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Thing 1:
The thing is a ring. I've been looking for a smaller wedding band since the old one started falling off about six months ago. Finally, I found one I like. It's titanium, amazingly light, and has a teeny diamond. I am generally opposed to diamonds and think they're a huge scam, but... I must admit, I like this teeny diamond. Pretty sure it's the first one I've ever owned (?)


This photo really makes me want to go put on some lotion.

Thing 2:
Lately I've been looking for a new knitting project. The one I'm working on is such a nightmare of tedium, a friend suggested I need a second project that's fun to mix things up. I bookmarked a pattern* for a jacket in a magazine, and forgot all about (this is where Ravelry's project queue comes in handy). It mixes several handpainted yarns with a linen stitch in such a way that they work very harmoniously together. The pattern states that you can try different colourways, but they must be very similar in tonal value for it to look good. Value is a tricky thing. You can have a bunch of different colours of yarn, and they can be all the same value. If you take a picture of them and change it to black and white, they will all be a similar shade of grey. It suddenly occurred to me that you could easily do this with your stash or in a yarn store by viewing the yarn with a black-and-white setting on your phone. I can't wait to try this out. I've never made a sweater before so I'm feeling apprehensive, however, I can easily find help if I need it.

* the pattern is called Aria and was from the Feb 2014 issue of Knitter's.
I've also been eyeing a cardigan called Funky Grandpa. That sweater is so me, it hurts.


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