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Birthdate:Jun 9
Location:Toronto, Canada
So... what would you like to know?
God, everything I can think of to say sounds deadly dull. However...

• LJing since 2001
• Born in the Toronto burbs, living downtown(ish) since 2000. Went from condo to a house in 2007.
• Had a kid in 2007 (see moving to house, above).
• I do a lot of crafts, mainly weaving and knitting with a side of spinning.
• Though I still consider myself primarily a graphic designer, weaving commissions have kind of taken over.
• Also demonstrate weaving at the Ontario Science Centre on the antique Jacquard loom most weekends.
• I run, lift weights, listen to podcasts, watch Netflix, drink a lot of tea.
• Love animals, nature, birding, etc. Have a real thing for rodents and cephalopods in particular.
• Don't give a crap about most sports.
• I love art, particularly the Dutch masters. I have an art bucket list and visit galleries wherever I travel.
• Kind of a photography nerd too. I like weird cameras and weird film and taking pictures of old buildings.
• Guilty pleasure... watching makeup videos on YouTube. Bob Ross, too. They both relax me.
• Mainly vegetarian since age 14, but do have fish sometimes. Eat low carb and cook a lot.
• Enjoy board games and the occasional video game (but not nearly as much as I used to)
• Fly kites on occasion (but not nearly as much as I used to)
• Spend a bit too much time browsing Reddit.
• Oh yeah, I play the cello and have been posting about that quite a lot lately.
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