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Birthdate:Jun 9
Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
So... what would you like to know?
God, everything I can think of to say sounds deadly dull. However...

• LJing since 2001
• Born in the Toronto burbs, living downtown(ish) since 2000. Went from condo to a house in 2007.
• Had a kid in 2007 (see moving to house, above).
• I do a lot of crafts, mainly weaving and knitting with a side of spinning.
• Though I still consider myself primarily a graphic designer, weaving commissions have kind of taken over.
• Also demonstrate weaving at the Ontario Science Centre on the antique Jacquard loom most weekends.
• I run, lift weights, listen to podcasts, watch Netflix, drink a lot of tea.
• Love animals, nature, birding, etc. Have a real thing for rodents and cephalopods in particular.
• Don't give a crap about most sports.
• I love art, particularly the Dutch masters. I have an art bucket list and visit galleries wherever I travel.
• Kind of a photography nerd too. I like weird cameras and weird film and taking pictures of old buildings.
• Guilty pleasure... watching makeup videos on YouTube. Bob Ross, too. They both relax me.
• Mainly vegetarian since age 14, but do have fish sometimes. Eat low carb and cook a lot.
• Enjoy board games and the occasional video game (but not nearly as much as I used to)
• Fly kites on occasion (but not nearly as much as I used to)
• Spend a bit too much time browsing Reddit.
• Oh yeah, I play the cello and have been posting about that quite a lot lately.

Interests (128):

abandoned buildings, accordions, active surplus, admiral ackbar, airmiles, alternative menstrual products, amazing race, anagrams, apostrophes, athens, autumn, beth orton, birding, blade runner, blankets, bloom county, bluegrass, board games, boggle, box turtles, braille, cake (the band), cake (the food), capybaras, cats, cello, cephalopods, chdk, cities: skylines, city lights, close cropping, consumer reports, doodling, dr. horrible, elbow, escape, etsy, firefly, flight of the conchords, fluevogs, geeks, geocaching, google, gps, grammar, grand theft auto, graphic design, guitars, helping lost tourists, holga, house hippos, illustrator, infomercials, iron chef, jeopardy!, john hodgman, john mccrea, john oliver, joseph arthur, keto, kites, knitting, knots, las vegas, led zeppelin, little big planet, live music, low carb, mandolins, medium format, mike mills, monty python, napoleon dynamite, nerds, new brunswick, new zealand, nintendo ds, observing, octopuses, old buildings, optimism, pancakes, patrick stewart, people-watching, peter buck, photoshop, pocky, podcasts, pondering, r.e.m., radiohead, rats, reckoning, reticulating splines, retouching, sarcasm, sim city, singing in the car, skype, sleeping, sloan, soybeans, spinning, stephen colbert, strolling, sushi, sushi and more sushi, tea, the brunettes, the grit, the minus 5, the new meanies, the shins, the sims, the smiths, the white stripes, thunderstorms, tofu, toronto, travelling, tuatara, urban decay, urban legends, vegetarianism, walking, weaving, weezer, xkcd
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