Two Movies

Jul. 11th, 2017 10:01 am
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I went out to see two movies yesterday, at two separate theatres, which happens so rarely I can count the times that it has happened on one hand and still have fingers left over.

First up, we took Declan out to see Cars 3. If you completely ignore Cars 2 (or think of it as an unfortunate direct-to-video Mater movie), this is the actual sequel to Cars. It's funny and touching and FEELS like the first movie, which the second never did. And yes, at one point there were onion ninjas in the theatre. Declan flaps his arms when he gets super excited. There were a few points where I was convinced he was going to fly away he was flapping that hard and fast. Worth watching with, or without, kids in tow.

Later, I went out with [personal profile] clawfoot for Spider-Man: Homecoming. I wasn't expecting much, which is probably why I enjoyed it so damn much. The acting was superb and the casting was pretty much perfect. Tom Holland is spot on for Peter Parker, and Michael Keaton made the Vulture human. One other thing that I noticed was this: the cast was MIXED race. Not everyone who was named/part of the comic's rich and varied history was white. They found the best actors for the roles, skin colour be damned. It made me believe in Spider-Man's universe just a little bit more. It's also funny and heroic and the end-credit scene is probably my favourite of the lot thus far.

Keeping it in the family

Jul. 10th, 2017 01:29 pm
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So my sister-in-law kind of dropped an unexpected bombshell on me: she wants to try D&D! AND my sister wants to try it, too! I'm kind of floored. I guess I'm not so much floored by SiL as I am by my sister; I mean, she always did enjoy fantasy and science-fiction novels and television shows, but not as much as I did, really, and she was never really the creative/imaginative type. I have a strong suspicion that she's mostly going along with it for her wife, but I hope she has fun with it, too.

In my head, the chances of SiL wanting to play a druid are hovering somewhere around 97-98%, and the same chances for my sister choosing to play a fighter. But then, this whole thing is surprising enough that I'm pretty much prepared for them to ask to play anything. My sister as a swashbuckling bard? Sure! SiL as a plucky young sorcerer? Why not! It is a game of imagination and possibilities.

We're going to their place for a weekend, where I will walk them through character creation and their very first dungeon crawl. I really, honestly, truly have NO idea what to expect. D&D is so different from group to group. It's one of the things I love about the hobby. Different group, pretty much different game.

I will keep you posted! I am sure hilarity will ensue.


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