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I'm nearly done my latest project, a pair of wraps for a pair of ladies in Utah. It's really one of the nicest ones I've done, and definitely the most trouble-free. I guess I should accept the fact that the projects keep getting better and better because I'm really becoming quite good at it.

The only things that really went wrong (so far! knock wood!) were three broken warp threads during beaming, and some treadling errors early on that required some tedious backtracking. I'm doing a new-to-me pattern that is trendy with the babywearers right now called pebble weave. It results in a wonderful blankety texture, but it's very difficult to spot errors. However, after those initial hiccups I've just been cranking out miles of flawless cloth (about 2m per day). I'm so looking forward to getting these in the mail. One of the recipients is having a baby like... any second. In fact, she's three days overdue.

Another thing that really helps motivate me to finish up is getting the loom empty for my next project (something for me!). Two summers ago I bought a bunch of cones of yarn from an alpaca farmer in New Brunswick in a lustrous, tweedy charcoal, and I've found the perfect yarn in my stash for some colourful highlights. With fall in full swing, I'm really in the mood to make myself a warm, fuzzy shawl of some kind. The one I'm planning is 30" wide by 75" long which should be a good generous length for wrapping around myself. I'm just trying to choose between herringbone and pebble weave (which I have become very fond of over the past week). I love the feeling I get from being all fired up about a new project.

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