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The running is coming along. I actually did hit 10k last Wednesday, in around 65 minutes. That included a couple of minutes of walking as well. I think I can probably eliminate the walk breaks by April (or not, who cares). I didn't actually sign up for the race yet, though, in case like a leg falls off or something. That reminds me, I think I've got my first case of "runner's toe". Last week the second toe on my right foot really took a beating, I think because the toes of my shoes are worn out. In any case, the nail has since turned purple. Neat.

As a result of the toe thing, I decided it was finally time to pick up some new running shoes on Sunday, since I've had the old ones for at least 10 years. Shoes are so different now! Mine were so old, the clerk at the Running Room had never seen anything like them. They also weigh a ton compared to the new ones. She said as long as I don't run outside with them, I can still return them if they don't work out. I didn't feel anything strange yesterday (other than my feet feeling really light) so I think I'll probably keep them. I do remember that my dad changed shoes a few weeks before a marathon one time, and got sore knees so ended up switching back to the old worn out ones for the race.

I'm not sure what I'll do after 10k... I really have no desire to do longer distances. I guess I could just keep doing the same distance and try to improve my time or something. Not many people understand or believe this, but I actually find it enjoyable and never miss a run.
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