May. 26th, 2015

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In other news, I'm trying to get back into playing the cello. Every time I come upstairs I see it in the corner, looking forlorn. I also felt very guilty that most of the hairs had fallen out of the bow due to neglect. So a few weeks ago I took it in to get it rehaired, and got it back on Saturday. Fortunately I also decided to pick up a new chunk of rosin, because when I got home the old one was nowhere to be found. I found a stash of old music books I didn't even remember I had, including a book of rounds (not much use when playing by yourself, however).

Anyway, my first time playing in about a decade was yesterday afternoon, and it wasn't too terrible. I did it down in the basement in the hopes of causing limited disturbance to neighbours. My fingers are killing me–I should maybe take a break from it today so I don't get blisters. At one point Nat came down to listen and told me, "I don't know why, but your playing is making me feel cold all over!" which is... good I guess? It gave her chills? The last time I played, she was not even born.

I've also located a community orchestra that rehearses just a few blocks from here, though their season is over and starts up again in September. It may be the impetus I need to actually play, and keep playing.

[edited to add...] Looking back over my "cello" tag, I discovered that in 2006 I was told by a Sound Post repair dude that the neck was about to fall off. I had completely forgotten about that. Well, it seems ok so far. I guess I'll keep practicing and hope it doesn't explode.


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