have a couple of small trips to make to finish up a few of the requests, during a brief work respite that is bound to end later today. I'm waiting for the shoe to drop. A metric shoe.

It seems that the clients have changed their minds about one small thing, that small thing being the metric system. Despite having approved the imperial-only sample grids at the start, now that the layout is finally complete they have decided they want centimetres as well, which means adding another line to hundreds of crowded grids on 109 crowded pages. I would normally launch into an outraged, non-work-safe tirade at this news, but working with this particular client for as long as I have, I can't say I'm surprised. In fact, what surprises me is that they didn't wait until the day before the job goes to print before springing this on me. I got off easy.


Dec. 13th, 2004 08:57 am
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The layout for the catalogue I'm working on is now 2/3 finished. That doesn't include changes, French translation or pricing, but I have managed to meet today's deadline and that's all I care about right now. Day after day of tedious layout is clearly starting to take its toll, however.

Years ago, when I first started working at Asperjay, the senior designer Dave asked me if I'd ever tried to "undo" real life. He said that when he went home and made a mistake, broke a dish, whatever, he'd find himself reaching for Apple-Z. I laughed politely, dismissed it as a stupid joke, and moved on.

Seven years have passed. Not only do I frequently reach for an invisible Apple-Z in real life, but last night I actually tried to fix the tabs on a fucking church choir procession. Christmas thingamy, go to it every year. From the balcony, watching the choir process up the aisle two by two holding their little candles, I spotted a pair that was slightly out of step with the others. The fingers on my left hand instinctively reached for Ctrl-Shift-T.

Sad, isn't it. This morning I start in on that final 1/3, with the deadline a week today.
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I had a meeting re: a new website project a couple of weeks ago with Asperjay, as I mentioned before. I emailed them again last week, reminding them that until they pay me the money they owe me from March 14, they will not see their website alive. Seems pretty simple, but I just got an email from them asking how the website's coming. Like, duh. How much more simple can I make this for them? No cash, no Flash. No wage, no homepage.
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Just got off the phone with a guy from my former place of employment, which I have come to refer to on LJ as Asperjay. He seemed like an affable fellow; their new writer, apparently. Anyway, they need me to fix some websites made by a kid they hired out of desperation while I was away in England.

I told him that yes, I'm available, but there is a small problem that they need to get out of the way first: I have not been paid for the last two projects, billed February 25 and March 14, and am therefore reluctant to begin any new projects until this small matter has been taken care of. He said he completely understands, and will light fires under the appropriate asses.

Again I am forced to re-evaluate my love-hate relationship with Asperjay. Love the people, hate the way they do business, which is why I quit in the first place. Love the way they still give me work, hate the way they forget to pay me. Oh well.
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I'm waiting for a medium-sized project to drop into my lap, no sign of it today so far. It's for my former employer, which I have come to refer to as Asperjay in this journal for some reason. Yesterday the account manager emailed and asked me my rate. I figured, well, if they can't remember, I'll jack it up by 20% and see what happens.

I'm serious, just as I finished that paragraph, an email came in giving me the go-ahead, no comment on the new rate. Damn, I should have gone higher!

Anyway. Tonight we are going out with a bunch Marshall's coworkers to see one of his fellow actuaries, who moonlights as an actor, in his new play. Quite honestly his plays are always quite dismal, but a night out is a night out and I'm looking forward to it. An added bonus is that another of his coworkers will be preparing us an authentic Indian meal beforehand, in fact she's taken the afternoon off work to cook. Can't wait.

As usual we will be doing nothing for v-day, which we both loathe.
Have a good weekend, all!


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